Chapter 188

This team was full of problem children. Since we were friends, I was very familiar with their routines, but their behaviors and habits were all varied.

Fatty was a naturalist and often said that he was a cat man. I laughed at him and said that if he was a cat, then he would be Garfield (1). But he actually was very similar to a cat. He wanted to eat whenever he saw food and escape whenever he saw danger. If he saw food and danger at the same time, he would see which one was the closest to him and deal with it first.

But Black Glasses was a snake man. Even though he liked to mess around, you couldn’t treat him like a fool. Whenever snakes are in danger, they’ll spit out the food they just ate in order to stay at peak condition. In other words, cats like to mess around when there’s danger because their reaction speed is fast enough. But snakes place top priority on anything that registers as danger. Black Glasses definitely paid more attention than Fatty.

Liu Sang was a meerkat, since staying alive and watching Poker-Face were his only life goals.

So, when Black Glasses said that we should discuss it first, I could easily understand what everyone’s thoughts were. Fatty was already thinking about going down, while Black Glasses probably wanted to ask us to take some measures that Fatty thought were unnecessary. By the time Black Glasses looked up, Fatty was already untying the rope and saying to him, “Let’s hear what you have to say.” But his hands were already reaching out for the grass cover.

Black Glasses held his hand down. “This whole time, we haven’t been able to figure out what the historical system behind listening to thunder is. In fact, it’s hard for this group to hide these kinds of clues. The words “Jin Tong Sect” have never appeared before, but they’ve suddenly appeared here now. I figure all those corpses we saw before were Jin Tong Sect disciples, but it’s hard to believe that no texts or rumors have been leaked out. Wu Xie, your Uncle Three experienced so many things in the past, and even you were able to find so many things about the Wang and Zhang families. But you’ve never heard your Uncle Three mention this kind of thing before. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd?”

Fatty nodded. “That’s why we should go down right now. Based on our experience, it’s better to just go down and take a look. We’ll be able to come up with more ideas. Of course, I’m not saying we should be reckless.”

“Actually, before coming here, Uncle Two asked me to check out a nearby village,” Black Glasses said to him. “People in this village have been mute for generations. I stayed there for a while, and I think I discovered something about the village. Many generations ago, people in this village thought that they had the ability to listen to thunder. They could talk when they were born, but after the baby heard thunder for the first time, they all became mute. The villagers thought it was God punishing them for being able to understand the thunder.”

Fatty pulled his hand free and looked up at the sky. “You mean to say that if you know the secret after listening to thunder, you’ll become mute?”

“The situation in that village is more complicated than you can imagine,” Black Glasses replied. “But what I wanted to mention was that people in that village will die suddenly if they go more than ten miles from the village. They’re trapped in that place and become mute when they hear thunder. If the thunder itself has a protection mechanism that we don’t know about, then we may be hurt if we learn the secrets in the thunder. So, if we go down now, we need to discuss it carefully. It won’t be worth it if we all become mute.”

People couldn’t escape thunder. In fact, everyone would experience thunder some time in their life. I looked at Fatty. It was rare for him to be scared after hearing what Black Glasses had to say.

“Why didn’t you say anything about that village before?” I asked Black Glasses.

He grinned and suddenly looked a little embarrassed, “Hey, it involves a private matter.”

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TN Notes:

(1) Garfield is an orange tabby from the famous American comic strip. Info here.

15 thoughts on “Chapter 188

  1. So what would Poker Face be? 🥺
    We may need another poll.

    Also, does the author ACTUALLY have a love interest for Black Glasses?!?!?! 😲🤭


    1. Poker-face would probably be the Qilin like his tattoo 🤔 Unless it has to be a real animal, then I’d pick one of the predators like a tiger or leopard or something.

      Part 2 of Reboot should be about 20 chapters of Black Glasses’ jaunt in the village (if I remember what Tiffany said correctly lol). I’m actually not sure if the author wrote it during or after the drama was done airing 🤔 I’m sure somebody knows the details haha

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  2. Kang Jian disappeared as well…

    I just burst out laughing at that: Liu Sang was a meerkat, since living and watching Poker-Face were his only life goals.

    I haven’t finished watching Reboot but I hope BG gets to see that girl again 🙂


  3. Does this mean the spy plot is irrelevant? From where did the author change the plot, did they even go to the calling spring and for sure they didn’t encounter a ning’s brother in the cliff if they are at the bottom of the valley.


    1. High-five for us the confused alpacas.. not sure if Wu Xie have those hole in his heart and where Bai Haotian evaporate to😂
      Still a bit salty about what happened.. when black glasses said what they see is Tong sect discipline corpses, i sneer and rack my brain, when did they encounter that, maybe in the drama, but i can’t remember

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  4. Liu sang turned from a spy to a meerkat… The spy plot was freaking exciting… I was literally into it until the author changed it to cult plot… And Xiao bai, baishe and kan jian disappear into thin air…

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  5. Everyone here is so salty about the fact that the author changed the whole plot for the book😂. Okay, but Iʼm also salty tho. Like, I was so invested in that spy plot when the author makes a whole damn (shameless) announcement that he deviated from the main plot way too much. Well, thereʼs definitely plotholes if you think about it, but I think the spy plot was a bit more interesting and something new (or not really). And one more thing to back up our lovely (and as always, shameless than ever everytime) author, I think if he went with the spy one, it wonʼt add up to his plans for further events that he has lined up. Just my opinion😁. Okay but Kan Jian, Baishe, and Xiao Bai really evaporated into thin air😂.


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