Chapter 10

Tony, an affectionate man, watched shyly as Black Glasses unpacked his luggage. He didn’t know what to say. He had originally thought that it would be absolutely impossible to meet “good-looking” Chinese men here in the tropical jungles of Myanmar. He was ready to watch the heavy rains, diaojiaos, and field work for half a year.

He just didn’t expect to suddenly meet such a man before the rainy season. Was this a blessing from the heavens?

Tony stayed huddled in the corner as he watched Black Glasses make the bed opposite him and then take off his jacket, exposing his biceps. Black Glasses looked at him, smiled, and then walked out. Tony immediately pressed up against the door, peeked at him carefully, and watched him walk towards the bathroom. The rainy season in Tony’s heart was over and spring was coming. But he was still a little concerned about why there had been such loud firecrackers in the diaojiao building next door just now. Regardless, Tony decided that his spring was here.

Black Glasses went to the bathroom. There were awnings behind some of the diaojiaos in the village, and there were outdoor bathrooms beside these awnings. The water was pumped-up well water that was still relatively clean. The humid rainy season and high temperatures made him sweat, so he took off his glasses, closed his eyes, and started to bathe.

It was still thundering in the sky, but at this time, he suddenly seemed to hear someone talking in his ear.

The way of speaking was very similar to the frequency of thunder, but it seemed to be a strange whisper. People in this industry knew ancient pronunciations to some extent, and this strange sound was like someone speaking an ancient language in his ear. Black Glasses turned to listen carefully, but the strange sound disappeared.

He reached for his sunglasses, only to find that they were gone. He couldn’t see anything when he opened his eyes, but he still struggled to look anyways.

He heard footsteps outside and knew that it was the woman. It looked like she was the one who had taken his sunglasses just now. Black Glasses threw out his arm like he was performing a magic trick and a new pair of sunglasses appeared out of nowhere.

He put them on and got dressed. When he walked out of the shower, he saw the woman sitting off to the side, holding a washbasin with a very embarrassed expression on her face. Upon seeing him come out, she signed at him: “Are you a disabled person, too?”

Black Glasses ignored her and looked at the strange thing behind her. Just now, when the woman stole his sunglasses to play a trick on him, the “immortal thing” was talking to him. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what it was saying.

This immortal thing must have jumped from him and latched onto the girl. Black Glasses left the shadow of the awning and began to think as he walked. I didn’t solve this problem back then. This immortal thing seems to be able to transfer among the people who are involved in that incident. It didn’t transfer to strangers, only to the last person who was at the scene at that time.

Based on its method for solving the problem last time, he had to find a way to prevent it from escaping again.

As he was walking around the village, he saw one of the villagers who had taken the equipment before. The man was holding a gun and watching Black Glasses warily. Black Glasses walked towards him, but the other party raised his gun and pointed it at Black Glasses’ head. A wad of money in Black Glasses’ pocket suddenly fell to the ground. Black Glasses looked at the other party, but they didn’t relax their guard. He let out a cry and then another wad of money fell out of his pocket. The other party paused, as if suddenly understanding something. Black Glasses cried out two more times and three or four more wads of money fell out.

Ten minutes later, he was at the villager’s house and the man’s wife began to serve him food and drink. Black Glasses didn’t understand the other party’s sign language, and was wondering what to do. Although the people here could speak some Chinese since they were close to the border, he couldn’t understand the other party’s reply at all. At this time, he saw the wife bring over some paper, indicating that she could write some Chinese.

Black Glasses told them that he wanted to get the equipment back. The taboo things could be deleted, but he needed to get the other things back. The price was negotiable.

The other party showed an embarrassed look.

The villager’s wife drew a picture on the paper, which turned out to be a map of the whole village. Black Glasses immediately recognized it. But the woman drew a strange building far away from the village and told Black Glasses that all of the equipment had been transported to that place. Once it was there, only the village sorceress could get it back.

Black Glasses knew he could steal it himself since the sorceress wasn’t very familiar with video cameras.

Black Glasses gestured. There was a minefield in that part of the village that was the largest minefield in the area. There were more than a dozen mountains, and mines were everywhere. The building was in a mountain depression deep in the minefield.

Some villagers could enter and leave the minefield without any problems. Most of them were hunters who had safe routes through the minefield, but they were the only ones who knew the route markers, which became a kind of protection. Now, only the sorceress and her family knew the route clearly. The sorceress was an old lady in her seventies. She had been the one who was cutting the corpses’ scalps at the funeral. She only had two apprentices, and her husband and children were dead.

Black Glasses thought for a long time and eventually asked if there was any way for the sorceress to take him in. The villager told him that he had to be a part of the sorceress’s family.

When Black Glasses returned to the siblings’ diaojiao, the two came up and asked him, “How did it go?”

The mute girl’s attitude was obviously much better, probably sympathizing with him now that she knew that his eyes were bad.

Black Glasses said to them, “I need your help to get the cameras and tapes back.”

“How can we help? How can we help?” The big Nanjing guy asked eagerly.

“I want to pursue a sorceress,” Black Glasses said. “I’m in love with her.”

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  1. I love how different it is. In series this whole thing was such a mess with it’s unnecessary comedy and romance. And Black Glasses felt so out of character.


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