Chapter 39 Negligent Things

But after calculating it carefully, I found that my idea was impossible. Based on the distance I had moved over the past few days, I estimated that if I was on the road, I could have made it in ten minutes if I stepped on the accelerator. Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for me to have crawled all the way to the Qaidam Basin. Besides, I knew hadn’t been forced to keep pushing forward after receiving the heavenly gift because my shoes weren’t worn out. If I had walked that far, my calves should be worn out by now.

Then, I started to think about Fatty’s vigil.

That was the first time I recalled Fatty not letting me keep watch at night. He had said he was worried I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

Back then, I wondered what would happen at night, and what temptation he was referring to. I looked at my watch and saw that it was indeed nighttime, which meant that it was supposed to be my turn to keep watch.

Fatty had received a relic of Yun Cai at that time, so was it possible that what I saw just now was this so-called temptation?

I thought about it for a long time, and became certain that my inference at that time was correct.

Here at night, there would be incomprehensible scenes, which seemed to prick the night watchman’s heart.

If I only thought about it from Fatty’s perspective, then I felt like the logic was very clear. Yun Cai was a very effective way to hurt Fatty, but Chen Wen-Jin couldn’t hurt me. Although I was a person full of emotions, I had already become immune to all kinds of things. For me, grief and destroying people were already two completely independent things.

I stayed in front of that small crack, pondering over it for a long time. I wasn’t familiar with the underground rocks here, nor did I know what the ancient god wanted to do.

If Chen Wen-Jin was being used to prick someone’s heart, then the target should be my Uncle Three.

Was I my Uncle Three? Was my consciousness Wu Xie, but my real body Wu Sanxing? Had someone replaced my consciousness?

Or, did the crack here think I was my Uncle Three? What the fuck was it looking with? Did I look like my Uncle Three now?

I suddenly found my first idea quite interesting. If the ancient god behind the heavenly gift was the mischievous type, could it give a person’s memory to another person and give me another person’s memory?

If I hadn’t been wearing Xiao Hua’s watch, I would have definitely sweated out a mirror to see if Uncle Three had also been trapped here and had his body swapped with mine as a result of the ancient god.

At this time, a random thought popped into my head and I immediately stopped.

That’s right, Chen Wen-Jin’s character was quite frank and straightforward. This kind of behavior of not daring to meet each other and secretly drawing marks was more in line with Uncle Three’s usual style.

But if he drew this picture, then was the person wearing that ridiculous ancient costume Uncle Three?

Was he in the meteorite, chasing Chen Wen-Jin all this time until he eventually turned into a little monster like Qi Yu?

If something wanted to prick my heart, Uncle Three was definitely an effective way to do it.

Was that the end of Uncle Three? Then what did Fatty see?

I had a premonition that every night after that, I would encounter something unimaginable here.

After hesitating in front of that crack for so long, I eventually decided to move on. I didn’t know how much time had passed before I suddenly felt the wind blowing down from overhead. I took a careful look with my flashlight and found traces of snowflakes falling down.

I realized that this place was very close to the surface. I wanted to keep moving forward, but my heart felt like it had been crushed by the darkness and narrowness here, and I found that my hands and feet began climbing before I knew it.

I soon climbed out of the ground, only to find that I had climbed out of a snow den.

Snow dens were depressions in the mountains, which would be filled with snow all year round. The snow in many snow dens wouldn’t melt even in summer.

There was no doubt that this place was deep in the mountains. When I climbed out, I found that the mountain I was on was very high, and this hole was very small. Normal people would never find it when they passed by, but it wasn’t like anyone would pass by here anyways.

I stood up, standing straight for the first time in a long time.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 39 Negligent Things

  1. He got out!!

    “If I only thought about it from Fatty’s perspective, then I felt like the logic was very clear. Yun Cai was a very effective way to hurt Fatty, but Chen Wen-Jin couldn’t hurt me”

    Mmm… he used similar logic before finally concluding that what he thought was a monster couldn’t be Chen Pi, earlier.

    What’s more interesting, is that all of this with Yun Cai sounds like the stuff that happened in Moving Forward Through The Flowery Night, and Wu Xie hasn’t mentioned that adventure of Little Flower and Hei Xiazi once.

    Did he get tianshoued to forget that information, or is this whole arc set before Travelling Notes (where he heard that story), or or or….?

    (He got out he got out he got out)


  2. I thought the same, but I hope it’s not like that because I don’t like to see Wu Xie’s suffer.
    This is a snowy area. It doesn’t seem like a suitable place for the herds. I wonder where he met the herdsman.
    The author’s words made me sad. If the published version, is going to be short, I prefer to always have this version.
    Thank you for the chapter.


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