Chapter 15 Fart

The fat guy held up the gun with its lone Glory Bullet and motioned to Poker-Face as if to say, “Or, we could fight it?” But Poker-Face waved his hand in a clear sign of disagreement and then motioned for us to copy him as he covered his nose. He then covered Pan Zi’s nose with one hand and turned off the miner’s lamp with the other.

We immediately fell into absolute darkness, my own rapid heartbeat the only other sound besides that terrifying “gege” noise coming from all around us. During this period of time, all my attention was focused on that sound. Not only could I hear it getting closer and closer, but I could also smell a strange stench in the air.

I was so terrified that I thought I might suffocate to death. I almost felt like a death row inmate awaiting execution as I listened to that sound becoming clearer and clearer. But as I stood there in a trance, the noise suddenly disappeared! My heart trembled and I thought to myself, did it find us?

After a full five or six minutes had passed, an extremely sinister but clear “gege” sound suddenly appeared beside us. It was so clear and distinct…my God, it was practically right next to my ear! My scalp suddenly tingled and I desperately gripped my mouth to try and keep myself from crying out as my cold sweat practically soaked through my clothes.

The next few minutes were extreme torture. My mind went blank and I had no idea whether I would make it out of this alive or not. But after another thirty seconds had passed, the sound finally started to move further away. I sighed in my heart. Shit, maybe we finally have a chance of surviving this. But at this time, a sudden “pu” sound came out of nowhere and I couldn’t help but wonder which bastard farted at such a critical time.

The “gege” sound immediately disappeared, and at the same time, the miner’s lamp was turned back on. The first thing I saw was a huge, strange face right at the tip of my nose and two pupilless eyes staring straight into my own. I was so scared that I staggered back a few steps right as Poker-Face shouted, “Run!”

The fat guy looked clumsy, but he was actually very agile. He rolled on the ground, put Pan Zi on his back, and then got up and ran away. I cursed as I followed behind him, “You damned fatty! Are you the one who farted?!”

The fat guy’s face turned red, “Shit! With what eyes did you see this fat master fart?!”

I became even more annoyed. “God, you’re a fucking disaster!”

But at this time, I suddenly heard the fat guy shout something in front of me, “Ah…!”

Startled, I was just about to ask him what was wrong, but the ground under my feet suddenly gave way and I also let out a shout. I didn’t grab the miner’s lamp just now and we had taken several turns through the passage so we basically couldn’t see anything at all. The path under my feet had suddenly disappeared and I couldn’t see below me at all. I didn’t know how deep it went, but I felt as if I was falling into a bottomless abyss.

But that feeling was quickly replaced by a searing pain in my butt. I was still feeling dizzy when I saw a sudden flash of light. The fat guy had turned on his Wolf-Eye flashlight.(1)

I looked around and saw that we were in another room made of crude stone. It was very similar to the one where we had been fighting with the corpse-eaters before, but I knew that it definitely wasn’t the same because it was a different size. But the fat guy was very nervous at this time and said to me, “Indeed, for enemies the road is narrow. You don’t think the bugs will come here again, do you?”

With Poker-Face here, at least we don’t have to be afraid of these bugs, I thought to myself. But when I looked back, I saw that he was gone. Shit! Did he get separated from us when we were running? I quickly recalled the past few minutes and found that I didn’t pay any attention to whether he had followed us in the chaos or not. But on second thought, we didn’t know what that monster was so how could we possibly escape from it like we did? It must have been because Poker-Face stayed behind to block it from chasing us. I wondered if he had survived.

The more I thought about it, the worse I felt. If things went on like this, sooner or later, we would all be dead.

The fat guy checked our surroundings and then set Pan Zi down in the corner. He then sat down, rubbed his butt, and said, “Oh, by the way, I have something to ask you. Are you guys also looking for the ghost seal?”

I was completely baffled when I heard this. “Is there really such a thing?”

The fat guy listened to our surroundings carefully to make sure nothing was chasing us and then whispered to me, “What? You guys don’t know anything yet you dare come down to this tomb? Don’t you know what this King Shang of Lu did?”

As soon as I heard this, I realized that I might be able to get some information from him, so I asked, “Isn’t he just a vassal king of a small state? All I heard was that he could use ghost soldiers to fight battles.”

The fat guy gave me a contemptuous look, “Bullshit. Let me tell you, the so-called King Shang of Lu and his borrowed ghost soldiers are actually a big lie. The mystery hidden in this ancient tomb…you won’t be able to guess it if I don’t tell you.” 

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TN Notes:

(1) It’s a brand.

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  1. Oh, Fatty got the title of this chapter.😅
    Poor Wu Xie, it was fatty’s mistake but that zombie appeared in front of him.


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