Chapter 31 Fatty’s Strength

Four hours later, Fatty was trussed up, but Zhang Haixing apparently didn’t completely have the upper hand since her hair was mussed up, her clothes were loose, and she had a furious expression on her face.

I looked at Fatty, whose head was in a cloth bag, then at Zhang Haixing and asked her, “What did you do? Did you rape him? If you wanted to rape someone, you could’ve raped me. Even if I’m bad, I’m still better than this dead fatty.”

Zhang Haike ignored my words and began to ask Zhang Haixing, “How strong is this guy?”

“Skill wasn’t bad but the brain’s a little stupid. And the hands are too fucking dirty when fighting. If I wasn’t barred from killing him, I would have castrated him on the spot.”

I looked at Zhang Haixing and smiled, but I was also feeling a little depressed. Shit, why didn’t I get this kind of benefit before lying down obediently and waiting for my head to be cut off? If I had known earlier, I would’ve put up a resistance with a few punches and kicks!

“Do you think it’s appropriate for him to follow us?”

“I think such a person has the strength, but in that environment, he may not be particularly flexible. You know, after we enter, a lot of things won’t depend on fighting, but on various tricks.” Zhang Haixing fixed her clothes and added, “I still think our own people will have a better understanding of other aspects.”

I sighed, and Zhang Haike looked at me, “Sorry, I believe Haixing’s statement is still very objective. Can you accept it?”

“I can’t accept it. I think you have to listen to what my friend has to say,” I said. “Untie him quickly. He’s all tied up. We don’t want to leave him like that.”

Zhang Haixing immediately became angry, “It doesn’t matter who speaks up, their opinions are useless. Unless he can escape now, in our eyes, he’s already considered as having died once.”

As she spoke, she pulled the cloth bag from Fatty’s head. I looked at him, expecting to see an embarrassed expression on his face, but when the bag was ripped off, I found that it was all wrong and cried out in surprise.

“You have the wrong person,” I said. The one under the bag wasn’t Fatty at all, but a strong Tibetan man.

His body was a bit like Fatty’s, but he was much darker and obviously didn’t understand what we were saying just now because he was looking at us in confusion.

“Is this not your friend?” Zhang Haixing was surprised.

“No, my friend is much more wretched than this.”

“Then who is he?”

“I don’t know, ask him yourself!” I said.

Zhang Haixing turned to the strong man and fired off a series of words like a machine gun. As the strong man slowly answered her questions, I saw Zhang Haixing’s face suddenly turn green.

“Translate it!” I knew that she must have been fooled and felt extremely happy as I deliberately pressured her.

“He said that a Han fat man got him drunk and gave him a lot of good wine and cigarettes. He fell asleep in that fatty’s room, but someone suddenly came and tried to tie him up. He became furious and started fighting with them but was tied up in the end,” Zhang Haixing translated.

I couldn’t help laughing. This was so cool. This girl was too bossy and arrogant, but luckily, Fatty was clever. I was so fucking proud of him.

“Where’s the real fatty now?” Zhang Haixing immediately asked me, her face looking somewhat frozen.

“How would I know?” I retorted. “But as far as I know, Fatty isn’t doing this kind of game just to prevent himself from being kidnapped. It must be part of a bigger picture. He’s not weak like me, he’s aggressive and ruthless. Once in his trap, the other party will die miserably—but Fatty’s traps are generally rough, and it’s difficult to get people who aren’t particularly arrogant to fall for them.”

“He must be near us right now,” Zhang Haike said. “If it were me, I would certainly follow and be fully prepared. If he has more people with him, we’re now turtles in a jar. “

“Then I’ll tell the others to strengthen their guard.”

“No, according to Wu Xie, this Fatty must know something about us. He’s not an ordinary person.”

Just as he finished saying that, something suddenly fell from the Tibetan strong man’s clothes with a crash.

Everyone’s eyes looked over and saw that it was a jar.

“What’s this?” Zhang Haixing asked him.

The strong man shook his head, but then the jar suddenly exploded and a large amount of yellow gas instantly filled the whole room. An extremely pungent smell poured into my nose and I almost fainted.

“It’s poisonous gas! Everyone on the ground! Open the windows!” Zhang Haixing shouted.

The Zhang family’s reaction was so quick that all of the windows were almost immediately opened. As the cool wind outside blew in, the smoke dispersed in five minutes.

“Did anyone come in for a sneak attack?” Zhang Haixing asked from amidst the smoke. “Are there any missing heads?”

“No, we’re all here.”

“Damn it, you want to fuck with me?” Zhang Haixing yelled at me, completely furious. “Tell your friend to come out quickly and have a one-on-one fight with me. This kind of childish trick is useless in front of us!”

But before the words had left her mouth, Zhang Haike suddenly told her not to move. That was when we saw a laser spot shining on her forehead.

A laser sight’s beam came in from the recently opened window and landed firmly on her forehead. No matter how she moved, the sight followed.

“Wu Xie, tell your friend who we are and that we apologize. And tell him not to act rashly and cause any mistakes.”

I looked at Zhang Haixing, who had completely calmed down and was looking at me without saying a word.

The Zhang family had the advantage for too long, so I was afraid it had been a long time since they had experienced this kind of suffering. But where did Fatty get such an awesome gun?

I figured it was dark outside and Fatty was very far away, so the guards didn’t find him. But in this way, I also didn’t know how to communicate with him.

“Don’t move.” A bad idea suddenly popped into my head. “He can’t hear me, so I have to show him that you’re one of my own.”

“Show him how?”

I leaned over slowly, came closer to Zhang Haixing, and put my face close to hers. She panicked and asked, “What are you trying to do? If you dare make a move, I won’t spare you even if my head is blown off.”

“Don’t worry, I’m different from you. I’m a civilized person,” I said.

As I spoke, I leaned over and blocked the laser spot on her forehead with the back of my head. In an instant, Zhang Haixing moved away at breakneck speed.

I found it amusing when I looked at her. I turned around and made a few “ok” gestures and then pulled Zhang Haike over and did all kinds of “ok” gestures by him. The two of us looked exactly the same so the scene must have been hilarious.

The laser spot swam around us before finally going out. Even I felt relieved. “Please invite your friend over!” Zhang Haike said. “He passed the test. He’s indeed a very powerful person.”

I laughed and turned to see that the Tibetan strong man beside me had untied his rope and was sitting on one side of the sofa, drinking butter tea. “Is that all?” he asked. “This Fat Master hasn’t played enough.”

My mouth dropped open in surprise as I watched the strong man use his clothes to wipe the paint off his face.

Zhang Haixing turned and glared at me, “Didn’t you say I caught the wrong person? The two of you were working together to screw with me.”

The strong man wiped all of his makeup off, tore off his beard, and said to me, “Tacit understanding, you know? This is the tacit understanding of comrades.”

Sure enough, it was Fatty.

After a pause, I said to myself, tacit understanding, my ass. How can I recognize you disguised like this? But I couldn’t make a fool of myself either, so I laughed and patted Fatty on the shoulder.

“Who was that person outside the window?” Zhang Haixing asked.

“You know the guest house where I’m staying at? That person was the lady boss’s son. And it’s not a laser, it’s a small toy used as a teaching stick during lectures,” Fatty said. “You guys are too confident. My young friend here is innocent and has no fighting capacity at all. How could I possibly let him come here alone? I already put a bug on him.” Fatty took out a small object from my pants pocket, which turned out to be the cigarettes I bought at the canteen. He tore off the packaging and revealed a small gadget, “I could hear everything you said. Girl, you’re too young to mix in this society. Go back and practice.”

Zhang Haixing’s eyes were red with anger and she turned to leave.

Fatty tore open the package of the cigarettes, took one out, and lit it before saying, “Women are women. You can’t rely on anyone without a dick.” He suddenly froze, picked up the cigarette pack again, looked at it himself, and then took out another thing from inside.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him.

“There’s another bug, but I didn’t put it in there.”

The words were just spoken when countless red spots from laser sights shot in from various places outside the window, lighting everyone up.

Oh, I thought to myself, what a fucking mess! The yellow sparrow was behind! (1)

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TN Notes:

(1) This goes along the same lines as that idiom “mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it” which means to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger. I realize orioles and yellow sparrows are 2 different birds but that’s what the raws had so I rolled with it.


Updated 12/14/2021

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