What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 5


Wang Guo stood in front of a middle-aged woman.

Although he said middle-aged, he knew that the woman in front of him was actually around sixty years old. She just took care of herself really well.

The woman across from him kept chattering on about Gu Xiao Juan.

“Before her accident, there was nothing strange. Well, she always said that she heard some strange noise, and she was always looking for it,” the woman said. “But we couldn’t hear it. We didn’t know what was wrong with her, but ever since she was a child, she could hear strange things with her ears.”

Wang Guo silently wrote this down in a notebook: She could hear strange sounds before she died.

Gu Xiao Juan was the deceased.

She was the one who drowned between the rainstorms and had rose stems thrust into her ears to the point that her eardrums were completely destroyed.

“You all couldn’t hear it? Not even a little bit?”

“Nope, not at all. But she said that it was really noisy. She even looked it up online and found that some people’s ears can hear different noises compared to that of other people. She said that she was one of those people.”

“Ok, so, she was looking for that noise before she died? Did she find it?”

“She thought that the noise was nearby.” Here, the middle-aged woman showed a puzzled expression on her face. “She went to look for it in a nearby alley. She listened to the walls and even looked at the gutters. I think something was wrong with her ears.”

Wang Guo nodded and asked the woman to help identify the alley where Gu Xiao Juan had been looking for that noise.

The woman pointed to the area across the street from her shop—she was the landlord and Gu Xiao Juan had lived upstairs—where a few three-story buildings sat. Their exteriors had been blackened and corroded by rain and there was a small alley between the two buildings.

Street lamps had been installed on the walls on either side of the alley.

It was evening now, and the street lamps were on.

“Was…was she molested by someone?” The middle-aged woman suddenly asked Wang Guo.

He smiled but didn’t answer. Instead, he walked towards the alley.


Wang Meng sat in front of the policeman and showed him his account.

“Are you here to show off your wealth?” The policeman asked. “If so, get out.”

“No, sir, my dad is missing. He has Alzheimer’s. I thought he wandered off at first but now I think something happened to him. Like I just told you, I really received the money so I think he didn’t wander off. Just think about it. Where did this money come from?”

“You’re obviously here to show off your wealth. Get out.” The policeman looked at him coldly, “Otherwise, I’ll arrest you.”

Wang Meng looked at the policeman and wanted to continue arguing but found that he couldn’t.

It had been a day since he received the money and discovered that his father was gone. His father still hadn’t come back, and there was no explanation for the money.

He went onto the website and asked about the account that deposited the money. They said that it was another local e-commerce merchant, but when he went to their address, he found that the building was completely empty. It had about fifteen cement floors, each of which was completely empty.

He returned to Wushanju, sat on the steps, scratched his head, and looked at the online shop’s app on his phone. Suddenly, he saw a new post appear on the buyer’s online shop.

He immediately clicked on it and saw a photo.

It was a picture of his father, who was completely encased in bricks with only his head exposed. He was looking at the camera and appeared to still be alive.

The accompanying message said: “It was very fun. Thank you, shop owner. I will come again.”

Based on the expression on his father’s face, he appeared to be in a lot of pain. Wang Meng’s hands began to tremble as soon as he saw this and he immediately sent a private message to the person: “Brother, who are you? Why are you doing this? It’s all a misunderstanding. Please take the money back and give my father back to me.”

The other person replied within seconds: “If you report this to the police, things won’t be fun anymore.”

Wang Meng continued to beg him but the other party was silent.

Wang Meng was covered in a cold sweat as he looked at the other person’s strange username:

What did this mean? Wang Meng touched his head, took out his cell phone, and called Kan Jian.  

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So to my surprise, practically all of you seem in favor of me continuing on to Vol 2. This week is kind of weird for me because my bro and sis-in-law are coming into town so I won’t be updating Friday thru Sunday. If you all are fine with it, I’ll work on the new stuff this week and start Vol 2 on Monday. Granted, the raw of chapter 1 is like 8 pages so it’ll take me a bit to knock it out (still doing OT at work so it’s been taking me about 2 days to get through the normal 3.5 pages just to give you an idea on the timeline).

3 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 5

  1. Take your time, enjoy with your brother and sister in law and as always thank you so much for your hard work . Big hugs to you!


  2. Just do whatever suits you best!! Thank you!

    Meanwhile I’m totally intrigued by these updates, is there a killer targeting people with super-hearing like Liu Sang?!


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