What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 34

Wang Meng thought for a long time about what he could do, but his mind was blank and he couldn’t come up with anything.

He remembered that when he talked to the boss before, the boss had told him that there should always be a way.

Of course, this way had to come from your remarkable preparation. If you were all alone and unprepared, then that was basically equivalent to being a naked thief locked up in a cell with an easy-to-pick lock.

He looked to see if there was something on his body—even a handful of melon seeds would do. He could always find a way to turn them into a lock-picking tool.

But there was nothing. He could try to pull his fingernails off, but that would be too unbearable.

He had to make the most of his resources.

But he was too stupid. Every time he tried to think deeply, his mind would go blank.

He was just an ordinary person after all. In a situation like this, even ordinary people wouldn’t be able to do anything.

His only options were to continue suffering or commit suicide.

Wang Meng arranged everything he had been carrying earlier, looked at it for a while, and then threw the dry food to his father.

The older man could get a little water out of it when he digested it. Although it smelled like cow dung, it could still save his life.

Otherwise, there was nothing else he could do.

Wang Meng cried for a while and slammed his head against the iron gate while muttering to himself, “Emotions are useless, emotions are useless.”

All they did was consume your energy and make you waste your most precious time and opportunity on the pain.

In essence, it was instinct to think that there was a God who would save you.

Instead of putting your hopes on some external force, it was better to put them on yourself.

But Wang Meng found that he couldn’t do it. As countless emotions kept flooding his mind, he looked at the pistol and started to have strong suicidal thoughts again.

As it turned out, ordinary people were like this—they were unable to make the most accurate decision at such a time.

Even though he knew that it was wrong in a logical sense, he still keep crying.

Wang Meng tried to force himself to face the situation for the sixth time, but he was still defeated by his emotions.

He picked the gun up again, not wanting to think about it any longer. All he wanted to do was end this matter quickly.

He pointed the gun at his temple and pulled the trigger this time without an ounce of hesitation.


It didn’t fire.

The immense fear and pain made him shout at that moment, but the gun didn’t go off.

He froze for a second before pointing the gun towards the ceiling and pulling the trigger again.

This time the gun went off, startling both him and his father.

Wang Meng looked at the gun and suddenly realized that the misfire just now was entirely a matter of luck. In fact, he should have died just now.

He was shaking all over and his whole body was covered in goose bumps.

But at this time, his mind went completely blank.

He stared at the pistol for a long time before suddenly realizing that there was something in his heart.

Something that didn’t exist before.

This kind of thing changed his whole person.

All of his emotions immediately disappeared. He looked at the situation in front of him and suddenly understood what the boss meant when he talked about controlling your emotions.

It was a kind of awareness.

It took surviving a disaster to achieve this kind of awareness.

I’m dead, but I’m not dead.

Although I can’t freely come and go in death, I’ve seen the moment of death.

I’m dead, and what’s happening now is just a temporary continuation of a coincidental life.

Wang Meng began to recite these sentences in his mind. In fact, the meaning of these sentences was very vague, and only he himself knew what they meant.

He was starting to understand that he had thought his judgement regarding his father was vital when it actually wasn’t.

Wang Meng stood up and said to his father, “Dad, push the table over here. Let’s play a game.”

When his father merely looked at him and shook his head, Wang Meng said to him, “It’s ok. You’re just playing a game. No one will blame you.”

The first step was to make things predictable.

At this time, Wang Meng grabbed his thumb, wondering how he was going to break it. If he did that, he would be able to get the handcuffs off.

As things developed and became more predictable, the second step would be to slowly increase the unknown factors and make things unpredictable.

He didn’t understand the first two lessons of Wushanju’s self-help crisis training at the time, but now he suddenly understood them.

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I’ve had this song stuck in my head since someone played it at tailgate on Saturday. Suffer with me

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  1. Thank you for the chapter…
    I love these lessons of Wushanju, they’re so Wuxie
    I tried the song link but internet refuses to work so I’ll listen to it later… I’m curious, i hope I won’t regret it 😅


  2. I hope after this incident, Wang Meng character will not change to a strange character like 17.
    Oh, from Saturday until now! I know the feeling. Yesterday, I happened to listen to “ LABOUM_ Shooting Love” song in YouTube and encountered the same problem. (if you listen to this song, I just hope it doesn’t replace the previous one. 😄)


      1. It’s good that you were safe. After listening to the song you mentioned. I thought everything was OK, but instead the rhythm of the previous song came to my mind again.


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