What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 26


Wang Meng had never felt so confused before.

As he stood there watching his father crying like an innocent man, he had a sudden fierce desire to turn around and leave.

But his hands were firmly handcuffed to the iron gate, and the handcuffs were reinforced. Even if they weren’t reinforced, they were much stronger than the ones in TV dramas that could easily be broken.

A normal person wouldn’t have the power to break free from this kind of thing. Unless, of course, they were special.

Maybe this was the other party’s intent.

What are you crying for? Do it. Do what you promised to do. Why are you crying? It’s pointless to cry!

Wang Meng yelled at his father, but as a result, the other man just started crying even harder. He seemed to choke and then started convulsing.

Die. The thought suddenly rose up in Wang Meng’s heart. At this point, just die.

But his father coughed up the phlegm blocking his throat and began to breathe heavily.

Wang Meng found that when he was yelling, his hands shook so hard that the handcuffs tore his skin open.

It was only at this time that he became aware of the pain. He looked at the wounds and immediately calmed down.

I can’t act like this, he said to himself. If he succumbed to such despairing feelings, he’d wind up just like his father, a man who could do nothing but have a break-down and pretend to collapse in order to steal the family’s money.

Wang Meng took a deep breath.

I can’t be like him.

Slowly, he managed to calm himself down.

Emotions are useless. Focus on doing something.

Humans were practical creatures. When encountering the worst situation possible, they would always choose the step that was beneficial to themselves and then work on that step to get out of the predicament bit by bit.

The most important thing was to make a choice.

He looked at his father carefully, and then said to him, “You can play cards. You can play cards today.”

His dazed father raised his drool-covered chin and looked at him dully.

“You can break even today,” Wang Meng said to him. “Today’s fortune is good so you can break even.”

His father looked at him and immediately shook his head, “I can’t play cards, I can’t play cards.”

“Come on,” Wang Meng goaded him. “You’ve already lost so much. It’s time for you to break even. Just feel around. There’s a brick with a card on it. Pull out the brick and there will be two decks of playing cards in there.” Wang Meng took out the cash Kan Jian had given him, “I’ll lend you the money. This is what your wife saved for your son’s tuition fees, but you can take it first.”

His father looked at him in confusion, but still shook his head, “No, no. People will die, people will die.”

“Are you so afraid of your wife? Are you not a man?”

“No, no.”

“This is the last time,” Wang Meng said. “How about this? If you win, you win. If you lose, we won’t call you.”

His father suddenly froze—this statement had obviously caught his attention. He suddenly started moving, and after feeling around for a while, the brick wall started to collapse. Once the whole wall fell apart, his father was finally free.

When he fell, all the needles connected to the tubes in his body were pulled out.

Wang Meng saw that he was holding the brick with the playing card in his hand.

His father was lying on the pile of bricks, seemingly unable to get up. Wang Meng looked at his father, knowing that no matter how much time had passed, he would never change.


Li Cu looked at the little black spots in the sky and saw that there were exactly three of them.

Were those three people floating in the sky right now?

Was this an alien abduction?

The three of them looked up for a long time before Su Wan rubbed his back and said, “Ah, so comfortable.”

“What should we do?” A rescuer standing next to him asked. “We’ve prepared diving suits and cave equipment but nothing to fly up into the sky.”

Yang Hao looked at a tall rock on the other side that was about seventeen stories high and then started walking towards it.

“What’s wrong?” Li Cu asked.

“There’s something on it,” Yang Hao said.

Li Cu also saw it at this time—there seemed to be some man-made things on top of the rock that looked like human clothes.

And this rock was just below the three black spots.

It looked like they’d have to climb up if they wanted to know what was going on.

Yang Hao reached the foot of the rock and started climbing with his bare hands before glancing back at Li Cu with what looked to be a challenge.

Li Cu took off his backpack and walked over to him.

“Shit, bring it on!”

The two people started climbing up bare-handed.

By the time Su Wan noticed that the two of them had started climbing, they were already halfway up.

He thought for a moment before walking to the base of the rock and looking up.

Isn’t there a saying that poor children reach maturity earlier than others in order to take care of their families? He wondered. How can these two be so childish?

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  1. Addicted people never change. It’s both sad and relieving this time. I have this image of Zhu Yi Long playing Wang Meng on my head so I always have a special spot for Wang Meng. I really hope everything goes well in the end for him and his father.

    And Su Wan I’m sure you’re smart than Li Cu and Yang Hao, I only hope NPSS let you show them and us! Let’s just say I won’t mind if Li Cu falls from the rock

    Thank you for the chapter !!!

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