Chapter 46 Fatty’s Desperation

Fatty’s plan was to lead the huge miluotuo to attack the bronze door since we couldn’t open it. Otherwise, with our strength, it would take several years of practicing pushups and eating silkworms as supplementary protein before we could manage it.

All my sound-making equipment had been thrown out, but fortunately, I knew where it had landed.

I went to the place where I tossed Xiao Hua’s phone just now and dug through the sand. All the silkworms I encountered ran away. The huge miluotuo that was off in the distance began to come back when it heard the noise I was making.

I suddenly felt that it was very sad to only be able to rely on hearing to find prey in the dark. I frantically dug in the sand and quickly pulled Xiao Hua’s phone out.

It was still playing the video, and the sound became clear as soon as it was free of the sand. When I pushed the volume to the max, the monster sped up and rushed towards me.

I immediately pulled my arm back and threw the phone to Fatty. He caught it mid-air, stuck a piece of chewing gum on it, and pressed it to the bronze door with a deft movement that was totally out of line with his figure.

Almost at the same time, the monster flew to the edge of the stone platform. Fatty dropped down and threw himself onto the quicksand, just like a fat pig rolling hard in the sand.

I watched in amazement as the monster hanging above the stone platform only paused for a moment before crashing into the bronze door. The door almost immediately flew out like a cannonball, revealing a dark passage behind it. Xiao Hua’s phone was smashed in an instant.

This kind of power surprised me. If it was a person instead of a phone, his lungs would definitely be knocked out of his nostrils.

After the collision, things changed unexpectedly—when the copper door was knocked off, it flew across the cave for a period of time, fell heavily, and made a loud sound. The huge miluotuo was immediately angered by the noise and desperately tried to enter the door.

But the door was so narrow that it only ended up shaking the roof of the cave and couldn’t get in at all. The most troubling thing was that every time it struck, the copper door on the floor made a sound, which infuriated it even more.

At this time, I dug my electronic watch out of the sand, but it was completely damaged.

I crawled to Fatty’s side and we watched quietly, waiting for this thing to die down. But it seemed to be relentless and kept hitting the door opening almost at a fixed frequency. We didn’t know how long we waited, but this thing just wouldn’t leave.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a simpleton,” Fatty said. “Is this your relative?”

“You’re the simpleton with a green face,” I said. “Do something quick. We don’t have time.”

“This thing doesn’t care about anything else now. It only cares about that hole. If you want to distract it, you have to give it more stimulation.” Fatty took out his submachine gun and broke the butt open. We leaned against the stone platform, tied the gun’s trigger with shoelaces, and pressed the gun into the sand. Fatty opened his backpack, pulled out all the things that weren’t very useful, pinned down the gun, and gave me a wink.

I knew what he was going to do, so I nodded and immediately got ready. As soon as he pulled the shoelaces, the gun opened fire and a spray of bullets hit the miluotuo directly.

Green blood flowed everywhere and the miluotuo fell completely off of the ceiling, landing heavily on the stone platform.

Fatty and I immediately clung to the platform and watched the gun continue firing. The backpack couldn’t hold back the recoil, so the bullets were flying around and hitting both the stone platform and the monster.

The monster finally became furious. 

I watched as the huge black shadow practically swooped down from the platform, and with one slap, flung the whole layer of sand the gun was resting on up into the air.

As gravel scattered, the gun swept out the last volley of bullets mid-air, directly sweeping over the top of Fatty’s head. Luckily, he had reflexively shrunk his head down; otherwise, the top of his head would’ve been gone. The gun hit a pillar on one side and broke into several pieces, completely silencing the gunfire.

Fatty was so frightened by this last volley that I lifted some sand and patted him on the face to get a reaction. Then, the two of us quickly climbed up the stone platform. But just as I got up, I heard a loud noise on the ceiling behind me. I looked back and saw the monster jump onto the ceiling again, hit the roof frantically, and pounce onto the stone platform.

Countless bone fragments fell down and the bronze door made another sound. I knew the situation had taken a bad turn because the monster crashed into the doorway again in a fit of rage.

I couldn’t help myself and rushed in. But Fatty was behind me and was immediately blocked by the monster.

I shouted “Fatty!” and was just about to see what the situation was when the monster’s hand reached in through the doorway and slapped me out.

I rolled on the spot, and when I got up again, I saw Fatty lying firmly on the monster’s arm with his eyes closed, stabbing it to death with an iron pick.

I shouted to him, “Let go!” He opened his eyes, but there was no need for him to stop since he was immediately thrown off and rolled away.

I was gasping for breath as I watched the hand constantly reaching in and slapping the ground. The further we retreated, the further we got from the hand’s attack radius, and the two of us eventually collapsed to the ground.

Fatty listened to the sound of the bronze door shaking and then immediately went to pick it up. He sat down on the ground again, letting his body act as a meat cushion. My mind was blank and I didn’t know how long I sat there before the hand finally retreated.

We felt the vibrations on the floor diminish and knew that it had gone far away. Fatty carefully lowered the bronze door so that we would have time to look at where we were.

With just one glance, we immediately found that we were still in a cave in the mountain, but as soon as we turned around, we froze.

There was a huge ancient building standing behind us. The ancient structure looked very old in the dark, its dull gray appearance like a fossil that held countless unspeakable secrets.

“Zhang Jialou….” The words seemed to come from deep in my throat.

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