Chapter 10 Shameless

My mental fortitude was quite strong considering the fact that I was portraying a radish on an empty altar while my childhood friend (who I considered a sister) looked on. But there was no way I could remain strong if an unknown creature suddenly appeared behind me.

As I stared at it out of the corner of my eye, my movements obviously became more awkward and felt very perfunctory. At the same time, all of my muscles began to stiffen.

The stick-like creature was slowly getting bigger and taller. I still couldn’t tell what it was made of in this dim light, but seeing how it was able to squeeze out of the crevices and reassemble, it had to be made up of a collection of tiny creatures.

Then I saw that the rocks underneath it began to shift, and the costume that had been swallowed up by it was also lifted out of the crevice.

The scene was very strange because it almost looked like a ghost wearing a dancing costume and a crown was growing out of the ground.

I was suddenly feeling really scared, so I simply turned around and faced it. This time, I was able to see that it really was just a costume, and there weren’t any signs of Black Glasses’ digested skeleton inside.

As soon as I was facing that thing, it suddenly became like a snake, and the head of its stick-shaped body began to unfurl like a cobra’s hood. Rather than slow, the whole process was very sudden and didn’t even exceed a quarter of a second.

After opening, it looked very similar to the multi-headed snake statues found in temples in Southeast Asia and outside of some temples in India.(1)

This kind of snake usually had five heads, but I had also seen some with seven or nine heads.

I immediately realized that the situation wasn’t good, because this speed showed that this thing could move slow, but it could also move very fast.

I immediately turned and ran right as that thing coiled around the altar and lunged. I was just a hair’s breadth away from being swallowed whole, which meant that I would have definitely died if I hadn’t run way when I did.

Xiuxiu kept signaling to me with her flashlight, but I ignored her and rushed directly to the right crevice beside her. In the process, I threw off the crown and made it to the crevice.

The costume was so cumbersome that I couldn’t fit into the crevice, so I immediately tried to take it off. Unfortunately, the sleeves got stuck, and I couldn’t take it off even after spending a minute or two struggling.

With my whole body drenched in sweat and the costume completely stuck somewhere, I let out a furious roar and used a frantic burst of strength to try and tear it.

But Xiao Hua’s tailoring skills were so good that even with my explosive strength born of desperation, the clothes couldn’t be torn at all.

Then I turned my head and saw that the five-headed stick had not only become even bigger, but it had fully opened its hood like a giant snake and was standing more than one meter behind me.

“Help take care of my parents for me,” I said to Fatty over the headset.

I knew that as soon as I finished speaking, that thing would swallow me whole.

I still said a last-minute prayer in my heart, hoping that someone would suddenly appear from behind and save me, but the thought was barely finished before the serpent-like thing wrapped itself around me.

As my vision immediately went dark, I thought to myself, my life is over! It felt like the inside of my nose and all the skin on my body were instantly covered in a slug-like sensation, and then I was instantly pulled down by a force.

At that time, my range of visibility was almost zero, but from the vague shadow I saw at the last second, I knew very clearly that the thing had pushed through the gravel on the ground and pulled me into the gap that had been created.

The rocks were very sharp, so I knew that it was game over for me. It would only take ten meters of getting dragged along by that thing before all the flesh on my body would be scraped off.

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TN Notes:

(1) Le visuals:


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 10 Shameless

  1. This is all getting very nerve-wracking…

    Thank you for keeping up with the chapters! I know it’s v. busy during the holiday season, and I appreciate them. (Though I hope working on them isn’t making you tired.)


  2. Try to enjoy your work party! I know we all be patiently waiting for you.
    I don’t know how Wuxie will make it unless someone comes and rescue him! Fatty, Poker Face where are you?


  3. Well…..he wanted to buy them some time….as only he can do…my guess is this thing takes him directly to the others, or veeeeeeeeery nearly to the others.


  4. It’s as if one of them is going to detonate the explosives, I hope it’s not Xiuxiu because I feel it won’t end well.
    And it’s funny, if he didn’t notice that creature, then he really played the role of the immobile radish and now someone really has to pull him out.
    Have a good time. 💕

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