Chapter 90 Restart

In this environment, these words weren’t important to me. Fatty’s stories, as I well knew, were all constantly evolving from the antique trade, blending a lot of myths and folklore with some unformed theories to form a half-true concept.

And because there were so many people involved in the process of spreading this concept, its authenticity was able to withstand surface-level scrutiny. It appeared to be very plausible and belonged to a verifiable legend but it was actually a hundred percent nonsense.

But Fatty’s story was true. It probably didn’t have anything to do with a civilization that hadn’t appeared in history but I did believe in one thing: Fatty bought a boat coffin with white sand in it that pointed to a special desert, and someone was searching for that desert at any cost.

The corpse in the coffin was filled with white sand, indicating that it had been processed in that desert. This may have even been a single tribal act that had nothing to do with a civilization.

But it was also very possible that there was a very mysterious tribe in the desert.

I looked around at the “King Yama Factory” and prayed in my heart that there wasn’t only one exit; otherwise, we would really be trapped here and end up dying. As all three of us went deep into the factory, I looked at the walls and top of the cave, hoping to see more caves leading to other places.

When I walked a short distance, I saw a stone platform appear in front of me. I thought it was for corpse disposal, but after seeing some broken crockery and living utensils on the side, I quickly realized that this was the place where the craftsmen lived

They were long gone, but traces of their daily activities still remained since everything was well preserved. This was due to the fact that this place was so well hidden. Fatty opened some crocks that hadn’t broken yet but all of them had dried up. There were also some earthen jars that were sealed like wine jars.

Fatty couldn’t help feeling greedy and wanted to drink this kind of tomb wine but I told him that this wasn’t an ancient tomb so I couldn’t guarantee that they were wine jars. It would really be a big deal if it was something like the King of Hell’s brain inside.

Fatty picked up a jar, shook it, and listened to the noise inside. “Even the wine has become grain,” he said with a sigh. “It’s all dried up.”

We went further in and looked into the small side chambers that had been dug out one by one. I went in to probe around and see if there was an exit but found that they were all sealed and filled with similar “wine jars”. If we hadn’t looked at the King Yama outside, we would’ve thought that this was a place for brewing wine or soy sauce.

In my opinion, this most definitely wasn’t wine. It was probably a raw material for processing the corpses.

After circling around, I noticed some steps that led further down inside the room. There were only about ten of them and they led to a drop of about one and a half levels, but there was accumulated water in the lower half.

“At least we won’t have to drink our urine,” Fatty said. “First rule: keep your bodily fluids away from the pool. I wonder if there are any fish in there?”

The water turned out to be rainwater that had seeped in through the cracks so it was very clear. We could tell at a glance that the water reached our knees so the three of us found some pots and filled them.

When the torch went out, we lit it again. As we took off our shoes and stepped into the water, Fatty said, “Did you know that the bathwater of beauties used to be used as medicine? It was called Beauty Soup. Now our three pairs of feet can be called Tasty Three Soup. This fat man’s foot-washing water is definitely full of yang spirit and can cleanse the kidneys.”

I glanced back at him and saw Short Feng pulling something out of the water.

“Drinking it directly, eh? You don’t need to be so impatient. It only works if you drink it frequently and we don’t get out of here,” Fatty said while watching Short Feng shake the water from his hand, revealing something that looked like a turtle.

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Yeesh, I don’t know what’s up with these baby chapters. I kind of like them, but kind of hate them at the same time lol. It feels like I accomplish a lot and then I look at the page count and go 😦

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  1. It’s all good. At least we’re progressing and there seems to be a nice set up for the transition to Sand Sea. I do wonder if they’ll have to deal with Zhang Haixing again. Fingers crossed that they don’t.🤞


    1. If today doesn’t go to shit, then I should be able to push through and get it done tonight lol. I wanted to get more done yesterday but it was like pulling teeth. But we’re almost at the finish line for this book so yay! 🎆
      I’m pretty sure we won’t see Zhang Haixing for a while (if we ever do again lol), hopefully she’s still laying there taped up and surrounded by poop 😈 She deserves worse for hurting our poor Wu Xie and turning him into a gangster 😤

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