What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 23


After saying that, 17 pulled off his sweatshirt, revealing his naked torso underneath.(1)

He was very thin, and Liu Sang could see that there were a bunch of holes close to his heart that had a lot of wires coming out of them.

All around the holes were sores caused by wounds that hadn’t healed for a long time.

There were two tubes coming out of these holes that led to an instrument strapped to his armpit.

It was an artificial heart outside of his body.

Liu Sang suddenly realized why the other person’s heartbeat was so special.

This man didn’t have a heart. His life was maintained by this instrument, which worked differently than an ordinary person’s heart. It didn’t use much power so it only sounded like the movement of the heart’s thin membrane. It did make other sounds that were basically high-frequency currents, but they weren’t too loud. In fact, they were quite similar to the sounds that cell phones normally made.

“Wherever I go, those with good ears will become very irritated,” 17 said. “It’s because my heart bugs them.”

17 took the heart out from beneath his armpit and then slowly held it closer to Liu Sang’s ear.

Liu Sang was suddenly overcome with an intense feeling of suffocation.

The sound of the artificial heart creeped him out.


Mop went back to Wushanju and lit a cigarette.(2)

He was very surprised to find that no one was in sight.

He sat down in Wang Meng’s usual seat, feeling really drunk.

A long time passed, but the boss didn’t appear.

Wang Meng’s sneakers, which he usually wore when he ran around West Lake, were sitting next to the chair. Mop flicked his cigarette ash into the sneakers.

He then touched Wang Meng’s computer mouse. As the screen saver disappeared, a photo of Wushanju popped up.

Wu Xie was standing in the middle. Mop looked at Wu Xie, lost in thought for a while.

At this time, a fly flew over and stared at his arm.

He looked at the fly but didn’t chase it away.


Wang Meng walked along the brick wall, noticing that there was a lot of graffiti on it.

It seemed to be a few years old and was covered in a bunch of machine factory slogans. Wang Meng felt that these things gave it a bit of character.

At this time, he suddenly heard a groan come from the darkness in front of him. Because his father had rhinitis, Wang Meng immediately recognized that this was his father’s voice.

He dragged the cow over and saw what appeared to be an iron gate set into the wall.

When he walked over, he found that it really was an iron gate, and there was another dark, open space behind it.

It seemed that this wall had been built in the middle of a huge factory, effectively dividing it into two parts.

So, if you wanted to enter the left or right side of this factory, you had no other choice but to pass through this gate.

His father’s voice had come from the darkness on the other side.

Wang Meng’s cell phone light wasn’t enough to penetrate the darkness. He glanced at the wall but found that he couldn’t see the top of it—this was probably a huge factory with a ten-meter-high ceiling.

“Dad!” Wang Meng shouted.

At this time, the darkness on the opposite side suddenly lit up. Wang Meng looked through the gaps in the iron gate and saw that there were seven or eight floor lamps inside. They were all lit up and there was a table beside each lamp.

Those were all gambling tables.

In the middle of these tables was a solitary brick wall that was about three meters by three meters in size. His father was encased in it, lips chapped and totally immobile.

On that wall, the following words were written in white paint: You can make an exchange.

Wang Meng stared in shock for a moment before noticing a pair of handcuffs hanging on the iron gate in front of him.

The chains of the handcuffs had been welded to the iron gate, and the two cuff loops were hanging open on either side.


Che Galiba drove as Kan Jian sat in the passenger seat next to him, touching his chin as he thought about what to do next.

Che Galiba kept trying to call Baishe’s phone, but it seemed like the calls were being blocked.

They quickly arrived at the address Baishe had given them. When Che Galiba got out of the vehicle, two big dogs known as Er Hei and Wu Huang(3) had already jumped out of the bed of the pickup truck.

Then, a teacup dog named Lucha(4) started barking anxiously.

It was too high for it to jump down.

This was a male dog with a bad personality, but it was quite intelligent and had been raised in a Taoist temple, so it had a peach wood collar and a Taoist bun.

When Che Galiba lowered it down to the ground, it snorted proudly and then bared its teeth at the two big dogs, who immediately started following it forward.

Che Galiba went up and held it down, pointing in the right direction which turned out to be the complete opposite of where the dog had been going.

Lucha hesitated and then rushed towards the stairs that Baishe had gone up earlier.

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TN Notes:

(1) It was def a T-shirt in Chapter 19. This man be changing clothes mighty quick haha. Must want to impress Liu Sang. Let’s just assume he pulled off the T-shirt along with the sweatshirt. 

(2) Mop (pinyin is Tuo Ba) shows up in Chapter 15 of “Graveyard of a Queen” and is in the drama “Ultimate Note” (I think his first appearance is episode 9 at 26:06 but I was fast-forwarding really quickly so he might have appeared before)

(3) Er Hei directly translates as “2nd Black” and Wu Huang as “5th Yellow”. It’s probably their order of birth and fur color.

(4) Lucha means “green tea”.


Me after this past week: *takes hard drag of imaginary cigarette*

In brighter news, the pdf and epub for Volume 2 Part 1 are officially up. You know where to find them~~ I have to go visit my grandma so no other chapters today. Sorry


4 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 23

  1. Take your time and enjoy your grandma!
    I don’t know if it’s just me but so many people keep appearing out of nowhere and so many weird things are happening that I’m lost.
    Still i want to see where everything will end ( and please let it be a definitive ending)
    Thank you for the chapter


    1. I know, I’m tired of researching damn it! 😭😂 I honestly sat there second-guessing myself for the longest time b/c Mop basically never appeared again after his Vol 6 stint. So why is he appearing now, like 15+ years later 😭 Maybe it’s a sign the author wants to make the Vol 8 drama 🤔


      1. I’m so grateful to you for all the research! I know i wouldn’t do it myself, i wouldn’t even know where to start!
        Interesting theory about new drama, though i understand there are some other dramas in the work. I don’t follow Daomu Biji dramaworld. The only ones I watched are the Restart and Mystic Nine


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