Fake jadeite was now considered part of the production line. Although the jadeite market wasn’t as hot as before, the fake industry that was left over from the flourishing age was quite developed.

Fatty had a bracelet full of green imperial jade, which a rich woman had given to him a long time ago. At that time, Fatty was said to be a handsome and gifted scholar who had just gained a little weight. The two of them went to the Sino-Vietnamese border together and bought the bracelet in Vietnam after crossing the border.

Because he thought it unlikely that the Vietnamese would go so far as to have fakes and it was really too cheap (only six thousand US dollars), he didn’t worry about being deceived.

Fatty wore that bracelet all the time and showed it off everywhere. At the hottest time, it was said that someone offered him twelve million yuan for it, but he didn’t sell it.

When I looked at the bracelet, I felt that it wasn’t quite right because the green was too vibrant. But it was just that I simply thought that Fatty wasn’t destined to be a very wealthy man.

Another doubt I had was that the better the jadeite was, the more it was raised and the more transparent and glossy it was. But Fatty’s looked like it was getting more and more oily. Fatty just said that he had oily skin and the jadeite was definitely high quality.

But aesthetically speaking, I felt that the bracelet was very sketchy.

Fatty always thought that this bracelet was his pension, but after I expressed my thoughts, he became uneasy and went to Beijing to find an agency to inspect it.

Sure enough, after it was inspected, it turned out to be jade that had been pickled and injected with glue.(1) It was totally worthless.

Fatty came back and lay on the couch for three days without moving much. His heart must have found it difficult to bear the pain.

I told him that we didn’t need it in the first place. We would definitely have enough food money until we died. There was no need to be worried or afraid, we had our own wealth.

Fatty suddenly got up and told me that he had been unhappy with my Uncle Two for a long time now since he always threatened us with the money we owed. This time, he wanted to make use of this **** to defeat Uncle Two’s power and prestige.

So, during the next argument, Fatty suddenly pointed at Uncle Two and said, “Uncle Two, I told you not to play this game with me. We aren’t short of money. Have you seen this bracelet? Even if I smash this ten-million-yuan bracelet, I won’t feel distressed because there are so many other things in my home. I just don’t want to sell it.”

With that said, Fatty took off his bracelet and threw it on the ground, trying to smash it to pieces. But he didn’t expect that the glue-filled bracelet would bounce off the ground and hit Uncle Two in the face. Hahahaha


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TN Notes:

(1) Pickling in this sense is a process in which the “jade” materials are soaked in a strong acid solvent to allow these strong acids to dissolve the impurities in the material and make the particles that are too coarse inside become smooth. Then it’s dyed and injected with glue. Info here.


I am back from my vacay and wish it had lasted so much longer lol. On the bright side, “Notes in Rain Village Part 2” has been added to the Part 1 pdf/epub. You know where to find the links~~


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  1. Vacay is never long enough, especially when you travel. But welcome back! Glad you are safe and sound! Thank you for the chapter! 😊

    Lol. I would pay good money to watch the drama that includes the scene of Fatty hitting Uncle Two in the face with his ricochet bracelet!

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    1. I would also like to see reaction of Uncle Two. But it’s good that the bracelet hit the uncle’s face, what if it was Xiao Ge. 😇


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