Wang Meng’s Diary

I’ve been in this ghostly place, surrounded by blowing sand as far as the eye can see, for twenty-two days…

To be honest, when Boss said that he was coming back, I felt really happy from the bottom of my heart.

I just didn’t expect him to go this far.

Although that Huang Yan guy was a little stupid and Boss was really angry at the time, it wasn’t like Boss to suddenly leave without saying a word.

I don’t know where that Huang Yan guy is headed, but the team is falling apart and it’s making me feel a little panicked.

But Boss always has a calm poker face.

I feel like he’s more silent this time than ever before—even I have no way to estimate his true intentions; his thoughts are buried too deep in his heart.

Of course, I also want to ask, but I know that even if I do, Boss won’t tell me anything.

Based on what I’m seeing now, it’s already exceeded the limits of my imagination.

I believe Boss thinks so too.

But at the moment I cleared the sand away, I saw a strange gleam in Boss’s eyes.

At that moment, I thought of Little Brother and even Pan Zi…

Then, I vaguely felt that Boss… seems to have changed…

—Wang Meng XXXX year X month X day

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