Chapter 83 Little Brother

I didn’t know what Fatty meant by that, but I knew that I definitely wouldn’t be a qualified lower body. Since it wasn’t bound by its legs anymore, it started crawling like a spider. Fatty and I turned around and finally started to run.

Regardless of the uneven ground, Fatty and I jumped and ran across each other in a wild zigzag. Fatty was still searching for grenades, but it appeared that there were none left. The thing chased him for a while, but as soon as it started chasing after me, Fatty would shout and draw its attention back to him. As soon as it got close to Fatty, I shouted and clapped my hands to lead it over to me.

As we ran further away from the bronze door and into the canyon, the stones became bigger, the rocky spans became more exaggerated, and the canyon became narrower. Many stones had previously fallen from above and got stuck between the two sides of the cliff, forming a stone beam. Some of these beams were so thick that they were stuck at the bottom of the canyon about half a person high. We couldn’t climb up them so we had to roll underneath. I was afraid the stone would suddenly slide down and we would be pressed into Naan bread in an instant.

We continued climbing wildly into the crevices under the stone beams, but the further we went inside, the more oppressive it became. Soon, we had to lie on our stomachs before we could move on. Fatty’s torch continued to move forward until we found ourselves at a dead end. The rubble was compact and there were no signs of an exit. At the same time, we saw Short Feng shrinking into the deepest part of the gap, looking at us innocently.

“This little fucker is quite the character, only looking out for himself,” Fatty said. “To think you would be hiding here.”

He definitely isn’t hiding, I thought to myself. Like us, he must have rushed in here by mistake. But at this time, I suddenly heard a bang. When I looked back, I saw that the King of Hell had climbed into the crevice and was trying hard to push itself inside. But it had too many arms, which ended up becoming a hindrance in this place.

Fatty pointed the torch at it in defense. The underground rocks here were too big and couldn’t be used as a weapon so all he could do was bluff by waving the torch around.

The thing stopped mid-squeeze and kept swinging its arms around for half a minute but still couldn’t get in. The outstretched hand that was closest to us was merely one key length away from Fatty’s torch. It couldn’t extend any further nor could Fatty hit it.

“Well, this is too embarrassing.” Fatty drew the torch back and shrank back against the rock with me, only now able to catch his breath.

We slowly calmed down. Even though that thing’s hands were still sliding around, I honestly didn’t have the strength to feel disgusted or anything because the sharp pain in my arm began to press down on me like a mountain. Fatty used the torch to take a look at it and clicked his tongue. He then asked me to hold the torch and helped me reset it.

I knew that Fatty wasn’t very skilled with something like this. Xiao Hua knew as much about human joints as an immortal while Fatty knew more about the joints of pork chops. But I couldn’t do anything with my arm stretched out like that. As soon as Fatty grabbed my wrist and pressed down on my joint, I immediately screamed, “Shouldn’t you say something to distract me?”

“Well, actually, every time I go to your house, I use your toothbrush,” Fatty said while quickly and violently pressing down on my hand. My back arched and I broke out in a cold sweat. I pushed him away with my other hand and said, “Wait, wait, wait! Although that’s disturbing, it’s not enough to distract me.”

Fatty shook his hands and said, “Then I’ll say something you won’t be able to accept. Before he came to see you, Little Brother also came to see me and told me something.”

I looked at Fatty, feeling as if my brain had suddenly exploded, “What did you say—ah!!!!” Fatty gave a hard push and my arm was reset with a sound that was enough to make one’s teeth ache.

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First of all, ew Fatty, get your own toothbrush. Second of all, Fatty knows just how to push Wu Xie’s buttons lol. One mention of Little Brother and he’s gone~~~~~

Updated 2/13/2022

2 thoughts on “Chapter 83 Little Brother

  1. Not just fatty that know Wu Xie button. Even Zhang Haike used Xiao ge story as a payment for his cooperation 😂
    But, all things aside, i don’t understand how Wu Xie still able to move around, first his leg got cut by that witch and he bleed out, second the king of hell himself broke and twist his arms right? Like, how are you still able to claps your hands??


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