Chapter 82 Postscript

TN Note: I know nobody really reads the postscripts of books (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't) but I figured there would be at least 1 person that would like to read or skim it so I figured I'd translate it, and there's a nice kind of timeline at the end which might help. **** … Continue reading Chapter 82 Postscript

Chapter 81 Conclusion

The story should be over by now. I knew all the puzzles I could know and put down the ones that I couldn’t. But there are still some things worth mentioning and sorting out, which are beneficial to the integrity of the whole story. By now, I could basically confirm that the Zhang family was … Continue reading Chapter 81 Conclusion

Chapter 75 Handing Over the Accounts

After returning from Banai, Qiu Dekao lived for another three months before finally passing away. The shareholders of the international salvage company reorganized and auctioned off some assets. Some of Qiu Dekao’s team who were personal friends of mine took away many files when a lot of the project teams were withdrawn. Of course, these … Continue reading Chapter 75 Handing Over the Accounts