Chapter 3 Thunder

When Xie Yuchen got to this point, he suddenly bowed his head to reply to a text and didn’t immediately continue with the story.

The whole room was very quiet.

Xie Yuchen was answering his texts very seriously, so everyone waited for him. Fatty wasn’t very discreet and said, “It’s a real tragedy. It’s so pitiful to be shot to death like this.”

Xie Yuchen was still responding to texts, so Fatty looked at us and said, “Let’s eat. Don’t you understand? It’s the end of the play. Master Black’s fan was killed.”

I was just about to say something when Xie Yuchen put his phone away, smiled, and started talking again.

“The excitement’s just begun.”

When the woman was dragged down from the second floor, she was completely unscathed.

One of the locals was dragging her by her hair, but she kept struggling and kicking. The local was particularly strong and seemed to be the leader here.

Black Glasses and the strong Nanjing guy raised their hands, both surrendering.

There was a local man standing very close to Black Glasses who had an old M16. He was looking at the girl’s torn clothes in a lecherous manner. Her skin was very white, so it was obvious that she didn’t go to Southeast Asia very often. Her clothes were torn in such a way that a lot of the snow-white skin on her belly and hips was showing.

Black Glasses could snap the man’s neck in a second, steal his gun, and then kill the other villagers directly.

But he didn’t do it.

He had noticed that when a few of the villagers had fired just now, they had pointed their muzzles up. Although their attack was fierce, they didn’t want to kill them.

The girl was pushed in front of them, and then the leader made a gesture at the three people.

The strong Nanjing guy had a puzzled expression on his face as he lifted his sister up. “Sister, what do they mean?”

Black Glasses saw the girl start rapidly signing at the village leader. The two people’s hand movements were just like ninjas casting spells, so it was too difficult to tell what was being said.

Black Glasses knew sign language, but this obviously wasn’t international sign language—it was a special sign language.

It didn’t take long before the girl turned to her brother, took out her phone, and typed something in it. Then, SIRI’s voice said: “They want what I just recorded.”

“Why don’t you give it to them?”

“No, the funeral is the most important part of our film project. I can’t hand over the master tape before I back it up,” SIRI said after the girl finished typing.

Black Glasses looked at the girl curiously, wondering why she didn’t speak and was using SIRI to talk. Then, he suddenly understood and asked the girl, “Are you deaf?”

The strong Nanjing guy immediately said, “No, my sister’s vocal cords don’t work. But after we make this film, we’ll have enough money for her to get an operation.”

At this time, a huge clap of thunder suddenly sounded outside, much louder than the ones from before. The villagers immediately looked out of the window, all of their expressions terrified. The leader turned his head and put the gun directly to the girl’s throat.

The barrel was still very hot, so the girl’s skin immediately started to smoke. She took a step back.

Black Glasses noticed that the leader’s expression became very ferocious, as if there was a great pressure in the thunder just now that was forcing his hand. A villager on the side gestured quickly. The villagers were so frightened that their hands began to tremble and their voices became hysterical.

Black Glasses immediately realized that they were afraid of the thunder. Even though they were looking at them grimly, these villagers were terrified of the thunder.

Fuck me, Black Glasses looked at the dark clouds outside the window. That loud clap of thunder just now was like something was berating these villagers and forcing them to end things quickly. What’s going on here? Is someone in the sky, ordering them to do these things?

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Kind of Season 1 Episode 8 1:47-6:33 (goes past this chapter, obviously)

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