Chapter 183

Black Glasses said slowly, “With the second route, the royal poinciana is just above the cliff. If you look carefully, the cliff at this position isn’t as high as other areas. Moreover, people aren’t in the habit of looking around again, so they’d start climbing near the bottom of the royal poinciana.”

It didn’t sound like an inevitable choice, but I felt that Black Glasses’ answer was a little perfunctory. This wasn’t the real reason.

So, was Black Glasses’ “role” to wait for us at this position?

Leaving aside all the unexpected events, I figured Uncle Two wanted me to bring as many people down as possible. Jiang Zi Suan and Xiao Hua meeting Boss Jiao may all be considered unexpected events, so only our ragtag group made it down here in the end. But at this time, we had no other choice but to continue.

I didn’t ask any more questions, because I knew that if everyone had the same mentality as me, then we couldn’t talk about Uncle Two’s scheme. That way, it eliminated the possibility that it would be revealed. In the end, we could only cooperate by tacit understanding. At this time, we had to discuss the topic directly and test each other before we could communicate.

Black Glasses handed me a cup of hot water, and I said firmly, “No matter what, we have to save Fatty first. Then we can lead Boss Jiao’s people here. Since there’s poisonous gas in the calling spring and they also have to enter from there, they probably brought protective equipment. We have to use our advantages here to snatch the equipment.”

“They have protective equipment and we’re running around naked in poisonous gas. What are our advantages?” Liu Sang asked weakly. “Is it low IQ, so it’s not as painful to die?”

“What about your fur clothes?” I asked. “They can resist gas, right?”

Black Glasses shook his head and laughed, “Nope! Sorry, they can only last for five minutes. We got all the food here when it rained. See?” He moved one of the grass coverings aside, revealing a pile of fish laying behind it. Hundreds of them had been strung on branches and preserved using smoke. “We dig a few holes in the ground when it rains heavily. The fish come in when the stream rises, and after the water recedes, the fish are easy to catch. The fish are delicious. Would you like some?”

“So doesn’t this mean we’re trapped? What did you mean when you said that the plan can be implemented now that I’m here?” I asked him.

Black Glasses looked at Bai Haotian, “You’re from the Bai family, correct? How long can you hold your breath?”

Bai Haotian looked at him in horror and didn’t answer. “Just tell the truth, we’re not bad guys,” Black Glasses said.

“Not for a minute. I didn’t bring my bathing suit,” Bai Haotian eventually replied.

I interrupted Black Glasses, “Explain it clearly.”

Black Glasses used a stick to draw lines in the mud, “This is our position, this is the cliff, and this is the stream. We can reach the stream in five minutes. There’s an underground rest station fifteen hundred meters away from this stream. This rest station has a narrow underwater passage leading to it. I used ash from the fire to make a gas mask. That, added with my goggles, allows me to breathe in the water three times without dying. Since it’s a distance of fifteen hundred meters, you can only breath three times. You definitely can’t breathe a fourth time with this kind of gas mask.”

“Can’t you make more?” I asked.

“The problem is that you don’t have time to replace it. You only have three chances to breathe. What I want to do is make a mud sack and put you in it. We’ll rush to the stream and throw you into the water. Then you’ll use those three breaths to swim to the next rest station, which is only three hundred meters away from the calling spring’s exit. We’ll teach you how to make these fur clothes so you can make them yourself and enter the calling spring. There’s a cement room in that place that must’ve been built by the spies back then. When we get there, I’ll tell you the next phase of the plan.”

I was a little baffled as I listened, but Black Glasses suddenly looked at me, “You also have something to do. If you two cooperate, we can get out of this predicament.” He then looked at Liu Sang and added, “You only need to do one thing to cooperate with us: tell us when it’ll rain.”

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So it looks like we agree with the Chinese fans that the four beauties are Poker-face, Wu Xie, Xiao Hua, and Black Glasses (in that order). I find it hilarious that Brother Xiao Man is 2 votes away from knocking Black Glasses out of the top 4. I think some of you cheated and picked more than four. You know who you are (¬‿¬ )

5 thoughts on “Chapter 183

  1. I never thought that Poker Face will be on top of the beauties because both him and Wu Xie are undeniably pretty. But I guess xiao ge has long-lasting youth in him which gained him an upperhand


      1. True. Wu Xie is the one who narates this adventure yet he remains as 2nd best. But we cant deny why xiao ge is on top afterall he isnt just poker face he is pretty-face


  2. Lol. I expected nothing less.

    ““What are our advantages?” Liu Sang asked weakly. “Is it low IQ, so it’s not as painful to die?”“
    Ohh he’s a snarky one now ain’t he. Kinda reminds me of Li Cu in a lot of little ways, with a big one being his attitude.

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