Chapter 80 Stone Head

“How deep is the quagmire?” I asked him as I retreated. Short Feng immediately understood what I meant and said, “It can drown this thing up to its neck.”

This thing had so many hands, all of which were used for climbing on the cliffs here. Even if it fell into the mud, the benefits of so many hands meant that it could immediately climb up so we had to find a strong method to suppress it.

As I retreated, I led the King of Hell to the quagmire and said to Short Feng, “Sister(1), go and pick up the grenade. There’s a ring on it. Pull it off and throw it.” While looking in Fatty’s direction, I noticed that his torch had lit up some of the black combustible substance on the side and Fatty was no longer there.

I felt a little more at ease. If Fatty wasn’t dead, then things would definitely change for the better. I got up and started to run towards the edge of the mud pit at full speed while yelling, “You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me!” Despite having to grit my teeth and tolerate the pain, my speed wasn’t slow.

King Yama used all of the hands behind his back like a spider, moving them at an extremely fast speed without any signs of stiffness at all. I had a sudden feeling that this might not be like anything else I had encountered before.

Maybe this was a living creature.

But the ground here was too difficult to run and this thing was so huge (if it tried to ride me, I would feel like a pair of skates) that I kept bumping into it the entire way over. I immediately changed directions when I hit it and made a detour to get to the quagmire. When I finally came to the edge, I still hadn’t thought of how to suppress it. There was only thought racing through my mind: let it fall in first.

When I stopped to look back, it was already behind me, but its momentum was so strong that it couldn’t stop itself and hit me full force.

I folded like a piece of paper and fell face-first into the mud. My feet couldn’t find any purchase but before I even got the chance to flail around, I felt my neck get grabbed and I was pulled out of the mud.

My left hand had no strength at all but my right hand kept swatting. The mud on my body became my only weapon so I kept throwing it at that thing’s head, hoping that a few drops would land in its eyes. Completely unfazed, it reached out and grabbed all of my moving limbs—including my head—and then snapped my right hand.

Once my hands were broken, I was instantly out of the game and couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to. I looked at Short Feng in the distance and saw him bow to me several times before he turned to run.

“Grenade!” I shouted. Short Feng pointed to the stone where the grenade was neatly placed on top. It looked like I’d have to get it myself later. My hand had already bent as far as it would go and the bones and ligaments were making a grating sound. I tried to twist my body to delay the inevitable while shouting, “Fatty, if you’re still alive, start the big plan now! Germans are unreliable!”

I heard someone say “Got it!” but the sound actually came from above my head. Then, the fierce Fatty suddenly jumped out from behind, hugged the King of Hell’s neck, and stuffed the grenade into his mask. This is the kind of plan that’ll blow me up together with it, I thought to myself.

“Leave me a way out!” I shouted at him.

“I have my own way!” Fatty shouted, “Open your mouth for your grandfather, you stupid son of a bitch!” Under the force of his efforts, the mask was torn off and I froze for a second. As it turned out, there wasn’t a head behind the King of Hell’s mask but a concave stone full of holes. It didn’t even have basic facial features.

“Is the King of Hell’s head a cinder-block?” Fatty was surprised but he still tried to stuff the grenade into the hole without an ounce of hesitation.

When I looked at his hand, I was surprised to find that the head really was a stone because it was so hard that Fatty couldn’t put the grenade in.

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TN Notes:

(1) Ahaha Feng lost his man card with that grenade stunt.


Uwahhhhh Wu Xie!!!! 😦 😦 😦 I was starting to warm up to Feng too, and then he just decides to abandon poor Wu Xie. Boo! 1/10, would not recommend, definitely not a good bro! And then yay! Fatty to the rescue!!! (Of course)

Updated 2/12/2022

13 thoughts on “Chapter 80 Stone Head

  1. This one doesn’t have a real head?! Why doesn’t it have a real head????! The other one had a real head! Is it a machine? Agh Feng! And here I had been hoping he might live through this ordeal. Of all the monsters they’ve faced, this is definitely the weirdest.


  2. I just realized, if none of the others are Zhangs, then the whole story about the kids and the linqia would be a lie, right? Just when we thought we learned something about his past…unless Zhang Haike is really a Zhang…
    T-T Agh. I really miss Poker Face. He is sorely needed right now.


    1. Omg I didn’t even think of that! lol. I wonder if they are actually Zhangs but like the evil group? Maybe Zhang Haixing was lying to Wu Xie when she said she wasn’t a Zhang just so she could throw him off? Or maybe she’s like Zhang Haike and really wearing a skin mask that had fused to her face? Since it fused, I feel like Wu Xie wouldn’t be able to tell (I know he acts like an expert, but come on lol)

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  3. i think the story abt Xiao ge was real (I have no idea but i call him xiao ge, affects of watching the dramas and hearing this instead of Poker face)


  4. When Pokerface isn’t around, Fatty has to work double time to keep Wu Xie alive 😂
    Seriously though, that boy is the most unfortunate combination of ‘trouble magnet’ and ‘mostly unable to protect himself’ 😅🙈

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  5. Толстяк – мололчина! У Се богу должен молиться за то, что тот послал ему такого надежного друга! 😁😁😁Но немец просто разочаровал, но почему-то это было смешно, как он улепетывал…


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