Chapter 95 Turning Around After Many Years (updated on January 1, 2015)

By that time, I was no longer a rookie who was easily frightened. As a result, when the thing behind the door turned around, I was only slightly frightened and tilted my head in case something came spewing out.

But in that split second, I had already clearly seen that it was a broken gas mask, the upper part of which was covered with dust. Maybe my actions just now had upset the balance of the things piled up against the door?

I shook the door again. Although it didn’t seem to move, I could clearly hear the sound of debris falling and hitting the ground. Fatty and Feng immediately came up to help, which eventually caused a chain reaction. A lot of things crashed into the water, and all the dirt underneath floated up due to the agitation.

Fatty was energetic and made us take a few steps back so that he could lift his foot and kick it. After a few hard kicks, the door really did come loose. We could hear some big objects fall away, which caused some water to splash on our faces through the crack. With one more kick, the door finally opened.

When we pushed it open, we finally saw the situation on the other side. There were all kinds of metal and bronze implements, both ancient and modern. I picked up the gas mask and found that there was a skull inside of it. The bronze I had seen before was actually a bronze Tibetan helmet.

This person was wearing a gas mask but wearing a Tibetan helmet, which really wasn’t all that unusual. In this area, objects from all ages were merged together. In Motuo, for example, you would often see locals wearing traditional clothes, using iPhones, and driving four-wheel off-road vehicles. During World War II, there was also a hump route here in the Himalayan foothills where transport planes crashed all the time. It wouldn’t have been unusual for the Kangbaluo people to have some World War II-era armaments.

We lit another torch and looked around. The previously dark area behind the stone door was now illuminated, revealing wooden towers one by one. After looking carefully, we felt that it was a huge warehouse. The accumulated water was deeper here and went as high as our waists so we held the torch higher in order to light a bigger area around us. We could see that this deep cave was filled with rows of huge wooden towers that looked like bookshelves. One tower had several levels while a few others had collapsed into the water, leaving the wooden bases completely soaked. Most of the towers were still intact and full of all kinds of things.

Fatty pulled something from a nearby shelf that was similar to a thick rag and patted it. As the dust dispersed, the tower collapsed with a bang.

The torch illuminated the thing in Fatty’s hand and we found that it was a stack of scriptures written on grass pages.

“Is this a library?”

For the Kangbaluo people, these scriptures may have been extremely precious, perhaps even more so than their own lives. After the disaster, they must have moved everything that they thought was precious here in hopes of preserving them.

Of course, scriptures weren’t the only things on the towers, but everything was covered in dust and I couldn’t tell what they were. The towers were also very fragile so I dared not touch any of them.

Feng, who was standing off to the side, suddenly made a sound with his tongue to attract our attention. We pointed the torch over there and saw a huge stone tower that was bigger than any of the other wooden towers in this area. It was covered in Kangbaluo patterns and filled with all kinds of goods.

“It’s not a library. These towers are all graves,” Feng said. He brought the torch closer and lit up the inside of the tower, where I saw the shadow of a human figure. “The things on the towers may be their funerary objects.”

“Are they Kangbaluo people?” I frowned, trying to get a better look at the body inside when Fatty suddenly asked, “Did someone bury him with these things?”

We turned our heads and saw Fatty casting the torchlight on a large bundle of dusty grenades sitting on the stone tower. “But this is more in line with my temperament. If I die, remember to put a few bundles of detonators in my coffin. Whoever wants to rob my grave, I’ll stuff their butt full of them.”

Feng pinched his brow in thought. Then, he suddenly seemed to realize something because he swept the torchlight through the wooden towers one by one before going to the grenades and illuminating the pull rings. We could all see a silk thread stretching out from one of the pull rings and winding around the wooden tower several times. The thread was pulled taut, so as long as it moved slightly, the pull ring would be pulled out: “These aren’t funerary objects,” Feng said.

《To be continued》


Author’s Note: It seems that it hasn’t been updated for a long time. Now I’m slowly recovering my feeling. I hope I haven’t let you down. Finally, tomorrow is New Year’s Day. Happy New Year, Mua-mua-mua! Please continue to read Nan Pai San Shu’s work, “Sand Sea.”

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I need to rant so please feel free to skip (lot of cursing, but you should be used to that by now ahahahaha)


WHAT THE EVER-LIVING FUCK?!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE HELL DID HE DECIDE THAT WAS A GOOD PLACE TO STOP?! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I feel like I translated this fucking book for nothing! I was right 2 days ago, he is leaving it to our imaginations on how the fuck they get out! GAHHHHHH. HOW YOU GONNA PLAY US LIKE THAT, MAN?! And it’s been 5 years since he updated it. You know it’s never going to happen (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻ AHHHHHHH, I’M SO ANGRY! I’ve literally been sitting here for an hour just stewing over it and going “what the fuck… what the fuck… WHAT THE FUCK?!” I’d literally be flipping my damn coffee table if I didn’t have to clean it up afterwards. Also, the reason that chapter title is like that is because he took like a 6 month break between the last chapter and this one (in case you were wondering).

Updated 2/14/2022

35 thoughts on “Chapter 95 Turning Around After Many Years (updated on January 1, 2015)

  1. Ahaha…😒
    Yeah that is disappointing.
    But you did an awesome job translating! Seriously! If there’s any consolation, at least now we KNOW. And I am truly grateful for you. If not for you we would still just be imagining what actually took place without ever knowing. Thank you for clearing up the mystery. 😊


    1. Awww thank you! And I’m so glad you can stay positive at a time like this! lol. I clearly can’t take disappointment well 😂 I’m still riled up but I need to get ready for bed since I have to work in the morning 😂 A sleep-deprived me is way worse than a pissed off me 😂😂

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  2. It really sucks and I think Sand Sea will be just as bad because I heard the drama went past where the book ended. Sometimes I feel cursed like Wu Xie for loving these books lol


    1. Hahaha at least with the drama, we can just pretend and use that as a nice kind of ending. I wouldn’t have even been so mad if he had stopped at that part where Feng picked up the turtle. But this?! Stopping right before a big reveal is the worst thing to do. And I LOATHE open endings so idk why I even bothered reading these books, I must be a glutton for punishment like Wu Xie 😂 I can only blame myself lol


    1. It’s pretty bittersweet. Like, I’m not even happy at the fact I completed another book like usual, I’m just so mad and keep going “that’s it?! Seriously?!” 😂😂


  3. Your translation made me buy all the books from Amazon for the first time 💌 Thank you for making it possible to read this story 😭🥺 till the end ( I wanted to read this for AGES)

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    1. You’re very welcome!! 😊 I know it’s not even close to a professional but I was surprised nobody had bothered trying to finish translating after so long. Maybe with all the hype for the dramas, more people will become interested


  4. I love and respect npss, but will he ever fill all the holes he dug? Will he finally answer all of our unanswered questions? Anyway, thank you again for translating and sharing !! Honestly I can’t wait to read Ten Years Later (iron triangle ha) but I’ll hold back and read sha hai for now!


    1. Hahaha well, considering how long this series has been going… I doubt it. But we can always hold out hope.
      I’ve been ready for Ten Years Later since I finished Vol 8 lol. Sand Sea is SO LONG, but we’re getting there, slowly but surely.


  5. OMG stopping there is the worse thing he can do to readers. URG!!!!!
    P.S. New reader here & I’ve been trying to catch to to your translation for the past 2 weeks or so. I’m so glad that you took up translation of this series. I can’t even get my hands on the first few translated books since it is before ebook was popular.


    1. Hello and welcome! 😊 You’ve made it far in 2 weeks lol. It’ll be kind of bitter when you’re caught up because you’ll have to wait on my slow butt 😂

      I know! Literally the worst stopping point 😠

      And you’re saying you haven’t read the first 6 officially translated books? 🤔


  6. Thanks for the translation! I read almost the entire trilogy in three days. Do you happen to know where to find in the original or in the translation of “Ten Years Later”? It’s not very clear from Vietnamese, and the names are not the same.


  7. Okay, author how did u decide that was how u wanted to end this book, why do u like giving us more questions then answers *curses*
    I wana flip something over too.
    its 5 yrs, i dont think he wants to write part 2, no fair.
    Plz dont tell me sand sea also left a cliffhanger. (internal screaming mode full on)

    Merebear thankyou so much for translating this!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay this has nothing to do with tibetan but i was curious in restart drama ver pang zi is there and alive but he died in vol 8? How is he there and a villian in it nonetheless


    1. You’re welcome! 😘

      Pangzi is the pinyin for Fatty and Pan Zi is Uncle Three’s man that died in Vol 8 (the best bro ever 😭). Pan Zi only showed up in the Restart drama because Wu Xie was on the verge of death (that’s why A Ning showed up too), but Poker-face pulled him back. Basically, Wu Xie was trippin’ lol. Neither Fatty or Pan Zi are portrayed as the villain in the Restart drama as far as I can remember. Are you thinking of someone else? 🤔 Maybe Wu Xie was hallucinating if Fatty was being evil 🤔


  8. oh damn i mixed someone else with pan zi and pangzi

    u were right, my memory had been jogged back again.
    I miss ultimate note already and damn I wana write a fanfic or oneshot


  9. Before I say anything about the novel itself, I wanna thank you again for taking your time to not only translate this for yourself, but to make it readable to the rest of us! Your effort is greatly appreciated, I hope you know that ❤ (also, I still can’t quite believe your translation speed 😳)
    Now about the novel:
    Honestly, I knew Tibetan Sea Flower was unfinished before I started reading it, but I still thought I’d be angry and agitated, especially with a cliffhanger like that! Instead I just feel kind of empty and resigned 😅 maybe I got used to the author piling us with convoluted mysteries and then giving up on half of them (and getting all tangled up in most of the others 😂) so this doesn’t come as that much of a shock 🤷‍♀️
    What I really want to know though, even more so than how they escape in the end, is what Pokerface said to Fatty… I really hope that comes up again at some point 😅😅
    Speaking of this though, I can now sort of understand why so many people ship pingxie 😂 even though I was kind of happy that Xiaoge didn’t forget that Pangzi is also his friend and went to him as well, in the end he still talked about Wu Xie 😅 and Wu Xie himself looses all reason as soon as it’s about Xiaoge, these two honestly deserve each other 😂😋


    1. You’re very welcome!!! 😘

      Yeah, I knew it was unfinished but I didn’t think it was going to stop where it did 😭 I think I was so angry because it was the first huge cliffhanger I came across. Now, like you, I’m just kind of resigned to it 😭😂 As far as I can remember (and I’m terrible at remembering), we never learn what Poker-Face said to Fatty. I think it’s one of those things the author wants us to use our imaginations on 😭

      I was actually more surprised at how much they shipped them in the dramas. When I first started reading the books I was just like ???? Am I missing something? I’m not really seeing it…🤔

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      1. The relationship of iron triangle really grow far. The first time i read the novel (that time i already watch all the drama before restart) i got confused because not like the drama that they get along from the start, they almost slit each other throat 😂
        But i kind of understand it happened because they are so different and i really enjoy how their relationship build in the novels.
        About pingxie, reading from Wu Xie poin of view, sometimes i got i glimps of what he feel about poker face. That connection is special although the drama exaggete it. Ngl i enjoy everything, whatever it is between them, the fague of the novels or the bromace the drama brought.
        Thank you thank you thank you Merebear.. even tho this book is stop like this and i m glad you translate everything. Especially since here fatty openly say that he is also Wu Xie friend and he care so much for him


    2. I was kind of happy too when Xiaoge went to Pangzi as well. and when Pangzi told Wuxie that he’s his friend too not only Xiao ge. that’s really touching 😀


  10. Ahhh! Why leave it here? Who writes only half of the book and then just starts the next one, starting from different point. 😭
    I hate and love these books. I’m really grateful for the characters and story. But why the hell there has to be so many plotholes and unfinished stuff…


    1. I’m actually excited to see it adapted into series. I’m sure they will think out the ending for this too which hopefully suits great for the story.


  11. OMG, why it ends here …..My brain gonna burst imagining how they get out from there….I was waiting for npss to reveal it. BTW, thank you so much for your translation. I am appreciating it so much without your translation I might not able to read the story. Thank You so much for your hardworks Mere Bear’s!


  12. The author just had abandoned the story midway. But it was good I was able to know Wu Xie’s feeling after Xiao Ge’s departure. His interaction with Fatty was funny. Knowing that Xiao Ge was worried about safety of Wu Xie when his was not around making us feel better too. If the author does not continue this vol, there is no choice but to wait for the Tibetan sea flower series to air and see how the story goes. (Thought still wants to read this novel) The story was beautiful and interesting despite the unfinished parts.
    Thank you so much for another great translation.

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  13. The another bad thing that will happen apparently for me is that I might forget the story again “if” it gets updated (IF?).

    Anyways thank you so much for translating this Volume(●´⌓`●)。◕‿◕。\(^o^)/. It’s still helps fill some of the gaps but at the same time add more confusing, cliff hanger and more unresolved questions and mystery.

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  14. GAAAAAAAAH!!!! I can’t believe the author dropped all those hints and promises about more to come and then just STOPS there???? & he hasn’t updated in 5 years? Pffffffft. We’ll never find out what happens but I’m gonna DIE wanting to know what Xiao Ge intended for Wu Xie to find! =( & the alleged Zhang family….were all of them truly members of the Wang family? Or was it just Zhang Haixing (presumably, although i suppose it wasn’t confirmed). IF if was just Zhang Haixing, how did she fool the others??? Particularly, Zhang Haike???? Ugh….This is gonna be some George RR Martin unfinished realness, isn’t it?

    Anyways! Thank you for taking the time to translate!!!! I read through all of your notes along the way and saw how frustrated you were with the quality of the story at times. Just wanna give you props for making it as coherent as I think was possible given the clear issues with the author’s story telling at large this time around. I think Part 2 being unpublished and likely not going through the same editing process played a major factor. I’m hoping that since Sand Sea was fully published, the story will be a bit more coherent and hopefully it was less of a pain for you to translate too.


  15. Тоже самое чувство разочарования… 😩😵🙄😒🤨😡😠😖Снова куча вопросов, оставшихся без ответа. Так и не рассказана история Сяо Гэ… О его родителях. Мы только знаем о его предназначении, и что он несёт на себе огромный груз и не хочет в это впутывать У Се… Но так не делается… Остановиться на полпути, хотя, по словам автора, именно в этой книге должна быть история Сяо Гэ. И где она? Слов нет😩 Вам огромное спасибо за проделанную работу! 😍❤️


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