Chapter 6.16 Bad Karma (Extra)

“For what?” I asked Black Glasses in a low voice.

Fatty made an obscene gesture to give me a hint. Black Glasses’ cigarette moved from the left corner of his mouth to the right corner, and then he returned Fatty’s gesture with another one. We both recognized it. The prescription was for hemorrhoids.

“So,” I said, “did your expert get severe hemorrhoids and now he’s stuck lying on his front, unable to go grave robbing with you unless you cure it?”

“It’s used to treat hemorrhoids on the butt, but it has other functions.” Black Glasses whispered.

Fatty frowned and said, “Why is it so awkward?”

I also felt awkward. We were hoping to dig all kinds of passages when we entered the mountains, so would we have to smear that medicine on our bodies to go into some unspeakable places?

But I could probably guess what it was for. I had seen the kind of bugs that were brought out from that place, so it was possible the Chinese medicine was effective against them.

“What do you need me to do?” I didn’t ask him for more information. I had finally realized that he didn’t expect to ask me for help before, but he had probably already started planning everything after I got in the car.

“I want that prescription and the medicine he made. The medicine isn’t easy to make and he’s only collected enough for three or four people. The medicine and prescription are in that Chinese medicine clinic,” Black Glasses said. “Go borrow it.”

Fatty smacked his chest, “Do we still need to do such a trivial thing? You’re a damn fool to look down on us now. Can’t your apprentice do it?”

Black Glasses patted me, “The clinic isn’t so simple. There’s an underboss there who’s in the circle. It’s an acquaintance of yours.” As he spoke, he handed me a photo.

In the photo, Li Cu was wearing sunglasses and walking through the clinic door. His head was turned in such a way that it looked as if he was looking right at the camera.

“Your bad karma,” Fatty said quietly.

I continued staring at the picture. I knew how old he was, but he wasn’t giving of a sense of youthfulness in the picture. Instead, there was only the evil I had planted in this young man’s body.

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Tch, go away Li Cu! You’re not wanted! Bring Su Wan back! (Yes, I’m still scarred from Sand Sea lol). It’s surprising how many different characters are showing up in this extra.

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