Chapter 50 Traveling Notes

As we loaded all our things into the truck, A-Gong and A-Mu’s chicks were running all over the place, jumping around and being very naughty. I finally got to see how active Tibetan chickens were. They even climbed onto our shoulders and heads. Poker-Face grabbed them one by one and put them back into the … Continue reading Chapter 50 Traveling Notes

Chapter 49 Traveling Notes

Fatty immediately lit the fork of the clothesline pole, looking just like a general.(1) The monkeys were startled by the flames, but instead of running away immediately, they began circling around Fatty. One of the monkeys snuck up behind Fatty and scratched him. Fatty didn't react fast enough to dodge and immediately turned around, but … Continue reading Chapter 49 Traveling Notes

Chapter 46 Traveling Notes

This situation was actually very interesting. According to the feng shui books, if someone’s belly button looked like a copper coin, then that meant that their ancestors were buried in this place. This kind of thing was called a Rolling Copper Coin Array.(1) But if the monkeys’ belly buttons looked like copper coins, then that … Continue reading Chapter 46 Traveling Notes