What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 36


Kan Jian was covered in green liquid. He didn’t expect that after pretending to be a female corpse and being bought, he wouldn’t be able to see anything.

There was no discomfort in his eyes, but no matter how wide he opened them, he couldn’t see anything at all. He knew that it wasn’t because he was surrounded by darkness but because something was wrong with his eyes.

But he couldn’t show any non-corpse-like movements, because if someone happened to look at him, they would notice that he wasn’t a female corpse but a living person.

What was he supposed to do? Such a predicament made it difficult for him to come up with any ideas.

Of course, he didn’t have any way to deal with the predicament just now. As it turned out, the kid was also being controlled by a black-haired snake, but it was a female one that had a certain degree of control over the kid’s body.

The Wu family’s dogs were always wary of the hei feizi, which was one of the main reasons why they had won back then.

Lucha, who was hidden in the front of his shirt, became restless and wanted to crawl out, but stopped moving when Kan Jian softly hissed at him.

One man and one dog became the best partners. Now the next step was to prove that he was a smart person.


Liu Sang was in his car, adjusting the weather apps on his countless number of cell phones.

Wang Guo’s wife walked up to his window.

Liu Sang didn’t look at her as he asked, “Are you here to kill me so I won’t talk?”

“You’re not going back to that town, are you?” She asked.

“I won’t if that’s what you wish.” When Liu Sang said this, the woman looked at his ears.

“According to our rules, even if I let you go, I have to silence your ears,” Wang Guo’s wife said. “But there’s no need for that. Hurry up and go.”

“I can’t say goodbye to Wang Guo first?” Liu Sang asked.

The woman made a “get moving” gesture, so Liu Sang simply nodded.

As Liu Sang drove, the weather forecasts on the countless refurbished phones revealed his next destination—he knew that this matter was far from over.


Liu Sang and his master stood by the basketball court.

It was still that same year.

They were still watching the game on the basketball court.

“The more you become aware of, the worse your memory will be,” his master said.


“At the end of an hour, you’ll probably only remember one thing and forget all the other details,” his master said. “If you remember too many things—especially when your ears take in as much information as your eyes—then the world you remember will most likely be a world of sound.”

“I think that’s fine. I prefer sound anyways.”

“When these memories are connected, you’ll find that all your memories are indexed by sound, and the world you see with your eyes will be unfamiliar. No matter how you try to familiarize and integrate yourself with it, it will definitely be unfamiliar.”

Liu Sang remained silent.

After a long time, he said to his master, “Tu Dian doesn’t bother trying to learn from you at all. Why did you take him in? He clearly doesn’t want to learn.”

“Well, he has his own plan.”

“What plan?”

“It’s a very, very long-term plan. He wants to do something, but it won’t be finished for a long, long time. There was a historical figure who was like this. I think he wants to be like them.”

Liu Sang didn’t understand.

“Tu Dian wants to destroy something, but he can’t do it with his current abilities so he’s making a long-term plan,” his master explained. “Well, as you know, there are several families in Changsha who have been preparing for many years to accomplish one thing—solve the curse that’s been haunting their families for generations. It’s an ultimate goal that will lead them to a place below a big mountain. But ever since he was born, Tu Dian seems to have wanted to destroy this plan that his family and this group came up with. He just likes to see everyone’s hard work go to waste. He’s been like this ever since he was born.”

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  1. It was Kan Jian!!! Yayyyy. I’m still not excited about Hei feizi though. Luckily we won’t see then anymore

    Thank you for the chapter!


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