Chapter 73 That Huge Thing

Then, I immediately fell to the ground as an explosion sounded behind me at almost the exact same time. Metal fragments and sound waves crashed into the bronze cave walls, the roar and shock piercing my body simultaneously.

At that moment, it was impossible to tell whether it was the sound or shock waves directly passing through my bones. My mind was blank and I couldn’t hear anything at all as it felt like my insides were nearly distorted by the quaking.

Fuck your bear’s paw, I silently cursed at Fatty. Regardless of the situation, should we really be using grenades in this place?

When the shock had slightly subsided, I gritted my teeth and got up. But as soon as I got myself into a crouch, I saw Fatty bite off another pin and throw the grenade out.

Damn it! My half-crouched body fell to the floor again as another explosion instantly went off. I hadn’t recovered from the last one so all of my senses were overwhelmed again. This time, even though it seemed like I could hear the sound waves exceeding the limit, I knew it was merely an illusion—my eardrums had burst and everything was distorted.

One more and I just might die, I thought to myself. I used all of my strength to get back up, only to see Fatty holding grenades in both hands, ready to throw them out.

He had simply dodged the previous explosions, which meant that many places on his body were injured. I shouted “Stop!” and rushed over to hug him and press him to the ground, but Fatty was strong and merely staggered when I hit him. At the same time, Zhang Haixing rushed out from the darkness, jumped high in the air, and kneed Fatty in the neck, causing the three of us to fall to the ground.

The two grenades thrown out in the ensuing struggle exploded one right after the other. I thought it was too late to take cover since I was all twisted up with Fatty so I looked up and saw an amazing scene.

At the moment when the grenades exploded, the fire lit up a large area. Although the grenades weren’t very powerful, the shock wave they generated caused all the blood in the crevices on the ground and on the wall to form a mist in the air.

At that moment, I saw a huge outline in the bloody mist.

The outline was static because the light from the explosions was so brief, but I could tell that the shape was just like a spider standing with its arms waving in the air. I knew this kind of scene resulted from my blood in the air trying to avoid the moving “thing”. That was why Fatty kept throwing the grenades.

But based on the current situation, the grenades had done nothing at all.

Fatty wanted to keep throwing more grenades, but the area was completely dark after the previous ones had blown up. I lifted him up and shouted, “It’s useless. Run!”

My eardrums were completely broken which made my voice sound very strange when I heard it. Fatty opened his mouth and yelled something at me but I couldn’t hear it at all.

I couldn’t help but push Fatty to run, estimating the approximate direction of the hole in the door as the two of us stumbled forward. Regardless of whether Zhang Haixing followed or not, we ran all the way to the cave wall and touched it, using it to guide us.

It wasn’t until he felt the cave mouth that Fatty lit a cold firework. Sure enough, that thing appeared in the light, and Fatty said to me, “Do you have anything else to light up the area? This is the last cold firework. I hid it in my crotch.”

I pulled out my lighter and said, “This is all I have.”

Fatty looked at it and said, “It’s better than nothing. But remember to cherish your flashlight in the future and treat it as your lifeblood. Find something to make a torch, anything will do. Otherwise, this will be the holy light we see before we die.”

We backed away with the cold firework held out in front of us and slowly retreated from the entrance of the cave, leaving a distance of seventeen or eighteen meters. I was staring at the mouth of the cave while Fatty kept collecting black mud-covered things on the rocks.

“Will these things burn?” I asked him.

“It looks like oil. It should be fine,” Fatty said. After collecting a pile of them, he lit it with my lighter. Indeed, some of it really did burn and it burned very well.

Fatty threw the dry, burning black gunk around and then continued to collect and ignite more.

When I asked what he was doing, he told me to find a stick-like object to act as the handle of the torch; otherwise, we’d have to hold these things and risk burning our hands.

I stared in the direction of the hole, unsure if the monster had followed us out. It wasn’t like I could see anything, and if we were sent flying in this place, we might end up falling to the ground and dying. Shouldn’t we be smart and run away now?

But as soon as I thought this, the cold firework in my hand went out and I realized Fatty was right. There was no light here, and even if there wasn’t any monster, we would definitely die here.

The moment the cold firework went out already spelled the end for us, but Fatty’s fires seemed to make the surrounding mud burn, and the space in front of us became brighter and brighter.

I had my doubts. If Fatty discovered this by accident, then that was too lucky. It was almost like he knew these things could burn.

As I was wondering this, Fatty suddenly let out an exclamation and shouted at me, “Hide, hide!”

I glanced in the direction Fatty was looking at and saw that the cave entrance had been lit up by flames and a huge object had crawled out.

Strangely enough, we couldn’t see the part of it that was inside the cave, but the part that was outside showed color and shape as if the monster had shed its invisibility cloak.

That was Tibetan armor—I could see almost all of the black limbs were covered in armor made of various rocks and metal sheets.

I was dumbfounded and immediately realized what it was. I had seen it on the felt painting at the lama temple—it was King Yama from the painting of King Yama Riding the Dead.

That part of the body that had only briefly appeared in the firelight retreated into the cave and disappeared.

The whole process was so fast that I thought it was an illusion until Fatty asked me, “Did you see it?” Only then did I realize that what I had seen was real.

We stood up and stayed there for four or five seconds before Fatty shouted to the other side, “Did you see it?”

I thought he was talking to me so I immediately nodded, but then he repeated the question. From behind a nearby stone, someone said, “I saw it.”

Fatty came over to take the cold firework stick from my hand and began stuffing the black mud into it. At the same time, he asked, “What the hell is it?”

“I don’t know,” the voice from behind the stone said.

Then I was surprised to see Short Feng coming out from behind the stone, covered in blood.

I immediately remembered his existence. Things had happened so fast that I didn’t even notice where he had gone. Fatty asked him, “Don’t you know everything? How come you don’t know—”

But before he could get the words out, a stone suddenly flew over and knocked him to the ground.

In the firelight, I saw Zhang Haixing suddenly leap out from the other side while Feng retreated behind the rock. The old woman nimbly stepped on the rock and did a somersault in front of Fatty, who was still covering his head. She grabbed his neck with her legs and twisted in the air.

If it were me, my head would’ve definitely been twisted off, but Fatty turned his whole body in the same direction when he saw that the situation wasn’t good.

Visually, it looked like Zhang Haixing was so strong that she flipped Fatty over, but it was actually Fatty who threw himself to the ground.

As a result, Zhang Haixing was also thrown to the ground, but her movements were much faster than Fatty’s. While he was still wriggling around, she immediately got up and kicked him in the head.

He immediately stopped moving. When I saw the situation, I quickly went over to help, using all of my strength to perform a flying kick.

I landed in front of her very stably, my kick connecting with her instep.

She had been preparing to kill Fatty when I hit her, and after suffering through the pain, she backhanded my face. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I saw stars, but I managed to grab a stone in the chaos and stay on my feet, if a little wobbly. But before I could see her position clearly, I was kicked in the jaw and flew back.

When I got up again, I was feeling exhausted. I shouted and saw that because of my intervention, Fatty could finally run out of Zhang Haixing’s attack range. He ran in front of a stone and leaned against it, gasping for breath.

Zhang Haixing looked at me and then at Fatty before giving me a contemptuous glare and walking towards Fatty.

I took a deep breath and tried to rush over to help him, but Fatty shouted to me, “Don’t come here, I’ll fight with her alone.”

I staggered as I hesitated, but Zhang Haixing had already reached him and pulled her belt from around her waist. Right as I was worrying that Fatty would be punished by S&M, Zhang Haixing’s body dropped and she fell into the cracks in the rocks below.

Not only did she fall, but she completely disappeared once she reached the bottom. Fatty immediately kicked all the rubble in front of him into the gap, kicking about twenty or thirty pieces down in an instant. By the time I got there, Zhang Haixing had been buried by the stones, but she obviously wasn’t dead since the stones were still moving.

Fatty stepped on the pile and the movement quickly stopped. “Bah, you really think I’d fight with you?!” He scolded her. “I made six traps here and waited for you to jump in one.”

Then he shouted to Short Feng who was still hiding behind the stone, “Alright, what you said worked so come out.”

He came out from behind the stone, looked at the pit where she was buried with some trepidation, and asked, “Did she really fall in?”

“She really fell in,” Fatty said. “Shit, that was smooth. You don’t need to worry at all.”

When I asked them what was going on, Fatty said, “This bitch is too cruel. Didn’t she call me out? As soon as I left, I found that she had pointed me to a place where there was a ring of fire and a glow stick. When I walked over, I saw our Mr. Feng tied up tightly and lying in a stone crevice with his palms covered in iron wires.

“I immediately wanted to rescue him, but the place turned out to be a quagmire. The mud on it had hardened and there were many small stones lying on it. The hardened layer broke when I stepped on it and I fell into the mud, the stones rolling down with me. I kept struggling, but I couldn’t get out of the mud. It was Mr. Feng who knew what to do. He immediately rolled down to be my meat mat so I didn’t die. After I rescued him, he told me that this woman wanted to kill us all.”

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Well, we finally know what happened to Feng lol. Poor guy. Also, in case you were wondering, the author suddenly started referring to him as “Short Feng” so I’ll just be using that from now on (I’m too lazy to bother changing it 70 times, don’t judge me). Not gonna lie, there was honestly a moment where I thought Fatty had been replaced by someone in a skin mask since he was acting a little different from usual (I’m clearly more skeptical than Wu Xie haha)

Updated 1/16/2022

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  1. Yay Feng’s alive! And he’s on the good side.
    And oh my word this woman is crazy, doesn’t she know that when it comes to monsters the more people you have to fight the better?


    1. Psh, I have a feeling this psycho would leave them all for dead and make her escape instead of trying to fight the monster. I hate her more and more as the chapters progress lol. At least A Ning was a kind of nice badass

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  2. Надеюсь, Фенг все же на нашей стороне и не подставит Фатти с У Се? И Фатти – это точно Фатти, потому что так ругаться может только он. У Се бы уже понял, что это кто-то другой. И я очень хочу, чтобы эта женщина погибла ужасной смертью…


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