What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 29


The small ferry could hold more than twenty people, but it was actually a modified concrete boat.(1)

After Liu Sang climbed onto the boat, he found that everyone was looking at him. Among the crowd of people, he could hear the extremely subtle sound of that artificial heart.

But he didn’t see 17 at all.

He walked into the ship’s cabin like a water ghost as everyone continued to stare at him. After following the sound, he found that it was coming from under a seat.

He looked down at the seat and saw that a bag was sitting underneath it. He pulled it out and opened it—the artificial heart was sitting inside.

The heart was still running, making that slight asthmatic sound.

Shit, it’s a diversion! Liu Sang said to himself.

“You have to think like Tu Dian,” 17’s voice seemed to say in his ears. “Otherwise, you won’t know what we’re going to do next.”

Think like Tu Dian.


Liu Sang followed Tu Dian along the path through the field.

Tu Dian was a young man; Liu Sang only reached his waist.

They were in an endless field full of unripened wheat. There was food in a bag somewhere, along with a watch.

They had to find that bag if they wanted to eat; otherwise, they’d die in this endless field.

Liu Sang knew that Tu Dian couldn’t hear anything since he was a normal person, but Tu Dian was very calm and didn’t appear worried at all.

Liu Sang couldn’t hear anything. The only thing he could hear was the sound of the wheat rustling in the wind.

This was a test.

Tu Dian found a random spot in the wheat field, lay down, and said something.

Liu Sang stood beside him.

But Liu Sang had his own ideas—when Tu Dian came back to his senses, he found that Liu Sang had already walked away.


Liu Sang began to smile bitterly as he sat on the boat’s deck with the artificial heart and rested for a minute.

He bet that Tu Dian never would have thought that he would totally forget what the older man had said.

Tu Dian must have thought that he left a deep impression on everyone.

But only Liu Sang was different—the only thing that left a deep impression on him in that moment was the memory of the majestic heartbeat of the Himalayas.

Liu Sang didn’t remember most of what Tu Dian said in the wheat field and during the last summer that they saw each other.

He only remembered most of the unimportant things. He figured the most profound memory he had of Tu Dian was what the other man had said about his grandfather.


The car was driving along the village road. Wang Guo’s wife was unconscious in the passenger seat while the young man was driving with a gas mask on. He glanced at his watch, seemingly very cheerful.


Liu Sang stood up and told the boatman to dock right as his cell phone rang.

It was Wang Guo.

“One of the killers surrendered himself,” he said to Liu Sang.


Xie Yuchen was building a Lego structure.(2)

It was an ancient tomb, and the work had been going on for several years.

“Is this tomb really that important? You’ve been trying to restore it for so long,” his secretary asked him.

“It’s because you can’t see after you enter it. You have to completely memorize all the information, but instead of remembering the map, it’s better to remember the spatial structure.”

“Do you now fully understand what Ba Ye calculated back then?”

“Yes,” Xie Yuchen said. “Ba Ye asked the Xie family to have someone with good ears. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to it at that time. The family chose a person who went to learn those skills, but they ended up choosing the wrong one. This person didn’t obey the terms of the agreement.”

“Did Ba Ye say what would happen without this person?”

“If the Xie family isn’t prepared for this, then—” Xie Yuchen suddenly stopped and said, “Actually, it doesn’t really matter.”

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TN Notes:

(1) Huh, was not aware this was a thing. Concrete ships are built of steel and ferrocement (reinforced concrete) instead of more traditional materials, such as steel or wood. The advantage of ferrocement construction is that materials are cheap and readily available, while the disadvantages are that construction labor costs are high, as are operating costs. (Ferrocement ships require thick hulls, which results in either a larger cross-sectional area that hurts hydrodynamics, or leaves less space for cargo.). Reminds me of a concrete Jon boat:  

(2) Alright there Granny Huo from “Ultimate Note” haha. Wonder if this is the world’s 2nd most valuable tomb or that blind tomb from the other New Year’s special that literally went nowhere. So many questions….


Actually, Xiao Hua, it does matter. Some of us would like to know!


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