Chapter 13

They were extremely cautious the whole way, and finally made it to the front of the building without any mishaps.

Black Glasses only knew that there was a building in the center of the minefield outside of the village. But when he saw it, it was still an unbelievable sight.

It was a Chinese-style temple.

Although there were many architectural styles in Southeast Asia, Black Glasses was surprised to find that this was definitely a Chinese-style temple. And it was too old to determine its exact age.

He stood there stunned for a while. But when he looked at the surrounding environment, he was a little confused.

He knew the characteristics of Chinese temples all too well. This temple should have appeared in China around the Fujian or Zhejiang provinces. It had the typical characteristics of fishermen’s temples by the sea, and although the age couldn’t be verified, it was almost certainly at least a thousand years old.

Chuchu looked at Black Glasses. She was obviously a little puzzled and signed at him: “What’s the matter?”

Black Glasses was thinking about what it looked like a thousand years ago. It must’ve been during the Hung Sawadi period, but this place wasn’t covered by the capital city or any city at all. It was probably just a giant area of primitive jungle.

But this primitive jungle wasn’t the primitive jungle in the modern sense. At that time, there were very few human gathering places, and most of the world belonged to jungles and animals.

At that time, did the Chinese come here and build a temple?

But what were they doing here?

Moreover, there had been so many armed conflicts and wars in the area, but the temple was still here. And there were minefields around it, indicating that armed forces fought small-scale battles here. But why wasn’t the temple destroyed?

In order for anything in the world—especially a man-made building—to survive in such a tropical humid environment for a thousand years, someone had to maintain it for generations.

He asked Chuchu and the sorceress to wait at the door while he cautiously walked into the temple alone.

The temple wasn’t big and only had one building, but when he walked in, he smelled incense. At that moment, he even felt that it had come from a thousand years ago. Then, he saw the tributes and candles, which were all new.

On the shrine, there was a Thunder God statue.

No, he could see directly from the details that it wasn’t the Thunder God, but Lei Zu, the supreme god of the Thunder Department.

When he walked around the temple, he found that people had been lighting incense all year round. The temple was still running, but he didn’t see any monks.

Where were the monks?

When he returned to the door, he asked Chuchu to ask the sorceress, “What is this place? What’s going on in this village?”

When the sorceress kept shaking her head, Black Glasses tilted his own head and looked at her. Based on his analysis, the people in this village came from the South Sea country and the entrance to the South Sea country should be near this temple.

When Black Glasses looked at Chuchu, he saw that the shadow behind her looked very distorted. He suddenly realized that he had seen the girl hiding in the grass from a distance before.

It wasn’t because of his special vision, but because the thing behind her was too easy find.

“Are you a little scared?” Black Glasses asked her.

Chuchu waved her hand and shook her head: “No.”

Black Glasses wasn’t asking her, he was asking it.

He looked at the shadow gripping Chuchu’s neck and felt that the girl had been treated unfairly. He could no longer let her suffer as a sacrifice because of him.

He gave up the idea of confronting the shadow here and asked Chuchu, “Do you want to speak again? I have a friend I can introduce to you. He can cure you.”

Chuchu didn’t seem to believe him and stood there a little dazed. Black Glasses continued, “Listen to me and I’ll introduce him to you. He has some very powerful skills.”

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