Chapter 179

Five days passed by in a daze. Many things happened during this time, but I don’t want to mention them again. When I sat by the campfire and looked at the people in front of me, I experienced an inexplicable mix of feelings. When people get older, they always say it’s difficult to make new friends. They blame it on getting old, but this isn’t actually the case. People have the ability to communicate at any time, but their energy is limited. When you’re in your thirties, you have enough friends. Any more than that and it really becomes unbearable. Old friends know your bottom line, what you’ll say next, and what you’ll sing when you’re drunk, so there’s always a lazy and relaxed feeling when you’re around them.

I thought this was what my so-called mixed feelings were like.

The bonfire was very warm. We were in an underground space similar to the ones we had seen before. Even though the bonfire was warm, it didn’t smell good at all. We were on the second floor of this underground bunker, and it was clear to see why there was a need for two floors.

You would have to put on protective clothing made from dry, leafy branches and mud before leaving this floor, going up to the next floor, and then going outside. When the entrance was opened, an influx of poisonous gas would enter the first floor and a small amount would mix into the soil there.

Every random detail made sense now, and I realized that what Grandpa had said before was right. Even though things seemed superfluous, there was actually a motive behind them.

Poker-Face was very weak and had been leaning against the wall for a while now. I looked at him, but he was looking at the ground, almost motionless. I wanted to talk to him, but Black Glasses stopped me and said, “Let him sleep. He won’t be able to recover in such a short amount of time.”

Liu Sang recovered two days after me but still couldn’t speak for a while. As it turned out, using the blood and mud scraped from my body wasn’t as effective as Poker-Face’s fresh blood. Bai Haotian had only been exposed to the poisonous gas for a short time, so she woke up quickly. The feeling when we finally met again was too indescribable, but I knew one thing: all my impatience and anxiety had disappeared.

When Black Glasses told me everything that had happened to them, I sighed in my heart. If you traveled a certain distance in the calling spring, your skin would start to burn. Poisonous gas filled the narrow calling spring, and many people soon began to lose their sight. The countless bloody marks were left by Poker-Face when he put his own blood in the others’ eyes. He was hoping to at least keep them from going blind, but almost all of them died in the end.

Black Glasses carried goggles with him because of his special circumstances, so he dodged a bullet.

They tried to dive to the bottom of the calling spring, but encountered the underground river’s backflow. At that time, they were faced with the situation that they would be poisoned if they entered the thunder valley, drowned if they stayed in the calling spring, and suffocated if they didn’t move.

I didn’t expect Poker-Face’s blood to have this kind of function. After the blood and mud was peeled off, my skin actually started to recover pretty well. Almost my whole outer layer of skin fell off and the new tender flesh was like healed skin after a sunburn. Even though it was inevitable that some scars would be left on my neck, I just didn’t care anymore.

In addition, a large amount of hair fell off and left different degrees of bald spots on my head, so I shaved it. I had dyed my hair black when I pretended to be Jiang Zi Suan before, so it would be good to let it grow out again.

Liu Sang and Bai Haotian also shaved their heads. Poker-Face and Black Glasses must’ve shaved their hair before, but it had grown out now. I had never seen their hair so short before, and now they looked like two college students.

We exchanged information, but the things they had experienced were very complicated, so we couldn’t finish discussing everything here. Black Glasses kept sighing regretfully. They knew that there were two roads leading to Thunder City, so they left marks because they were afraid that something would happen if I followed after them. In the end, they chose the entrance to the calling spring.

“It’s great that you’re here,” Black Glasses said. “The two of us have been to many evil and sinister places before, but this is the strangest of them all.” He glanced at Poker-Face, “Since you’ve come, our plan can be implemented now. Originally, the two of us couldn’t do anything at all.”

“Where’s Thunder City? Does such a place really exist?” Bai Haotian quietly asked.

Black Glasses pointed above his head, “It’s in the poisonous fog. We went to see it once.”

“What’s it like?”

“I can’t say. You have to see it with your own eyes. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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I’m not done for the day, but this poll was at the end of the raws so I thought it might be fun to see what everyone thinks.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 179

  1. Hehe I don’t remember bald spots in the drama lolz! It’s possible I missed it though since my main interest in both books and the dramas is Poker Face..


  2. Oh how fun!!! That poll translated really well! Gave me a good laugh! 😄 Thank you for taking the time to do that! 😘


  3. According to the original Chinese, Liu Sang is recovered two days later than Wu Xie because Xioge did not give him any blood. Liu Sang is cured by Xiaoge’s blood that later scraped off from Wu Xie. That is the reason why Liu Sang is speechless haha.


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