Chapter 75 Reasons for Changing Positions

In general, such companies would use very strong top-level teams when making such acquisitions. The people in these teams often needed stimulation and a sense of accomplishment when doing such dangerous things. But they were deprived of their status under these circumstances, so the team couldn’t obediently let things happen like that.

“Of course, many people would find it boring and choose to leave while others would be curious. These curious people would adopt an attitude of taking advantage of the situation and see if they could figure out what was going on.” Short Feng took a sip of water. “I’m that kind of person.”

“I find it very strange. As you said, if they won the trust of your big boss, then according to their style, they generally wouldn’t find you to assist them. Plus, your style of doing things is very different. Why would the Germans show up here and even let you enter the snowy mountain with us? Would they really allow it?”

“It’s a long story,” Short Feng said. “You Chinese aren’t the only ones who can read ‘The Art of War’. These Germans obviously don’t do things perfectly.”

In the process of checking on all of the assets they had taken over, the complexity of the data ended up exceeding the scope that ordinary people could handle. This was especially the case with data that had been hand-written before computers became popular. And Qiu Dekao’s company had a free and unrestrained system that wasn’t strict at all, which resulted in a lot of ownership problems when the previous data had to be handed over.

Short Feng was part of a cautious faction and knew that the handover of the company was delayed due to these circumstances. It was a common practice in large companies for there to be an interlude between a decision to investigate all departments and the final documentation. But this interlude was usually only a single night or a weekend.

Short Feng’s position as a liquidator was very special so he was the only one who was on the sidelines but still knew the exact decision. The weekend before the decision was made, he took advantage of his right to dispose of the existing data and checked those peoples’ information.

He hoped to learn their background from the company’s personnel information and why they were able to influence the boss’s behavior in such a way.

As a result, he stayed up for more than twenty hours before finding the names of these people in the data from forty years ago.

More than a dozen of these Chinese had joined the company forty years ago.

If that were the case, then many of these Chinese should have been old by now.

But he found that in his memory, almost all of them were between twenty and thirty years old, and none of them looked to be over sixty.

He pulled up the photos and individually compared them with the current photos of these people. He was horrified to find that the appearance of this group of Chinese people from forty years ago was almost the exact same as that of today.

At this point, he vaguely knew why their boss had changed his position.

“They’re too old. Those who are old but have everything all want their lives to last as long as possible,” Short Feng said. “I believe our big boss had heard some rumors before and became even more convinced after the Chinese showed him some evidence.”

“Go on.” I was interested, especially because I knew that this foreigner didn’t have any reason to lie.

“But not all board members are old. If these old people aren’t controlled by the laws of nature, it’s actually disadvantageous for the young. But our company’s different from Qiu Dekao’s in that we’re more rigorous. These Chinese didn’t have time to infiltrate our company’s system so I took advantage to prevent them from doing whatever they did in Qiu Dekao’s company.” He pressed his wounds. “The first thing I did was have our company’s people act like we were getting along with this group of Chinese.

“To put it bluntly, the old men also didn’t trust the Chinese very much. I instigated some young directors on the board, and when they demanded additional conditions or even threatened to veto, the old men gave up. But those Chinese were obviously very anxious and didn’t have any time to do anything else. That’s why they definitely hate my guts. I knew they’d definitely find opportunities to attack me, but I didn’t expect that they would choose to do it now.”

“Why? You volunteered to take part in this activity and then died on the way. This is a very good chance to kill you. If it were me, I’d definitely pay you back twice over,” Fatty said.

“Because I preemptively hinted to them that if they laid hands on me during this investigation, all the information I had collected about them would be distributed everywhere. I set up an automatic mass mailing program in one of my secret residences. As long as it’s not removed within two months, any detective agencies, relevant Chinese departments, and government agencies will receive this warning email. According to their usual practice, I believed they couldn’t afford to take the risk.”

I thought it over and felt that Short Feng was too confident. In my opinion, this kind of threat obviously wasn’t enough to act as a deterrent but I did have another idea. According to this possibility, this group of people could simply follow Short Feng and wait until he returned to his residence before killing him. Even if it was a small threat, these people weren’t completely indifferent.

“Is your secret residence really secret? They wouldn’t have found it, would they?”

“No one can find that place. I won’t even tell you guys where it is. I can only tell you that this place is absolutely safe; not only in theory but also in reality. It’s absolutely impossible for this place to be discovered.”

I looked at Short Feng and thought that what he said was irrefutable, but it looked like he had more to say so I didn’t ask any more questions and listened as he continued talking. It turned out that Zhang Haixing wanted to get rid of me and Fatty from the very beginning but Feng didn’t realize that she was willing to get rid of him as well. She even went so far as to use him as bait to get rid of Fatty and then went to deal with me herself.

Fatty wanted to come back to save me as soon as he had rescued Feng, but Feng told him that Zhang Haixing was very good at sneaking around and would be very difficult to beat. So, Fatty made some preemptive arrangements outside, but he didn’t expect that such a thing would happen inside the cave.

I looked at Zhang Haixing and asked Fatty, “What are you going to do with her?”

I still felt a little sorry for her, but Fatty said, “Maybe leave her here and test her own luck. Have you seen ‘The Three Musketeers’? There’s a femme fatale in the novel who must be killed before the damage could be completely eliminated. Of course, if Zhang Haixing survives, I wouldn’t kill her myself. But now she’s basically killed herself by trying to kill me. I don’t feel guilty.”

“God said that letting someone die without saving them is tantamount to killing them,” Short Feng said.

“Then do you mean to marry her?” Fatty asked. “You actually want to return good for evil?”

“No, I mean you don’t have to make excuses for yourself. You don’t have to feel guilty killing if you’re just killing the enemy.”

“Quit your bullshitting. If she doesn’t kill you, you’ll definitely be stuck with her. We’re in a conditional alliance so don’t preach at me.”

Short Feng stopped talking when he heard this, and Fatty gave me a wink. I squatted down and looked at Zhang Haixing carefully. She didn’t wake up and was obviously hurt quite badly so I asked Fatty what we should do next and how to go about it.

“It’s not suitable to stay here for long,” Fatty said. “We have to get out of here but I’d say with the current situation, lighting is a big problem. We’ll have to draw that thing out and deal with it here. Either we can divert the tiger away from the mountain, or we can kill it outside.”

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but smile, “What are you planning on using?”

Fatty patted his grenade strap and pointed to Short Feng, “Tell me and Mr. Naïve what that thing is.”

“I said I don’t know,” Short Feng responded.

“You said you knew,” Fatty argued. “Just tell him what you told me.”

Short Feng looked at me and Fatty—he was obviously reluctant, but there was no way out— and paused before saying, “Let’s just say that this isn’t the first time this thing has appeared. The first time I saw it was on a smuggling dock in Germany.”

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Who in the world is Feng?! Like, how high up is he in that company?! I swear, the man sounds like a spy lol. I also thought these Chinese people weren’t Zhangs… but I thought the Zhangs were the only ones who had long lives???? I still want to think it’s the Wangs but I didn’t think they lived that long and were going after the Zhangs because they want the secret to long life. Uhhhh so confused…

Updated 1/29/2022


3 thoughts on “Chapter 75 Reasons for Changing Positions

  1. Ditto on the confusion. Though if the Zhangs were able to obtain the secret of longer lives, it stands to reason others could as well. But that makes things a whole lot messier. If they already have the secret of long life, what else would they be looking for?


  2. Кто писал ранее теорию развития сюжета… это отделившаяся ветвь Чжанов, которая стала последователями Ван Зан Хая и теперь носят фамилию Ван!


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