What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 40


Unfortunately, the gun really wasn’t that powerful—after the old man fell to the ground, he covered the place where the bullet had hit him, groaned a few times in pain, and then started to get up.

Wang Meng stretched his arm between the slots in the iron gate in order to shorten the distance, aimed at the old man’s eyes, and fired again.

But even at this distance, the bullet missed its mark and only clipped the side of the old man’s head.

Wang Meng pulled his hand back to reload the gun—it was so small that it could only hold two rounds at a time—but by the time he was done, the old man had already stood back up.

The first shot still packed quite a punch, as evidenced by the painful wince the old man gave as he touched the wound. He then picked up the hammer and walked towards Baishe.

The shot had obviously left him feeling very disappointed.

Wang Meng pointed the gun at the old man and said, “Stop. The next shot will definitely seriously injure you.”

The old man tore open his shirt, revealing a civilian bulletproof vest underneath.

“I bought it online,” he said to Wang Meng. “Although it’s for civilian use, your gun isn’t powerful enough for the bullets to pierce through it.”

“The next shot will definitely seriously injure you,” Wang Meng repeated.

The old man looked at Wang Meng and found that his expression was very determined. And although he was shaking all over, his voice was very firm when he spoke.

This surprised the old man, because it showed that Wang Meng really believed that the next shot could seriously injure him.

But no matter how he looked at it, such a thing was totally impossible.

Deciding to err on the side of caution, the old man stopped moving and asked Wang Meng, “How do you know that?”

“I won’t tell you how. All I’ll say is that if I shoot, you’ll be seriously injured. Now let us go. I’m willing to let bygones be bygones.” Wang Meng’s shaking slowly stopped.

The old man looked at Wang Meng. When he first started to observe him, he found that the younger man was especially suitable for entertainment. After all, this kind of person usually grew very slowly, and when they encountered any setbacks, they would turn around in circles or try and escape from reality.

Such people generally didn’t grow by leaps and bounds and instead needed to experience a lot of pain before they gradually became a little more useful.

But based on Wang Meng’s words just now, the old man couldn’t help but have a bad feeling.

First of all, Wang Meng emphasized that the injury would be serious. This was a particularly important detail because it showed that Wang Meng clearly knew that the shot couldn’t kill him but would cause him serious injury.

This showed that his words were both logical and calculated instead of a mere bluff.

But based on the current situation, there was no evidence to infer that what he was saying was true.

Although the old man remained cautious, he was beginning to have fun again. But just as he was about to speak, Wang Meng said, “When I count to three, you’ll let us go. Otherwise, I’ll shoot.”

“What makes you think I believe you?”

“I don’t need you to believe me,” Wang Meng said. “Three.”

This was obviously the most stressful time in Wang Meng’s life, but he didn’t have time to let his imagination run wild. Whenever he used to hear the boss’s stories about how much pressure he had been under when facing that whole conspiracy and setting up traps to catch their opponents, he used to think that the boss was amazing.

What kind of man could be so awesome? Wouldn’t such a man be kept awake in the middle of the night because he knew just how awesome he was?

But this sensation he was feeling right now was totally different from what he had imagined. He knew that while he might be able to act like Boss at this time, it just wasn’t the same.

This cool persona was merely the calm and quiet of a desperate person.

At this time, the old man suddenly felt that something was wrong. A wise man like him had an extremely keen sense of danger, so he was able to sense the threat.

People like Wang Meng could give off a dangerous air.

While the old man secretly found it amusing, his instincts still pushed him into retreating. But Wang Meng saw that subtle movement, and as soon as he counted to two, he immediately pulled the trigger.

At this distance, the cow dung and compressed biscuit crumbs in the gun’s barrel sprayed out like buckshot, hitting the old man directly in the face.

This was the method Wang Meng had come up with when he reloaded the gun for the second time.

A single shot might not hit the target, but if cow dung and compressed biscuits were placed directly into the barrel, you could get the same effect as a shotgun at this distance.

A direct shot to the eye could very likely cause blindness.

As long as something hit your opponent’s eyes, they could be knocked out of commission.

And he had plenty of cow dung at his disposal.

When the old man fell to the ground, he immediately rolled over and crawled away, quickly blowing a whistle he had been carrying.


In the darkness behind Wang Meng, a man had been lurking the whole time. This was the old man’s assistant. He was a lean, middle-aged man who was gripping a screwdriver in his hand.

Upon hearing the whistle, he knew that the old man was in danger so he began walking towards Wang Meng. Wang Meng had his back turned to him, appearing somewhat shocked by his own actions just now.

The middle-aged man was walking so fast that it almost seemed like the screwdriver in his hand was about to pierce the back of Wang Meng’s neck.

But at this time, he suddenly heard a strange whistle in the air. He immediately moved back as an iron ball flew past the spot where he had been walking just now.

Kan Jian was in the darkness on the opposite side. He had finally managed to escape the blind spot by following the sounds of gunfire and saw the scene just now.

The middle-aged man hid in the darkness as Kan Jian pulled a few special marbles from his pocket, loaded one onto his slingshot, and then fired it into the air.

The marble, which was made of aluminum-magnesium, hit the ceiling in an explosion of sparks and lit the whole place up, startling Wang Meng in the process.

Kan Jian located the middle-aged man in the darkness almost instantly and fired a handful of iron marbles at him.

It was absolutely impossible to escape this kind of concentrated attack. After being hit, the middle-aged man covered his face with both hands and tried to jump back, but ended up falling down instead. He quickly got back on his feet and hid in the darkness again.

Kan Jian looked at the surrounding darkness and said, “Our cow was poisoned when it ate Biba fruit(1) when it was younger, so whenever something that smells like Biba fruit appears, it becomes furious.”

The middle-aged man, who had taken advantage of the darkness to quickly circle behind Kan Jian, listened as the younger man continued speaking, “It’s also very familiar with my scent, so it will come as soon as it smells me. You better be careful.”

The middle-aged man had been trying to sneak up on him but froze as he suddenly felt that something was wrong behind him. When he turned to look, a cow rushed out of the darkness and flung him away with its horns.

“The marbles that hit you just now had exploding beads full of Biba fruit,” Kan Jian said. “When they hit you and burst, they covered you in the strong scent of Biba fruit.”

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TN Notes:

(1) Biba fruit (semecarpus anacardium) is commonly known as the marking nut tree, phobi nut tree, and varnish tree. It’s a native of India, found in the outer Himalayas to the Coromandel Coast, and is closely related to the cashew. The fruit is composed of two parts, a reddish-orange accessory fruit and a black drupe that grows at the end. The accessory fruit is edible and sweet when ripe, but the black fruit is toxic and produces a severe allergic reaction if it is consumed or its resin comes in contact with the skin.


Yay Kan Jian! Yay Wang Meng! Yay cow! Great teamwork! ヽ(o^ ^o)ノ

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  1. This chapter was great, wasn’t it? They all did a great job and manage to still be the sweet guys they always be

    Thank you for the translation


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