Chapter 211

I actually didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen. The other party didn’t care what I had to say, nor did they give me a chance to delay the time. The bullet was shot out directly and pushed me into the abyss.

Boss Jiao was really a man’s man. He just wanted me to die and wasn’t even thinking of humiliating me. My grandfather said that the only ones in this world who could live a long life were those who were extremely selfless, or those who were extremely selfish. Most people’s lives were worn down because of their own conscience. You could either hold everything in your hands tightly and be satisfied with what you had, or you could open your hands to the whole world and let it possess you. All you got in exchange for worrying about gains and losses was meaningless waste. Boss Jiao appeared to be the kind of person who was extremely selfish and got impatient when he wanted something.

When I felt the pain in my heart, I realized that it was almost as if I had been waiting for this moment. Maybe I should have experienced this moment when I was in the Seven Star Lu Palace, but because of various reasons, I had lived to the present, which was longer than many of those who should have lived for a long time. When many people died, I often asked myself why it wasn’t me. I always thought that I should’ve been the one to die. I never really thought about it until now, but what exactly gave me so many opportunities?

I don’t have to think about it now.

The safety ropes rushed past as I fell through the air. But just when I thought I would pass by Xiao Hua and the Wang family members and fall into the abyss, someone suddenly reached out and grabbed me.

It was Xiao Hua. He stretched out his blood-covered hand and grabbed me, his blood dripping down onto my face. I couldn’t see his facial expression clearly because of the backlight, but his hands grabbed me in a vice-like grip.

There was an echo in my ear that seemed to come from the halo of light overhead, and I heard Boss Jiao shout, “Cut the rope! These people are useless! Hurry down!”

I heard a Wang family member shout, “There are still three killers nearby! You shot too early!”

“I don’t care! Why are you so scared? As long as Wu Xie is dead, what are you afraid of?” Boss Jiao continued to shout from above.

I heard one of the Wang family members mutter from nearby, “If Wu Xie dies, we’re likely to have an accident.”

At this time, I felt Xiao Hua’s hand that was holding onto me start to tremble. “Let go,” I said to him. “It’s hopeless for me, but they can still save you.”

Xiao Hua didn’t speak, but I felt something in his hand squeezing into my palm. I tried to look at his face, but I couldn’t see it clearly because of the backlight. Then, he suddenly turned his body, let go, and kicked me in my chest. I immediately felt a sharp pain. From this position, he kicked me directly to the opposite side of the tower wall, which was full of those leather figurines.

I flew halfway across the tower, fell on the wall, and scrambled to grab onto something. But the only things I managed to grab were those leather figurines. I rolled down four or five stories, causing all of them to fall down with me. My hands eventually caught on a niche, stopping my descent.

I went to check my heart.

I was shot in the heart, so I definitely wouldn’t be able to move now if there’s a hole. I looked down at my chest. For some reason, the bullet got stuck on my ribs, but didn’t penetrate. I touched the hard lump of the bullet, pulled on it hard, and yanked it out.

It was still very painful, but it was basically just a scratch. I figured that the rib that had been hit was probably cracked since it hurt every time I took a deep breath.

I was still illuminated by the light above, but none of Wang family members shot at me. All I could hear was Boss Jiao shouting, “Why didn’t he die?! Kill him!”

None of the Wang family members shot, and we continued to face off like this. I didn’t know why at first, but when I looked carefully, I found that there was a huge depression in the tower wall behind the niche I had caught just now. Inside, there was a giant golden armored corpse wrapped in gold silk.

Another Daolu General.

I raised my hand and looked at it. When Xiao Hua had grabbed me just now, he handed me something. I looked at it and found that it was a copper coin.


Author’s note: Today, I drank a little too much and my writing started to drift a bit. Forgive me if there are any problems with the logic.

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I left the author’s note to explain how Wu Xie went from getting shot in the heart to only having his rib get grazed by the bullet.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 211

  1. Xiao Hua is so cool right now.

    And YEAH there’s gonna be an “accident” if you shoot Wu Xie! Either Poker Face is gonna go 1-man army on you or Wu Xie’s constitution is gonna transfer!!!

    Just waitin for the “BOOM! Mic drop.” from Team Cinnamon Roll at this point.

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  2. My heart legit stopped for a second there when I saw the author’s note :’) I thought he changed his mind and would abandon the storyline again, lol.


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