Chapter 146 Wang Zanghai

The middle-aged man and the black-clad person exchanged a few pleasantries, and the middle-aged man asked why the other man was there. It was obvious that the black-clad person wasn’t supposed to appear at this time. He didn’t answer, but asked if the class was over. When the middle-aged man nodded, the black-clad person pushed Li Cu out, saying that someone wanted to meet him.

The middle-aged man didn’t stop them. They followed the eaves all the way past the sports field until Li Cu was pushed through an iron gate.

Behind the iron gate was a square that was surrounded by three six-story low-rise buildings. The concrete walls were covered with ivy, which gave it an old, academic feel. Because of the fine weather, these ancient buildings lacked the typical gloomy atmosphere and felt both desolate and joyful.

The three buildings were exactly the same, and there was a simple flower bed with overgrown weeds in the center of the square.

Li Cu suddenly felt that the organization’s current economic situation might not be very good; otherwise, why would they be living in such a shabby building?

They stopped at the edge of the flower bed, and the black-clad person sat down, silently staring at him.

Li Cu realized that no one wanted to see him, and the black-clad person seemed to have something to say to him.

“How’s your health recovering?” He asked.

Li Cu turned his arms and waist, and made several strenuous movements in the wheelchair. They were very difficult, and the joints felt stiff because he hadn’t had any strenuous exercise for a long time. The range and expression of his movements showed the extent of his recovery.

The black-clad person sighed at the sight and said: “The schedule has changed. We don’t have time for you to undergo slow recovery training. Your course intensity will be doubled and the rest of the physical exercise will be supplemented.”

“What do you mean supplemented?” Li Cu asked. Like this, the concept of physical fitness seemed like it had nothing to do with him.

“Starting tomorrow night, we’ll do physical training for your upper body. You’ll continue to have classes during the day, and will exercise your muscles at night. I’m sure this will be a test of your will, but we’re leaving in a week.”

“Leaving? Where to?” Li Cu asked.

“Right now I don’t know, but it must be an excavation site. It’s an emergency, so those up top hope you can make an appearance. There shouldn’t be any need for you to do too many things, but if you behave well, your life will be better afterwards.” The black-clad person continued: “The geographical location is relatively remote, however, and your current physical condition isn’t suitable for it. Those up top require you to go in by force, so you may suffer some hardships. It’ll be good for you to recover your physical fitness as soon as possible.”

How much could he recover in a week? Li Cu wasn’t sure. He knew that if he didn’t play soccer for a long time, he would be extremely tired one or two days after he started playing again, but would recover soon enough.

Li Cu looked at the black-clad person’s expression and knew that it wouldn’t be easy. He instinctively felt as if he were under a kind of pressure. These people obviously didn’t believe in his value—Li Cu didn’t either—but this was different from having other people distrust you.

Wu Xie had told him about this possibility. He had said at that time that a new tomb would be discovered, which these people might take seriously.

The first possible contact after entering this organization would take place in this tomb.

So maybe the place he was going to was part of Wu Xie’s plan.

He nodded and told the black-clad man that he could accept it.

The man looked at him and sighed. It was clear that he didn’t agree with this plan.

In the ensuing week, Li Cu began to understand the rise and fall of the whole Chinese grave robbing system before and after liberation, while also receiving physical training in the evening. Wang Xiaoyuan didn’t appear again as promised. His training in those first three days nearly made him faint every night, but his body didn’t seem as fatigued by the time the fourth and fifth days rolled around. He was finally starting to recover, and even felt refreshed after the exercise. By the sixth and seventh day, he didn’t even feel sleepy or dizzy after three or four hours of continuous exercise.

The lessons weren’t complicated. He learned that Zhang Qiling’s family was divided into many classes, and the secrets they knew about the world were only known by the highest class. Many family members were merely worker bees in a huge hive.

All the events were divided into two layers. When they first encountered this mystery, most people would think that it had something to do with immortality, and they would be fascinated by it all their lives, and not find any flaws. A few people, however, discovered the secret behind immortality.

The obvious dividing line was that those who indulged in the pursuit of immortality all their lives and robbed tombs in the hope of getting all the clues were the former group. The latter group was characterized by the fact that the first half of their lives was very similar to the former, but their behavior suddenly changed dramatically at some point, becoming mysterious and uncertain. Unlike the clear path laid out in the first half of their life, this kind of person practically seemed invisible in the second half of their life, as if they didn’t leave any written records.

The ancestor of the black-clad people’s organization was just such a person. The organization thought that this ancestor was a feng shui master called Wang Zanghai.

The Wang family had a kind of inexplicable hatred towards Zhang Qiling’s family that came from their ancestors. The present generation had no idea what the origin of the hatred was, but they knew that they and the remnants of the Zhang family had been habitually hunting each other.

Even though the Zhang family had hidden the world’s secrets, Wang Zanghai obviously knew what they were, and still fought the Zhang family anyways.

One could almost theorize that the truth of this world had two meanings.

The first was what Wang Zanghai clearly already knew: what is the truth of the world?

The second one was: how do I use the truth of the world?

This truth seemed like it wasn’t a concept, but something that was able to interact with the world; something that was changing and could be used. Zhang Qiling’s family chose to hide this truth, and it seemed like Wang Zanghai was trying to do something about it. To a large extent, this meant his behavior didn’t stem from a need to know the truth, but a need to get the truth.

Li Cu’s attention wasn’t as focused as before because of his physical training, so the content wasn’t very clear. He believed he still had time to refine the content, so he focused all of his attention on training his body. He was nervous when he thought that what Wu Xie had told him in that first communication might come true.

He didn’t know what kind of information or instructions Wu Xie would give him. His previous mission was to quietly recuperate, but now Wu Xie had played the next card so quickly, and was going to contact him. Was there any change in Wu Xie’s situation?

He was a little nervous and excited, because once he got in touch, he’d have to take action with a goal in mind. This was completely different from his previous mentality.

“Does the place where we’re going have something to do with the truth of the world?” Li Cu asked the black-clad person before they left.

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