Chapter 28 – The Building From Three Thousand Years Ago

Merebear Note: This is the author’s first draft of the story.


Zhang Haiyan looked at Warner. The other party hadn’t fallen for his trick at all. He thought that as long as he could leave here and reach a narrow area or place where the machine guns couldn’t sweep, he could find a way to escape. But that would only work as long as his words could get him out of this situation.

But Warner didn’t want to continue the conversation at all, and Zhang Haiyan couldn’t rush him, either. As a result, he pretended he was going to pass out.

“What do we do now?” Hudson asked. “Since the other party wants to make a deal with us, do they also know how to enter that building?”

Warner nodded. “It’s possible. When I was doing research on that building in China, I spread a lot of news. Maybe some of them recognized us.”

“If we also reach an agreement with them, then it wouldn’t matter which of the two parties wins because it would all work out for us, right?” Hudson asked.

Warner shook his head. “There’s a hidden danger in being preparing for everything in advance. Miss Dong is alone. We have more than thirty people, and she’s able to provide us with various firearms. We have eighteen submachine guns, but the other party has a large number of people. If we eventually get the same result from both parties, who do you think I’d like to work with under the circumstances?”

“But you said this woman is a monster. Instead of dealing with monsters, it seems better to work with normal people.”

Warner touched his pistol. “Even monsters can’t rule the world now.”

Zhang Haiyan was lying on the sofa and didn’t know if he should stop breathing at this time. Are you two done talking? He thought to himself.

Warner finally turned his gaze back to Zhang Haiyan. “If it weren’t for her promise to take us to the building, her life and death wouldn’t be our main priority. Now, in order for the contract to be executed, we still need to follow her plan and stay here. Tell the gunmen in the other cabins to walk in groups whenever possible.” Warner looked at Zhang Haiyan. “Steven, if you don’t want to tell us the details, then your journey should end here.” With that said, he nodded to Hudson. “After he dies, let the woman take a closer look at him and see if it’s a technique that group of people she’s mentioned uses. Also, let him die more comfortably.”

Hudson picked up a sofa cushion on one side and put it over Zhang Haiyan’s nose. Zhang Haiyan raised his hand and touched Hudson’s gun, but rethought it and put his hand back down once he heard Warner’s words.

You want to smother me, right? Zhang Haiyan thought to himself. He was going to act like he was smothered to death, but he didn’t see Hudson draw his pistol, put it against the cushion, and shoot.

The bullet hit his nose directly, and the huge impact caused the blood in his mouth to spray out.

“That building has three thousand years’ worth of history. It’s been mentioned in legends from China’s Ming Dynasty. Three of them have interpreted its location, but we haven’t found it yet. We’re so close now, so such a little sacrifice is worthwhile.”

Zhang Haiyan’s ears buzzed, and then he was dragged off the sofa.

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