Tie Yihan Chapter 3

The white-clothed scholar moved very fast and raced into the forest in the blink of an eye.

The woodland was covered in snow and dead leaves that had been falling here for thousands of years, yet the white-clothed scholar traveled without any hindrance. It was like running on a flat road—no, no one could run as fast as him even if they were running on a flat road. All you could see was a white shadow flitting through the trees and bushes, changing direction rapidly between tree trunks as it ran for several miles without slowing down at all.

It was absolutely impossible for Mao Xing to catch up when he rushed into the depths of the forest. The white-clothed scholar slowed down, took a few quick steps, found two big trees that were close to each other, and then kicked off of one to jump onto the branch of the other. Once he regained his balance, part of his white garment almost got hung on the branch. He pulled it back with his hand until it hung quietly under his leg.

This outfit’s design really wasn’t suitable for entering the mountains; he didn’t know why that girl insisted that he wear these clothes. The white-clothed scholar told himself that he had to be extra careful when making his way, since this made his stride seem erratic. If he hadn’t been carefully controlling the way he walked before, Mao Xiang and the others might have thought that he had taken some kind of drug he shouldn’t have.

But it didn’t matter now. Ever since hearing the news Jing Huan had brought, he knew that the day when he would break away from Mao Xiang and the others wasn’t far away. Although these Brocade Uniform Guards were well trained, the situation in this mountain was too complicated to rely on them.

He looked through the dead tree branches and saw the burned border village that Jing Huan had mentioned before. Sure enough, it wasn’t far away.

“Such an unfortunate soul. The woods here are dense. If he hadn’t been eager to find a shortcut for us, he would have never found the village here and might have lived a little longer.” The white-clothed scholar shook his hand so that the silver hairpin in his sleeve fell into his palm. He then clenched his hand into a fist and stabbed the silver hairpin into the tree branch until only the phoenix figurehead on top was sticking out.

The scholar then hooked his finger into the phoenix’s mouth and pulled, causing the phoenix head to fall off. He then jumped off the branch, and a tiny silk thread stretched out from the hairpin. As the scholar continued to pull the thread, it seemed endless.

Dragging this silk thread, the scholar rushed all the way and soon came to the outer edge of the burned border village. After a pause to gather his thoughts, the scholar told himself that the hardest time had come. He closed his eyes and then cautiously walked into the border village.

As soon as he entered, he smelled a strange and familiar scent.

It was the smell of rot and burned things. Just like ten years ago.

The place where this thing was should be the place with the strongest burnt smell and the largest number of dead bodies.

He pressed his hand to his nose while clinging to the phoenix head thread—it was his only hope of going back—and walked in the direction of the strongest smell.

The ground was covered in potholes and there were burnt corpses lying here and there, but this was a border village, so the ground had been repaired when it was built. His own senses were also very keen. Although his eyes were closed, he could basically feel the surrounding situation clearly. Slowly, he bypassed several obstacles. Of course, he didn’t know what they were, but at this time, he realized that he was very close.

He even heard the buzzing of swarming flies. There must be piles of corpses in front of him.

The village definitely wasn’t big, so Jing Huan should have seen this thing immediately after he came in. That was why nothing seemed unusual when he ran back to Mao Xiang. If he had been any closer, he probably would’ve died before he ran out of the border village.

The white-clothed scholar didn’t know how many corpses were in front of him, but he knew that these bodies were already decomposed, and what he was looking for must be at the bottom of this group of bodies.

He thought that what happened ten years ago would be the last time he experienced this in his life, but who would have thought it would happen again?

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And that’s it! What a cliffhanger NPSS. I’m actually kind of interested now lol. I will be in Miami for my brother’s wedding and will not be lugging my laptop with me so I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a happy Thanksgiving! I will continue updating the 2009 New Years Special when I come back next week. Til next time~~


4 thoughts on “Tie Yihan Chapter 3

  1. Ooh! Have a wonderful time!

    I’m getting Zhang vibes. And the pile of corpses with a “thing” at the bottom seems reminiscent of when Poker Face saved the life of the dude that went on to become his stalker and killed so many of his family. Perhaps this is the prequel?


  2. Yeah, the white-clothed scholar is definitely giving me Zhang vibes also. The Zhang family and their intervention throughout history seems like such a fascinating story, and one that I hope NPSS will write more about.

    Thank you again merebear for all your hard work on these translations, and wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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