What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 35


Baishe looked at Wang Meng. From this angle, he could only see Wang Meng talking to his father.

While Wang Meng was thinking over the whole situation, he found that as long as his mood was stable, he wasn’t as stupid as he originally thought.

He had finally come up with a good strategy—give in, but don’t give in completely. If there was any chance to launch a counterattack, he would do it immediately.

He took the money and handed it to his father. “Use this to play.”

Wang Meng was a little relieved when his father shook his head. But even if he knew that his father had made such a determination countless times and had become better for a while, what did that matter now? He knew what his father’s weakness was.

Everyone knew what his father’s weakness was.

How were you supposed to get a person who quit gambling to go back to the gambling table?

“Did you know?” Wang Meng said. “The day before yesterday, your colleague, Old Liu, won back all his money. He lost more than you did.”

His father looked at him, not directly but secretly peeking over his shoulder.

“He won twelve big games in a row and won it all back. Now he’s more relaxed and his wife is no longer nagging him. His wife still doesn’t believe it and thinks that he stole it from somewhere. They say that you will be the next one to win everything back. You’ve been unlucky for so many years. Don’t you think it’s time?”

“My wife is dead. She’s dead. Gone,” his father said. “Gambling killed her.”

Wang Meng wanted to continue persuading him, but when he heard his mother being mentioned, his throat suddenly seized up like he was being choked by a pair of invisible hands.

His father turned away from him as he stood there speechless, leaning against the gate’s railing as he tried to regain his courage.

In the end, he finally managed to choke out, “That’s because she was unlucky. She couldn’t wait for your luck.”

His father looked back at him before suddenly rushing over and slamming into the iron gate, looking at Wang Meng with a furious expression on his face.


Baishe was startled by the sudden movement on the screen, but at this time, he suddenly heard the sound of a horn come from somewhere in the darkness.

When the old man glanced in the direction the sound had come from, Baishe asked, “What’s that?”

“The deliveryman has brought the other item that your colleague uploaded to the store’s online inventory,” the old man said.

“Do you have to buy everything?”

“It’s interesting. Your colleague is trying to find a correlation with what’s happening here. It’s a very clever idea.”

“You like to see change.”

“Of course, change is the most fascinating thing in the world.” As the old man spoke, he took out a remote control and pressed a button on it—a light suddenly came on in the distance.

In the light’s glow, Baishe saw a green corpse crawling on the ground.

He froze for a moment before quickly taking a step back, “Shit.”

The old man frowned as he watched the body crawling closer and closer to them.

“Did you expect this kind of thing to happen?” Baishe asked him.

“There are snakes in this corpse,” the old man said. “Didn’t your boss tell you that there are also wild hei feizi?”

Baishe obviously hadn’t listened very carefully at the time, but the old man kept talking anyways, “But shouldn’t the deliveryman have killed it when it was delivered? When did he become so careless?”

With that said, the old man pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. “What should we do?” Baishe asked.

“Look at what’s different.” When the old man said this, Baishe noticed that the corpse was groping around on the ground, as if it couldn’t see anything.

“Anything outside of our little area here is blind,” the old man said. “Snakes are useless.”

“Don’t snakes rely on infrared rays?”

“It’s useless to rely on anything. Otherwise, wouldn’t you have brought night vision goggles?” The old man asked.

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Nooooooo not the hei feizi. Anything but the hei feizi! *starts dry heaving as the Sand Sea Part 4 flashback commences*

4 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 35

  1. OMG everything is coming back to these stories, whether you like it or not! Hei feizi! 😅😅😅
    I really need Sand Sea part 4 to be finished.. It would be fine if part 3 has an ending too!
    Thank you for the chapter


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