Extra: Wrong Genealogy


[TN Note: Goes sometime before Extra 6.18 (The 2017 New Years Special) but definitely after “Ten Years Later”]


In a farmhouse in Fujian, he looked at the genealogy chart nailed to the wall. According to everyone’s memories, the generation names were arranged according to their impressions. Although it was obviously incomplete, it looked very real.

He had been staring at the wall for several days. It wasn’t from a sense of nostalgia or some other emotion. It was because he clearly realized that this family tree was wrong. Moreover, the way in which it was wrong was very surprising. With the help of his fragmented memories, he was able to understand the omissions bit by bit.

He began to have a terrible thought. He felt as if there should be something separating the two generations in the genealogy chart. He thought for a long time and realized that the only possible difference between the two generations would be another generation. In other words, a whole generation had disappeared from the middle of their genealogy. He didn’t know why the Zhang family would turn a grandpa into a father and a grandson into a son.

The had hidden a whole generation.

But since the Zhang family had such long lives, this plot must have been man-made.

Where did the generation go? Why did he remember some fragments of this generation when others didn’t remember them at all?

He was lost deep in thought.

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TN Note: Here’s the link back to Extra 6.17 if you need it.


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