What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 18


There was nothing in the Gobi.

The sandstorm was getting bigger and bigger, and everyone was wearing goggles. Yang Hao couldn’t even smoke a cigarette.

The other teams were busy making phone calls; there was no time to wait.

In this climate, if they couldn’t manage to find them, those people would basically die.

Li Cu was silently thinking to himself, no matter how big the sandstorm gets, the search will be meaningless because visibility will be close to zero.

And their team would also be in a dangerous position.

Many people might wonder how dangerous the wind could be, but it was a well-known fact that a strong wind could pick up rocks and toss them around. These flying rocks could hit a person on the head and end up killing them.

Li Cu was thinking about whether he should call the team to retreat when he noticed Yang Hao looking at the sky—there seemed to be something there?

“Isn’t sand getting up your nose?” Li Cu asked him.

Yang Hao continued looking at the sky and said, “There are three black spots up there.”


Wang Meng looked at the cow in front of him, feeling at a total loss.

On the cow’s body, the following words had been spray-painted: Brother Meng, there’s equipment in the cow’s belly. It’ll poop it out in a day.

Wang Meng sat at the gambling table and looked at the cow.

It had been a child’s voice on the old phone just now, probably a recording. He hung up before he could finish listening to what it had to say.

Then he sat at the table in a daze.

He was in a strange state where he wanted to think but his brain refused to do any work.

In the end, he decided to take a passive approach regarding this matter. He didn’t know what the other party was trying to do, but they obviously wanted to open his old wounds.

If it was the boss who was going through this, he probably would have gotten angry. But Wang Meng simply quieted down and sat down.

This was the power of sitting. He knew he had to come up with some kind of plan but his mind was blank.

Maybe I can follow the lamp’s wires, he said to himself. But after taking a closer look, he found that the wires went underground.

He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there when a cow suddenly walked out of the darkness.

It was very obvious that this was Kan Jian’s doing. He must have put the cow in the online shop’s inventory, but why send him a cow?

Wang Meng walked over—the cow looked at him, and he looked at the cow.

But…this might just be a solution. Kan Jian, ah, Kan Jian. When the cow poops, there better be a flashlight inside.


Wang Meng waited for a long time until the cow finally pooped, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a flashlight.

There was a satellite phone inside, which showed that Kan Jian was thoughtful, but there was no signal here.

There was also some dry food.

Wang Meng was very silent, because the dry food had been dug out of the cow dung but he didn’t have anywhere to wash his hands.

There was also a specially modified pistol.

It had an effective shooting range of about three meters, and there were six or seven bullets with it.

There was also a letter.

And ten thousand yuan in cash.

But the most useful thing was probably the folding slingshot.

Unfortunately, the bullets for that didn’t come out.

The cow looked at Wang Meng, who patted its stomach and asked, “Anything else?”

The cow looked at him in disgust before walking away.


Three-year-old Liu Sang looked at his mother, who touched his head.

“Men must be strong,” his mother said. “Don’t be weak like your mother.”

Liu Sang looked at her expressionlessly, as if he didn’t understand what she meant.

His mother’s eyes were red-rimmed as she said, “When you grow up, forgive your mother.” As Liu Sang nodded, his mother continued, “When it’s time for dinner, call your auntie and ask her to pick you up. Then tell her that your mom hasn’t woken up for a long time, which is strange. Ok?”

Liu Sang nodded.

“Then, mom is going to bed,” she said to him. “Sit there and paint obediently. Do you remember auntie’s phone number?”

Liu Sang nodded.

When his mother hugged him, Liu Sang felt her sobbing.

Then she turned, went into the bathroom, and closed the door.

“Good night,” Liu Sang said softly while facing the bathroom door.

Then, he started painting.

In his pencil case were the sleeping pills his mother was planning to use to kill herself.

He had replaced them all.

Soon, he heard his mother’s furious roar come from the bathroom.

She came out and looked at Liu Sang.

“Take them out.”

Liu Sang looked at his mother. She knelt in front of him and said, “Give them to me.”

“I ate them all,” he said to her.

He didn’t actually eat them, but his mother looked at him without suspicion, immediately picked him up, and rushed him to the hospital.

Liu Sang’s consciousness gradually blurred.

His memories were very confusing when it came to whether he had a mother or not, but this scene always appeared in his dreams.

He woke up slowly.

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Omg Kan Jian, wtf hahahahaha. A cow?! A cow of all things?!


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