Chapter 192

Black Glasses’ flashlight swept across this level’s wooden walls, revealing a bunch of slippery-looking things. When we walked over, the people above came down. I told them our thoughts while Black Glasses used his hand to scrape away the layer of things on the wall, revealing the mural behind. “The style of this mural is the same as the ones I saw in Mute Village,” he said to us. “The corpse of that immortal that was found in the cave in Mute Village really belonged to the Jin Tong Sect. That village also started to become mute during the Ming Dynasty. The cult at that time really did unscrupulous things to become immortal.

There weren’t many details on the Jin Tong Sect’s esoteric teachings in the historical records, but if we looked at it like this, things gradually became clearer.

If the Jin Tong Sect’s method to becoming immortal was to listen to thunder, then one of their leaders may have come to Mute Village at that time to find a way to enter the South Sea country’s underground river system. Many of the villagers used to fish in the underground river in the past, so they knew all about the water system. That was why the cult leader chose this village and controlled the villagers by drilling holes into their skulls. Maybe he was trying to get help as he searched for the secrets that could be heard in the South Sea country’s thunder, so he created such a strange custom in the village.

If that was the case, then this place should be the Jin Tong Sect’s ancestral hall and everything they had found and learned about listening to thunder should be in these towers.

My cursory analysis indicated that the Jin Tong Sect’s leaders may have discovered that there were secrets in the thunder and learned about the legend of the West Sea’s Falling Cloud Country by consulting ancient texts. They thought that this was a shortcut to becoming immortal, so they came to Fujian and preached on the side while searching for the West Sea’s Falling Cloud Country. The leader that stayed in Mute Village was one of these people. Eventually, one of them finally entered the West Sea’s Falling Cloud Country and got the secret to listening to thunder.

It was possible that these ancestral towers were built as part of the West Sea’s Falling Cloud Country at that time, or they were built by the Jin Tong Sect’s disciples themselves. Were Boss Jiao’s people who had holes in their skulls and listened to thunder part of the modern Jin Tong Sect? Was Boss Jiao related to this cult?

The reason why we were so confused this time was because we kept feeling like we didn’t know where to check. In other words, we didn’t know the history behind listening to thunder.

I took a deep breath.

Fatty calculated the height of the tower on one side based on my earlier statement. He did it more than a dozen times, but he couldn’t do it in the middle. “Based on what you’ve said, we have to hurry up,” he said to me. “The tower appears to go deep below the rock stratum. It may take half a month for us to reach the bottom since we’re occasionally stopping and looking around. And as you can see, when you go to the next level, the Buddha statues form a larger circle and the floor is a little higher. The bottom level might as well be a hundred meters high. How can we get down when we reach it?”

“There was no such thing in the ancient Chinese institutional system. China was very particular about their standards, so only local cults could do this kind of thing without following proper specifications,” I said.

“This is a sky tower,” Poker-Face suddenly said. We all looked at him.

Have you seen something like this before? I thought to myself. It suddenly occurred to me that when I expressed my knowledge before, no one responded at all. Why did everyone instantly turn to look at him as soon as he said something?

Maybe fewer words had more of an impact.

We waited for Poker-Face to explain, but all he said to us was: “Everyone, walk in my footsteps.” With that said, he ignored us and went down.

Black Glasses glanced at me and made a “let’s go” gesture. I sighed. As our group followed after Poker-Face and started to move down quickly, Fatty shouted from the back, “Say a few more words, Little Brother. I’m still a child and can’t stand the suspense. What exactly is a sky tower?”

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