Chapter 8 Candy

Xiuxiu looked at me for a while. If she remained stubborn, then she would be acting just like a child because adults would accept such a proposal once they reached a certain point.

But I didn’t plan on letting her take any risks.

Speaking of which, I was still a child at heart. I would never lose when playing rock-paper-scissors because I still remembered Xiuxiu’s micro-expressions very clearly from that time. I could use the same method I used to beat her back then to win right now.

But Xiuxiu slowly shook her head, “Big Brother, I won’t let you get involved again. It was agreed before that we would handle the second half.”

Fatty got a little annoyed and pointed to the watch, as if to say “how much longer do you plan on taking?”. After thinking about it, I realized that I really didn’t have time to keep arguing. But if Fatty and I rushed up now and knocked Xiuxiu out, we’d probably consume most of our physical strength, which wouldn’t be worthwhile in the long run.

“Fine! Since you and I both refuse to leave, then we’ll do it this way: you listen to your big brother and give me the costume. I’ll be the bait and you’ll detonate the grenades,” I said to Xiuxiu. “There’s a rational reason for doing it this way.”

“Explain,” Xiuxiu said.

“Little Brother didn’t know you were coming. He left a mark here for me, which means that he definitely made a lot of preparations for me further up ahead. I can figure them out, but you’re not familiar with him so you won’t be able to do it.”

Xiuxiu looked at me.

“I have to be on the front line, but you don’t have to go. We’ll face it together,” I said to her.

She thought about it for a moment before finally seeming to agree. As she took off the crown and handed it to me, Fatty spoke up from the side, “Then I won’t leave either.”

“No, it’s one thing if we’re killed in the explosion or eaten, but if we become trapped…Fatty, you must be in the third echelon. Otherwise, there won’t be anyone left to rescue us.”

“If you all become trapped, who do I ask to come and save you?” Fatty asked angrily. “You just want me to sweep your graves, isn’t that right? Damn it, you’re looking down on Fat Master, aren’t you? What, do you think I’m only good for sweeping graves? Starting from Pan Zi, you’ll all be lined up in a row, and I’ll have to drive a truck every Qingming Festival to burn paper for you.”

I illuminated the crevice with my flashlight, “If you can get in there, you’re welcome to go.”

Fatty squatted down, stared at the gap in a daze, and then covered his face, “Shame on you, Fatty Wang, shame on you. Your heroism died because of poor weight management.”

“If something goes wrong, go find those surnamed Zhang,” I said to him. “You can still find a few.” After I finished speaking, I put on the crown and looked at the watch again. There were only seventeen minutes left. Xiuxiu took off the costume—she was wearing a special tight-fitting sports suit underneath—and then whistled to those above. When several grenade belts slid down the climbing rope, she grabbed them and then went directly into the crevice to start laying the trap.

Fatty lit a cigarette and looked at me. I winked at him, and he immediately understood what I meant.

The crevice I showed Xiuxiu wasn’t the one I wanted to set the trap up in. It was clear that Fatty had understood this long ago as he put the grenades in my bag, “I’ll be up top, ready to come down at any time. Don’t force it.”

“I’m afraid that ancient god will force my hand,” I said in response. “If it were up to me, I’d definitely be extremely careful. Don’t worry.”

I immediately entered the crevice I had chosen and quickly set up a wire grenade trap. Once I climbed back out, Fatty helped me change into the fancy dancing costume.

Xiuxiu used her flashlight to signal me from the crevice, letting me know that she was done. When the time came, all I would need to do was rush into that crevice.

Fatty and I looked at each other again. There were only thirteen minutes left. “Which dance are you going to do?” Fatty asked me.

“Radish Pulling,” I said.

“What if it doesn’t like radishes?”

“I can also dance flamenco,” I said. “Guess when I learned it.”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Candy

  1. OMG! I knew Wuxie would do it!
    I can imagine Zhu Yi Long trying to dance flamenco 😅 I wish the same cast from Restart to make this drama, though I’m sure it won’t happen 😔

    Fatty managed to break my heart, as always. I don’t want him to sweep any grave. And I still cry as soon as I saw Pan Zi’s name.

    I really hope everything goes well this time.

    Thank you for the chapter 🤗


  2. The way the original series jumped all over the timeline makes me feel like this could easily be filmed without starting from the months-long trek under the mountains. They need to film this scene. Flamenco 💃 😄


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