Chapter 55 Double-Layered Mural

We all stood there quietly. The lantern was raised up towards the wall to increase the lighting, its dim glow making the mural seem ancient and mysterious. The mural’s colors were very vibrant, and used a lot of red that looked like blood. Under the lantern’s flickering light, it shined with the brilliance of glass, … Continue reading Chapter 55 Double-Layered Mural

Chapter 54 Fissure (Part 2)

I was absolutely certain that from the time I heard Poker-Face make that noise to the time I noticed his disappearance, no more than five seconds had passed. Even a mouse couldn’t have disappeared so quickly in this environment, let alone a person. Suddenly having a bad feeling, I instinctively shrank back, but just as … Continue reading Chapter 54 Fissure (Part 2)

Chapter 53 Fissure (Part 1)

Changbai Mountain was a dormant volcano. According to historical records, the last small-scale eruption should have been a thousand years ago. Although the volcano was dormant now, there was an abundance of geothermal heat due to the many geological fissures and lava vents from the volcanic period that maintained their extremely high temperatures. It was … Continue reading Chapter 53 Fissure (Part 1)