Chapter 1.31 Postscript (Extra)

After speaking, Uncle Two took out a handkerchief from his pocket. When he unfolded it, I saw that it held the key found in Biao Gong’s hands.

“Hey, wasn’t that just to trick Cao Er Daozi into thinking we were going to look at the genealogical record? Where did this key come from?”

“This was indeed found on Biao Gong’s body. I just took advantage of the situation,” Uncle Two said. “But this isn’t the key to the box where the genealogical record is kept. I tried it but it didn’t work.”

“How’s that possible?” I asked him. “This is the key I saw.”

Uncle Two shook his head and said, “No, this key may be to another similar box. And—” he lifted the key and I saw the character “Wu” on it, “Biao Gong hid this key before he died. What do you think we should do?”

“Don’t think about it,” I said. “Let’s talk about it next year.”

“That’s right,” Uncle Two put the key back in his pocket, “let’s celebrate the New Year first.” Then he gave me a pat, “Drive slow and be safe.”

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Hooray! This special is officially done!! So you guys will prolly hate this but…. I’m taking a week or 2 off to rally/get my mind right lol. In between translating this special, I copied all of Vol 9 from the daomu biji website into a word doc. It’s ~2600 pages and has 4 parts. It’s basically 4 books of about 650ish pages each (that’s more than everything I’ve translated so far in these past 2 months). You guys stay fabulous!

Update: Ok, so if you couldn’t tell, trying to figure out the order of this series has me feeling like a chicken running around with its head cut off lol. So the “Vol 9” we thought was a continuation is actually a fanfic written by Evil Spirit With a Knife of how they wanted the next bit of the series to go or whatever. SO. I am BACK to focusing on the Tibetan Prequel. For ease of record-keeping on Novel Updates, I’ll just be calling it Vol 9 and Sand Sea will be Vol 10 whenever I get to it. I’m updating my reading order chart on the homepage frequently (since I have no idea what I’m doing) so just bear with me on this. If you ever notice anything wrong, or think I’m about to translate something out of order, please let me know. I really do appreciate all the help, as I don’t want others to feel as confused as I am.

Updated 12/4/2021


20 thoughts on “Chapter 1.31 Postscript (Extra)

    1. Oh my God, seriously? But the first bit of the chapter I saw looked like it picked up right after Vol 8 and I think the author’s note said something along those lines. Oh well, I’m already invested so I’ll just keep doing it lol. And it would help with my vol #s on novel updates since it does say vol 9.


    2. Ok, ignore my comment from this morning. I made it before I went into work and didn’t scope this thing out lol. So for now, I’ll act like this fanfic doesn’t exist and translate it last or whatever since it’s not part of the daomu biji universe. Looks like Tibetan Flower is back in business lol.

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    1. LOL I just saw your replies in the forum so never mind. Also, not being the author’s site is just my guess since at the bottom of the homepage it says will take down if there is a copyright strike


      1. Hahaha yeah, I figured meridianna had a better idea of the order than me and it looks like that website is just a huge compilation of all his stuff. I found another fanfiction on there and some of his other works (like that bomber story that’s also on amazon). I haven’t bothered looking on weibo yet since I felt like the website I’ve been using is pretty extensive for my purposes (if it gets taken down, that’s going to suck lol).


  1. has been there for years so I wouldn’t worry about it. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask is the Sand Sea show any good? I heard that the books are unfinished, so I thought I’d watch the drama… but I don’t want to get my hopes up


    1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILERS FOR SAND SEA (Vol 10 on this website)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      I got to ep 13 on Viki and then had to switch to youtube and got to ep 22 before the translations just stopped for some reason and I’ve been waiting for Viki to catch up. Honestly, it’s ok so far. As seems to be the trend, there are draggy bits like with the ML Li Cu’s friend (who was Xue Yang in the Untamed which is the only reason I could put up with it lol) running around back home while Li Cu is halfway across the world exploring a tomb. Oh and Wu Xie totally acts like a gangster so that was kind of jarring compared to the cinnamon rolls from seasons 1 & 2 lol (but it is 10 yrs in the future…). And the doctor chick and film crew tag alongs/cannon fonder are kind of annoying but that’s the usual as well. The tomb bits are honestly what keep me interested, and whatever is going on with the Lieutenant Zhang guy (he actually reprised his role from the Mystic Nine which I thought was kind of cool). I say if you’re bored by ep 3 or 4, don’t bother watching the rest but it’s whatever you want to do :).


        1. Ohhh that’s good to know, thanks! I’m actually working through the Ghost Blows Out the Light (aka Candle in the Tomb) series I found on Tencent’s youtube page. I finished season 1 and liked it, but can’t really get into the Weasel Grave one so I jumped to the Wrath of Time one and binged through like 10 episodes lol. Watching that makes me SO glad this series doesn’t focus on the feng shui stuff as much, I would probably cry if I tried to translate it lol.


          1. yeah everyone always recommends Candle in the Tomb when I say I like daomubiji but I just couldn’t get into it. I hope Lost Tomb: Reboot comes out soon since I’ll be caught up enough thanks to you 😀


            1. I honestly tried to watch it before and couldn’t get through episode 1 lol. And then I was just in a mood and was like “you know what, I’ll at least get to episode 3 and see if it gets better, they’re only 30 min each” and then I finished it lol.


  2. Again, thank you so much for your amazing work translating! This series of novels is so much… You are doing a phenomenal job! ❤

    I am wondering if I could ask if you still have the original files you made of the original raw chinese text from, if you would be willing to share any? I regularly use the original site to read through some chapters, but I've been contemplating trying to copy-paste all the chapters myself so i have an offline version of the text/version to edit/make notes in etc. I understand if you would like to keep them private as I imagine they took a lot of long hours to put together on your part. Also – I've tried searching "盗墓笔记 txt" to find text copies (and that might cut out some work for you if you find those?). The issue has been, I think the site is more likely to be up to date compared to txt files I've seen, and because there's so many volumes its been hard to find all of them in txt files.


    1. I actually haven’t sat down and copied everything as that would take a lot of time lol. I’ve been copying them in spurts but I can send you what I have so far if that’s ok? And I’ve used the Amazon raws if they existed, which are a little different from the website as Tiffany and I have figured out (I think because they actually went through an editor lol). Not sure if that will affect you. I’ve basically linked the raws I’ve used on the chart on my homepage if that helps in the future.


      1. Thank you, I will check out the chart on the homepage. I would be very grateful if you could send what you could, if you feel up to it! I had no idea Amazon even had raws. ;o;

        I was just browsing through again, and I did find a txt downloads page. However, again, I’m not sure how long ago they were made – so I’m not sure what’s out of date or not included. But since it is from the site, I imagine they’re fairly decent txt file copies. I don’t know if you’ve already looked into if they’re useful for you or not. (the last time I properly went looking for txt file versions of dmbj was almost a year ago and i could navigate chinese sites way less well)


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