Chapter 61 Blind Aunt

The man was also quite a character. After panicking a little bit, he showed a funny expression and said, “Master Si, this is pretty interesting. Is this some trick to hoodwink people using the Five Ghosts Transportation ritual?”(1) As he spoke, he even touched the ancient corpse with his hands. Chen Pi Ah Si was starting to feel that something was wrong. He had encountered a lot of things in his life, but he had never encountered anything so bizarre. His first instinct was to think that they had come across an expert.

There must be other teams around here who knew some evil tricks, which they were using to mess with them.

If you had experienced enough ghostly events, you would know that they had certain characteristics, and were not without logic. For Chen Pi Ah Si, there was nothing he had never encountered before.

If a person in his team was suddenly replaced with a corpse like this, then it must be some expert playing a prank on them. It seemed that Ah Xi didn’t encounter some evil thing here before, but another group of people in the same line of work as them.

He started to wonder what kind of expert would play this kind of game with him. His own team was full of experts, so anyone who could replace people with corpses under their noses must be using sorcery, not kung fu.

Thinking this, Chen Pi Ah Si looked around and immediately said loudly, “I don’t know which immortal’s door I broke through, but I am Chen Pi, ranked fourth in the Mystic Nine of Changsha. It is better to have a good fateful encounter, so if this underground immortal will lead us to a bright path, Old Four will definitely remember it. The Mystic Nine’s fourth rank always keeps his word.”

Within three seconds of ending his speech, all their oil lamps and rain lamps suddenly went out, plunging them into complete darkness. Then, Chen Pi Ah Si suddenly smelled a fragrance behind him. Reacting extremely quickly, he immediately squatted down at a completely impossible angle and bent back.

This kind of trick could only be done by people like him. The move would put you close to the body of the person who was trying to sneak-attack you from behind, and then you could lunge up at them, just like a snake. This kind of action was beyond human’s cognition of what another person could do, so it often caught people off guard. If you used this move when being ambushed, the attacker would basically be facing an instant counter-attack.

The moment Chen Pi Ah Si lunged up, he knew right away that his attacker was a woman, and that she had no respect for the man ranked fourth in the Mystic Nine.

Anyone who knew Chen Pi Ah Si wouldn’t choose to launch a sneak-attack against him; it was too difficult to sneak up on him. And based on the woman’s instant reaction, Chen Pi immediately knew that although her skills were very good, she definitely wasn’t on the same level as him.

He didn’t kill her directly, but instead trapped both of her hands in one of his.

This wasn’t in his nature, but he didn’t know how many people the other side had. If he killed her directly, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to leave a way out for himself.

He then used his other hand to light a fire stick and illuminate their surroundings. He found that he was no longer in the tomb chamber, and was instead surrounded by the walls of a short burial pit. The ground underfoot was full of horse bones, and all of his companions were gone.

The woman locked in his tight grip was surprised. She had obviously been unable to react in time to Chen Pi Ah Si’s skill, but when Chen Pi Ah Si took a closer look at her, he found that this woman was actually blind. Her eyes were white, indicating that she couldn’t see at all, and half of her face was completely burned. The wound was old, but it still looked horrible.

The woman’s age was like that of cardamom flowers,(2) and her expression was a mix of fear and mischievousness.

Such a serious injury at such a young age caught Chen Pi Ah Si by surprise, and he asked in a low voice, “Who are you? Where are my people?”

“Let me go and I’ll let them go,” the girl said.

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TN Notes:

(1) First mentioned in the Blind Tomb 2017 New Years Extra (Chapter 6.2). It’s a Taoist ritual that uses the 5 ghosts in Chinese folklore (the 5 Ghosts of Luck and Fortune that are also known as the plague gods) to carry and transport wealth from other people’s homes to their own homes. It also has something to do with feng shui. Some info here.

(2) An idiom to describe a girl’s teenage years. Seph said it’s usually for girls around 13-14 years old.


Thought we were about to see Chen Wen-Jin’s mom and then saw the girl’s age and went “ope, no. Back it up there. Red alert. SHE’S A CHILD NOT A WOMAN.”


4 thoughts on “Chapter 61 Blind Aunt

  1. I don’t think Chen Pi cares about age or underage. I also don’t like to think that Chen Wen Jin is related to him. I like her so much


  2. Oh, does it mean this teenager is Chen Wenjin’s mother? I think you have a point and if it is true, it’s in line with his character.
    So if Chen Pi’s guess is correct, is there also a group behind what happened to Wu Xie? Maybe it is related to that Bon religion.


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