The Ice Bucket Challenge

When I saw Zhang Qiling, Fatty was hesitating on whether to pour the ice water over his head. It was really hot, so he obviously wouldn’t get sick, but suddenly attacking Zhang Qiling wouldn’t have good consequences.

Fatty gave me a wink, clearly thinking that it would be less risky if I was the one to do it. I suddenly regretted making that bet with Black Glasses. “You guys are far from reaching the point where you would dare joke around with him,” was what he had said at that time.

It was undoubtedly frustrating, but mysterious people always had this kind of aura around them. On the one hand, I was afraid of what his reaction would be; on the other hand, I was afraid of ruining his mysterious aura. If his wet bangs ended up plastered all over his face, I knew it would be too hard for me not to laugh.

But Black Glasses and I had bet on a rubbing. He wasn’t really into things like that, but he knew I liked that rubbing, so he wanted to take it away from me. He was just that evil, the damned bastard.

If I die because of this, so be it. I suddenly felt like I had to do it, so I went over and grabbed Fatty’s ice bucket and threw the water towards Little Brother without a second thought. Little Brother’s reaction caught me completely off guard. He stood up almost instantaneously and moved out of the splash zone, his eyes immediately sweeping over all of my weaknesses. That indifferent look was enough to make me shudder. But he didn’t scream or make any extra movements, either. Sure enough, he had trained himself to always respond to external dangers first. In other words, he didn’t think he was safe even though he was here with us.

“He did it!” Fatty was trying to sell me out. “So that’s where my ice went! Mr. Naïve, you can’t just waste water like this.”

“Don’t talk nonsense! I dare you to never bathe again!” I was furious.

“Hey now, I bathe for your own good. Has it been too long since we last went into the mountains together that you forgot my beautiful legs and sweaty feet can kill mosquitoes?” Fatty retorted.

Poker-Face’s eyes gradually calmed down and we looked at each other awkwardly. I was just wondering if we were so estranged from each other that he would want me to apologize for this, when I suddenly saw him walk towards the ice bucket on the other side, pick it up, and throw the water right at me.

I was stunned. I never expected him to do something like that. I wiped the water off my face, picked up another ice bucket, and threw the contents at Fatty, who immediately struck back. The three of us splashed ice water on each other in the sweltering heat. Although it was terrifying that Poker-Face was throwing the ice water with those indifferent eyes, I knew that I had won my bet with Black Glasses.

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Translated by: Yvette
Edited by: merebear226

7 thoughts on “The Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. I got scared too. But after he throw a bucket at Wu Xie, everything become beautiful. It would be even hilarious if after they done, Wu Xie and fatty realize that poker face stay dry


      1. Yes that scene was hilarious. If he had completely lost his memory, it wasn’t clear what kind of personality those two would create for him. 😅

        Liked by 2 people

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