Chapter 186 Start Again

Author’s shameless statement:

Because I was drunk one day, I woke up the next day and found that I had deviated too far from the previous plot. I originally wanted to force it back on track, but a few days later, I found that the plot was too far from the main setting. That meant that there were some irreversible changes to the plot, which changed the main action line of the story. When the plot progressed yesterday, it was impossible to turn back to the main story line and adhere to the consistent spirit of prioritizing quality. So with today’s update, I’ll jump back to the main story line directly. People may not understand it, but that doesn’t matter. You probably wouldn’t have understood it anyways.

In addition, I would like to tell everyone that because of the limited time and difficulty with editing the network serialization, the restart of this edition will definitely be revised into the second edition in the future. Old readers who are familiar with me know that the first network serialization of my novels is very different from the second refined edition, and even the second edition can be different from the final version of the physical book. Even good poems need to be proofread, and good texts need to be edited. I hope everyone can continue to have fun while reading repeatedly.

Today’s chapter is the beginning of the return to the main story line. Some of the interrupted parts will be deleted directly, and some will have to be supplemented with your own mind.


Heavy rain fell in the valley, finally dispersing the poisonous gas. We all came out from the bunker, only to find that the air felt abnormally stuffy. There weren’t any birds in the woods, the wind blowing through the trees was missing, and everything looked a bit strange.

As we continued moving forward, Fatty kept talking nonstop, wondering why such a place hadn’t been discovered until now. No matter where you went in the world, any so-called “no-man’s land” deep in the mountains and forests was all fake. Travelers and backpackers had walked through them thousands of times. But this place was full of poisonous gas, so if some people came here by mistake and died directly in the woods, then all kinds of rescue teams would come and it would make headlines a hundred times over.

I was also puzzled by this matter. The only explanation I could come up with was that this place wasn’t usually like this.

When we were in the west, Tamu-Tuo was called a city of rain because it would only appear when it rained. But that turned out to be utter nonsense. It didn’t matter whether it rained or not, that thing was still there.

But all the mysteries should be solved today. This valley wasn’t that big and Thunder City should definitely be here.

When we were in the bunker before, I saw countless bodies that belonged to the people who had listened to thunder in the past. People who seemed able to hear the secrets in the thunder would eventually be driven by the strange desire to come here. But when they got here, they all died. Was this place a death trap? For example, God didn’t want us to understand thunder, so he added a safety device in our brains. If anyone understood the secrets in the thunder, this device would be activated and people would automatically come here to die.

Then what about our group of people? We didn’t understand the thunder, but still came here to die. Did that mean we were eagerly helping to test whether the trap worked? Were we like a warranty?

“Thunder City” was so mysterious that my heart beat wildly as I walked forward. I was especially afraid that there was nothing in the depths of the forest., but if there was something, what would it be? This excitement of the unknown made me breathless.

We trudged through the woods for two hours and got soaked in the rain. Finally, I found that the trees in front of us had changed.

These trees were tilted at varying degrees as if they had been hit by something, but they weren’t broken.

As we passed through the area, I looked towards the middle of the forest first. There was a huge open space there that had a ten-meter-high mound of dirt piled on it. There were about six or seven of these mounds, and some sparse trees were growing on them.

“Grave mound?” Fatty murmured. “This… This… It’s a big tomb.” He looked at me, “Mr. Naïve, it looks very complete. This isn’t Thunder City, this is Leigudun (1). Your Uncle Three wants us to inherit these graves.” As he said that, he started to walk towards them.

I frowned. I had never seen such a complete mound of soil before. Based on how the trees were growing on the graves, these mounds must have been here for quite a few years. There was so much rain here that the soil should’ve been washed away, but these mounds were very complete.

Fatty hit the mound with a shovel and it made a loud noise. After digging for a bit, I saw that there was bronze inside.

“What’s this?” Fatty squatted down.

Black Glasses went over, “This is the top of a tower. There are many towers buried under here.” As he looked up at the mountains around us, I glanced at Poker-Face and found that he was also looking at the mountains. Black Glasses looked at Poker-Face and then at me, “There are words written here. Come and take a look. If it is what I think it is, then this place is really incredible.”

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TN Notes:

(1) Thank God for Tiffany lol. She said: In 1978, archeologists found Marquis Yi of Zeng’s tomb in Leigudun Community. A lot of artifacts were found (Wiki Link here). Fatty was making a joke because the “lei” in Leigudun is pronounced the same as “thunder (lei)” in Chinese.


Ok, so things have definitely taken a weird turn with the author’s decision to just change things up. He didn’t even re-write it like he did with the Southern Archives. And Fatty is magically out of the calling spring. I guess our imaginations are going to have to work overtime for a bit lol  

10 thoughts on “Chapter 186 Start Again

  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! And I was so intrigued by everything that was happening with Uncle Two and the codes!! DAMMIT NPSS how do I fall for it every time, you would think that after ZHH and Sha Hai I would’ve learned by now not to get too invested in any of the storylines, but no 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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  2. 😳
    Loving dmbj we really are encounter everything
    I thought we can read reboot without worry because this is completed.. oh my poor brain gonna need extra work

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  3. What? This is messing everything up. I don’t understand what’s the story anymore. I was really invested in previous thing. Why he had to change from it like that. 🙄

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  4. The author should be prohibited from drinking. It’s pity I liked the previous process of the story.
    With this sudden change of story, I couldn’t concentrate on it but the Zeng’s tomb caught my attention. It was interesting especially the musical instrumental that made from bells. Thank you, Tiffany and Merebear.


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