What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 31


Qi Tiezui spent more than ten hours carefully writing down the fleeting years in detail. By the time he was finished writing his life down, the brush was practically bald.

He stared at the brush in a daze. At this time, his field of vision had narrowed down to only the tip while the rest of his surroundings remained in darkness.

He put down his brush, knowing that the blessings of his life had been written in this book.

Then, he walked into the yard, shakily sat down in his rattan chair, and closed his eyes.


Li Cu and Yang Hao sat at the top of the rock, sweating profusely.

They both glanced up at the black spots in the sky. There was no doubt about it, those black spots were three people floating in the air.

At this height, it was easy to make out the human silhouettes.

“What’s going on?” Yang Hao asked.

“I have no idea.” As Li Cu spoke, he pulled out his walkie-talkie and said to the others below, “Who brought the drone?”


Baishe was on the phone, explaining the situation to Wang Meng.

“I met an old man who said he bought us.”

“Are you here, too?”

“Ah, yes. I actually passed by you just now.”

“Then why didn’t you help me?”

“I thought I was dreaming. But let’s discuss that later. Right now, I need to tell you what’s going on. Your choice right now is very important.”

Wang Meng sighed in disgust, “Who’s the old man?”

“It doesn’t matter. Just listen to me; your choice is very important.”


“Because I’ve bet that you and your dad can make it out of this factory alive. A happy ending, understand? I made a bet with the old man. If I win, the three of us can get out of here alive.”

“What if we lose?”

“If we lose, the three of us will be stuck here forever and starve to death. We’ll never be able to get out of this place. It was built to replicate a particularly terrifying ancient tomb. It’s a maze, so we won’t be able to get out.”

Wang Meng paid careful attention to the other man’s accent and felt that the person on the other end of the line must really be Baishe. And Baishe’s tone was serious.

“Then explain it me.”

“Are you willing to gamble?”

“You know I hate gambling the most.”

“You have to. There should be three or four gambling tables in front of you. I can’t see them clearly on the monitor, but I can see you. Those are the kinds of games your dad used to play when he was younger. You have to gamble with your dad and convince him that he was in the right when he was younger. What happened to your mom wasn’t his fault.”

Wang Meng remained silent. After several minutes had passed, he finally asked, “What do you mean?”

“Your dad was locked up in prison, living in guilt the whole time. The prison warden made him gamble with cigarettes, but he refused to gamble again. He was beaten by the prison warden and suffered a brain hemorrhage. That’s why his Alzheimer’s progressed so rapidly. Your father won’t gamble anymore unless you can make him believe that you don’t blame him for what happened to your mother and your family before.”

“And then what?”

“Then let him continue to gamble with you. You have to let him win and then make him lose it all. After that, you have to trick him into finding someone to borrow money from. If he says that he wants to find someone to borrow money from so that he can win the money back, then we win.”

Wang Meng remained silent for a long time before asking, “Why? Can you ask the old man why? Why does he want me to do this kind of thing?”

“He’s crazy. Why bother asking for his reason?”

“A madman also has to have his reasons for doing things. Now, why does he want me to do this?” Wang Meng asked.

“There’s a time limit. You’d better hurry.”

Wang Meng watched his father look at the dice cup, but instead of touching it, he took a few steps back.

“Baishe, tell him that I choose for the three of us to starve to death here.” With that said, Wang Meng hung up the phone.


“It’s a temporary measure! Just a trick!” Baishe yelled into the phone, but Wang Meng stopped answering his calls.

The old man looked at him with a smirk on his face.

“He’ll figure it out.”

“It’s hard,” the old man said. “Your friend is stubborn. Some people in this world are like that. My hobby is to watch these determined people fight to the death. They’re the type who declare themselves victorious upon death.”

“What’s the fucking point in doing this? You might as well do it to me as well. I’ll do everything you ask,” Baishe said.

“You’re too soft. It won’t be much fun watching you give in,” the old man said.

“You know he’s ridiculously stubborn. He’s the type who will kill himself there. But if you knew this from the very beginning, then what’s the point in putting on this show?”

“Because it’s interesting. People are endlessly changing. I like to watch the moment when they go through these changes. Once a stubborn person breaks, they can do anything,” the old man said. “He’ll either hang there to dry, figure out a way to get out of this situation, or give in completely.”


Author’s note: These “What Are They Doing” chapters are episodic stories that are not linear in time.

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After a 56-hour work week from hell, I THINK the OT is over until December. Now I can FINALLY try to get caught up on these DMBJ chapters. I may possibly have to work tomorrow morning as well but I told them to only contact me if it’s a “the world is burning, we’re all going to die” situation lol. My weekends are sacred, damn it! ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶ So anyway, what that rant means is that there might be a chapter tomorrow, there might not be. We shall see. Til next time~~

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