Chapter 85 Falling Down

Fatty and I ignored him. “This is different from our previous agreement,” I said to Fatty. “You said before that you understood me.”

“After careful consideration, I think it’s safer to understand Little Brother,” Fatty said before spitting off to the side. “I’m not a fucking hypocrite. Do you think that what Little Brother told me has something to do with himself? I’m telling you, his business is his business. I don’t know, you don’t know, and I doubt he knows too much either. What he wants you to know must be about you.”

Fatty was acting differently from before, and when I turned to look at him, I saw that he was glancing at Short Feng. I suddenly realized that I had lost my sense of reason. With this guy here, Fatty couldn’t even say what he wanted to say.

Now that I thought about it, I really wanted to go up behind Short Feng and kick him to death. I didn’t know what he was fiddling with but he suddenly let out an “Ah!”

“Can you guys come and take a look at this?” Short Feng complained. As he spoke, he pulled a chain out from the pile of stones.

“Don’t move!” Fatty said immediately. “Don’t move.”

Short Feng froze in shock, but when he saw Fatty reach out to pick it up, he handed the other end of the iron chain over. But as soon as he did so, he ended up tugging on it.

Fatty and I looked at him with darkened faces, hoping that such a small tug would surely be fine.

The stand-off lasted for a few seconds before the huge pile of rocks over our heads suddenly sank down, dropping about the height of a fingernail.

My face instantly turned green and I exchanged a look with Fatty before we both started to desperately crawl backwards. But at this time, the stone under my body suddenly moved and the ground seemed to loosen right as the boulder on top of my head slid down another fingernail’s length. We also started to hear the sound of friction everywhere as the rocks shifted and tightened.

Then, the ground collapsed in an instant.

There was nothing but empty air below us as we fell down with the stones.

Fatty gave a loud roar in mid-air, “Fall feet-first!”

As soon as I adjusted my position, I landed on the ground. All of the falling stones hit my feet, and many of them bounced directly onto my ankles, causing me to jump in pain.

The torch was smashed to pieces and went out. We all covered our heads with both hands as soon as we landed, unsure if the giant boulder from above had also fallen down.

If it did, then there wasn’t anything we could do in a few seconds’ time. We’d probably be reincarnated as pancakes.

There were many small stones falling down but the big rock fell all the way down with a “kalakala” sound before finally coming to a stop. I broke out in a cold sweat, only now starting to feel afraid. Everything had happened so fast just now.

As Fatty started to angrily scold Short Feng, I looked up and found that the King of Hell didn’t fall down together with us. Did it get stuck up there? As I was looking, I noticed that the area above us was completely full of crushed stones.

It would be a good thing if that thing had been squashed. As I turned to look around, my attention was instantly drawn to our surroundings.

I saw traces of carving marks in the nearby rocks, which meant that this was an artificial stone chamber. The chain we had seen before turned out to be connected to a trap door that Short Feng must have opened before we fell, but it wasn’t an elaborate mechanism.

I saw many skeletons leaning against the base of the stone wall. They were all dressed in Kangbaluo clothes, but the clothes had rotted more compared to the ones we had seen before. I picked up a Tibetan knife and found that it was so rusted, it broke into fragments in my hand.

There was a stone door off to one side, and when I walked towards it, I saw that there was a cliff down below. I beckoned Fatty over. It was only about six or seven meters high and seemed to lead to a larger space.

I asked Fatty to drop a torch down. When he did, we saw a large space with something like a swimming pool that was filled with stone things that looked like bellows and kilns.

The torch could only reflect the closest things but I immediately understood what they were.

These were the kilns where the bronze was smelted, which meant that this must’ve been the place where they smelted metal.

“What is that?” Fatty pointed to the middle of the space where I could see a row of things sitting there. They were all stone heads that looked exactly like the King Yama we had just dealt with.

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*facepalm* Feng, are you TRYING to kill everyone?! It’s bad enough you abandoned Wu Xie, don’t just pick random shit up in a place like that! Sidenote: We’ve got about 24 pages in word to go and I don’t think that’s enough time for the author to wrap this up prettily. I know they’ve said the Tibetan story is unfinished, but how will he manage to go from this to jumping straight into Sand Sea? He better not leave it to our imaginations on how they get out of this place. Though I guess we should be used to all the pits the author digs (I know that’s a running joke among the Chinese fans) by this point.

Updated 2/13/2022

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