Chapter 72 Extremely Chaotic Situation

I couldn’t see anything behind me but I knew something was standing there since my blood had outlined it.

I turned around and began to roll in the direction of Zhang Haixing, who had withdrawn far away.

Then, I saw the blood on the wall start to scatter and flow in a chaotic state and the original shape suddenly collapsed and turned into something incomprehensible. The strangest thing was that all of the blood began to move in a somewhat uniform way, with some of it flowing upward and some breaking off.

It wasn’t in a single spot, as the blood on the front cave wall began to move bit by bit. The scene was so exaggerated that I really can’t describe it in words.

But I knew what was happening—it was moving.

My blood was running away from this thing, fleeing in every direction after it moved. It had countless limbs, which explained why my blood appeared to be in such a chaotic state—just like a sixteen-oar flower boat moving unseen in the water, only the spray revealing its location.

Based on the blood’s movements, I knew that this thing was climbing to the ceiling. It was a behemoth, and it had been lying on the cave wall.

In a flash, I was almost able to make out what this thing looked like. It was a huge transparent multi-handed monster, just like a giant fleshy spider.

At the same time, Zhang Haixing finally fired. She had obviously reached the same conclusion as me and showered the cave wall with bullets.

I didn’t see any hit the creature, but they hit the cave wall without any obstruction, causing sparks and blood to spatter out, along with the endless sound of impacting metal.

It was all my blood

Zhang Haixing emptied the clip until only the sound of her pulling the trigger was left. The blood on the wall had stopped moving and formed a chaotic shape.

The thing had left, but Zhang Haixing didn’t show any signs of relaxing as she kept turning her body and looking around at the ceiling.


There was only the sound of our breathing, so this thing either wasn’t moving, or it was doing something that didn’t exist in this world.

I was exhausted. I could still see the situation around me when I arched up, but with the flashlight shaking now, I couldn’t keep up with Zhang Haixing’s movements even by twisting my waist and neck around. When I ran out of strength, I could only lie flat on the ground and gasp for breath, praying that if something happened, it would happen to her. It should be like one of those scenes from European and American horror movies—whoever shoots, dies. Don’t bother coming after me.

In the distance, a gasp suddenly came from the darkness. Zhang Haixing immediately put the flashlight under her armpit and quickly walked over there while loading the gun. As soon as the flashlight left, the area around me became dark.

I felt cold all over and just wanted to roll away until I found a corner to hide in but I suddenly felt something grab my leg and instantly drag me away.

The ground was full of those lines and felt like a washboard peeling my skin off. All I could think was, sure enough, in reality, all the monsters choose to kill the weakest one first.

According to the etiquette, I still had to put up a struggle, so I twisted my body, but my physical strength had been depleted too much. My twisting was too slight and crude and the other party didn’t seem to feel my intention at all.

It was only when I had been dragged to an absolutely dark place that I felt the ropes on my hands and feet get cut off. Then I heard Fatty’s voice say, “I go out for a moment and you end up like this. I’ve really lost to you.”

I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it was Fatty, but my body collapsed and I didn’t even have the strength to reply.

I still couldn’t move smoothly even after the ropes were untied so Fatty helped me up and said, “Find a place to hide and stop the bleeding yourself. I’ll clean up that smelly bitch first.”

I grabbed him with all my strength and said, “Don’t be careless. This woman may not be your only opponent.”

I had known Fatty for a long time and could basically guess his next sentence, no matter what he said. At that time, I thought he would definitely say, “Shit, if I can’t even handle this old woman, I don’t have the right to mess around.”

But Fatty didn’t say this sentence. Instead, he patted me and said, “I know.”

I was a little surprised and couldn’t help but think that Fatty was acting a bit odd. When did he realize it? It was usually difficult for him to admit defeat to people like Poker-face. And it was especially strange if it was a woman that made him do so.

He wanted to leave again, but I pulled him back and continued trying to tell him what had just happened, although my explanation was incoherent.

I couldn’t say what it was for certain so I told him, “Also, there’s something in this place. You can’t see it but it’s a monster, a behemoth with many hands.”

Fatty listened but didn’t quite understand, “Shit, you met a monster not long after I went out. What kind of constitution do you have?”

I felt a little wronged and immediately argued, “It’s not my fault! You always leave me behind so I’m always falling into someone’s trap. I’ll leave you behind in the future and then your constitution will be the same as mine.”

“Bullshit. You go outside and encounter things and then we have to go in and save you. With your constitution, don’t even think about grave robbing. You should hurry home and find someone to marry. Have you heard of this movie? It’s called ‘Final Destination’. You can go back and make a film called ‘Zombies Are Coming’. I guarantee it’ll be popular worldwide and you won’t even need to do any special effects. Just find an ancient tomb to break into and turn in a circle. You’ll draw anything out. It’ll be just like ‘Resident Evil’.”

“Are you going or not?” I was furious when I heard Fatty say that, but even though my anger had resurfaced, I immediately had a scary thought: was something really wrong with my blood, which was causing me to encounter this kind of thing everywhere I went?

“I’m not going.” I couldn’t see Fatty’s expression, but I heard him say, “In the future, when there are monsters around, you should always tell me about it first. Now that I know there’s a monster here, why would I go and join in the fun? Let the monster and Zhang Haixing fight each other first. I’ll show up when the critical time comes, and get both the fish and the bear’s paw at the same time.”(1)

I secretly agreed with this as Fatty continued speaking, “But I’m really worried that this monster has something to do with you. It may not be keeping an eye on the old woman, which means if it’s not over there, it’s over here.”

“I don’t think that’s right—” The words hadn’t even left my mouth before the darkness in front of me suddenly surged up and Fatty yelled, the sound instantly receding into the distance. Then I heard the sound of a heavy object rolling on the ground and Fatty’s screams.

I couldn’t see anything and didn’t know what had happened, but almost immediately, I heard Fatty yelling in the distance, “Damn it, Mr. Naïve! Don’t just stay there, run away!”

I was shocked, “Bastard, why did you run so far away?”

“Shit, I was hit and flew over,” Fatty’s voice said from afar. I had just stood up to go over to him when I suddenly felt something tighten around my throat. A hand was gripping my neck and suddenly lifting me up from the ground.

I angrily went to tug at it and try to break the thing’s hold on my neck, only to find that I couldn’t touch anything at all.

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TN Notes:

(1) Chinese proverb that basically means you can’t get it all. Think an English equivalent is “You can’t have your cake and eat it”


Updated 1/16/2022

9 thoughts on “Chapter 72 Extremely Chaotic Situation

  1. I would not be the one thinking something like that in this situation: According to the etiquette, I still had to put up a struggle… Pfff these two are just perfect together. I wonder if that thing is “The Ultimate”…

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    1. Согласна, он напоминает мне принцессу, которую все должны оберегать и спасать! Правда, к последней части он уже должен будет повзрослеть…


  2. Fatty: Do you have any other skills besides falling into holes? Yes some of his basic skill is attracting monsters, kidnapped, deceived, heart breaking, following fatty and Xiao Ge, yet trusting his judgment on people then again falling in the hole and traps in addition of dragging those two, get hurt, loss conscious, still searching for truth (His friend should comfort him.)
    When he prayed for the woman to get hurt was funny too.

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  3. They may have change when responding to dangerous situation but it will never change the fact that whenever Wu Xie and Fatty are together there will always be a point where they banter each other and that’s what makes them themselves.

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