Chapter 27 Extra 9: Previous Story in a Bottle 2

The people at that time came to a very simple conclusion regarding this person’s belief—schizophrenia.

This person had a strong desire to communicate, hoping that others could understand their strange ideas, but they soon became a famous madman.

Over time, this person also learned to stop talking about it. Everyone thought that this person had returned to normal, and this incident gradually became a joke.

In the end, the only remnant of this person’s strange idea left in the world was the nickname “Bamboo Madman”. But the reason why this nickname appeared was completely forgotten.

Despite all this, there was no change in this person’s heart. They still believed that they would eventually become a bamboo forest, and as they grew older, they knew that this day was getting closer and closer.

They also began to frequently roam the mountains, looking for a place where they could transform.

If you thought about it carefully, you’d find that this was a very amazing thing, but it was also a mental journey that was difficult to simulate. If you were someone who grew up knowing that you would become a bamboo forest when you reached a certain age, what kinds of things would you think about?

It was different from choosing a cemetery because cemeteries were more for future generations, but turning into bamboo wasn’t the same as dying. Moreover, this person seemed to believe that after turning into bamboo, their consciousness would still exist in the bamboo stalks.

They would have to face the inconvenience of changing from a mammal to a plant. They wouldn’t be able to move or avoid damage to their “body”, wouldn’t be able to speak, and it wasn’t clear whether they would retain their senses or not.

If it were me, I would want to transform deep in the mountains where there weren’t any pandas. It was best to be in a high scenic spot off the beaten track.

The rain and dew should also be abundant. After transforming into a bamboo forest, I might be able to hold a lot of bamboo frogs. They could live in my forest and eat the bad insects on my “body”.

If I thought about the transformation like this, then the whole process was quite poetic.

The person who wrote the letter in the bottle chose many places before finally settling on the land Xilaimian sat upon. They said that after they transformed, bamboo stalks would grow from their body, so all of their scattered bones might appear in the hollow bamboo growing out of this stalk. Their skull might be the only complete bone, with the oldest bamboo stalks growing out of the eye sockets.

This person also knew that a part of their body would become a gem. In other words, that green mark at the base of their thigh was their first bamboo-like bone, which should have turned into a stone by now.

Before transforming into a forest, this person put two letters inside bottles to tell their life story. When others saw the letters in the bamboo forest, they would know that the bamboo forest around them was what this person had transformed into.

After reading this story, Fatty and I were silent for a long time.

To be honest, I liked this story a lot, but it was really hard to believe. It was more like something a schizophrenic patient would make up.

Even though I had experienced so many incredible things during my lifetime, I didn’t believe that people could turn into a bamboo forest.

But the story this person told really had a strange and unusual romanticism to it.

Fatty looked up at the bamboo forest in front of him. At this time, it gave off a very different feeling. “Is this person a man or a woman?” Fatty asked.

It was actually hard to tell. Logically speaking, this bottle was so ugly that I figured this person might be a male.

Fatty said, “When we first came here, there were a lot of bamboo shoots, which were big and thick. I ate a lot of them, but now that I know they might be a part of this person, I feel a little disgusted.”

“Then consider this person a girl. You might feel better that way.”

“Ugh, now it just feels disrespectful.”

When the two of us walked up to the bamboo forest earlier, it seemed very unremarkable. The wind blew and swayed the bamboo gently, giving it a lively air.

I thought it was amazing how such a story could make me feel so different from before.

I actually felt like this person was smiling and waving at me.

“If it’s true, then let’s get along,” I said to the woods. “I don’t want your precious stone. I liked your story a lot, so I’ll let everyone know that you’ve really become a bamboo forest.”

In the few days that followed, I went to a stone factory to buy a stone—don’t be surprised, when you go to the suburbs of any city, there are places where you can buy stones and have them carved according to your specifications.

I designed a pattern of a Bodhisattva with bamboo branches on its body and had the factory carve it—after all, Bodhisattvas had no gender.

It was a simple carving, which was placed outside the bamboo grove in a small structure made out of sanhetu. This little structure looked just like those small earthen temples they used to have back in the day.

If I watered the small structure and statue every day, moss would soon start growing on it.

“If what you said is true, a bamboo shoot will grow next to this Bodhisattva statue next year,” I said to the woods.

Even though I knew without a doubt that this was basically just a story, I believed anything was possible when it came to metaphysics.

“Please also consult with our aquatic plants and moss so that they don’t slack off,” Fatty said from the side.

If possible, I would also like to turn into a bamboo forest that would blossom in 120 years, the flowers blooming and dying without leaving behind a sense of nostalgia.

You could say it’s neither a long or short period of time.

It’s a pity that I’m a mortal.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 27 Extra 9: Previous Story in a Bottle 2

  1. “It’s a pity that I’m a mortal.” Isn’t it because he wants to accompany him?
    All these parts give a kind of farewell feeling.


  2. I just want to share this too. Altho the dead were the only one aware of what was after life, if I were to transform into a bamboo forest, or even just a single bamboo tree, I’d want and love to stand still for more than hundreds of years, til I last, near an open space, and on the open space, there was a jade green lake. It should be in a mountain, so when the sun sets, I could watch the golden scenery of the sky on the lake water’s reflection like a spectacular tv series cinematography, or like, the jade green lake water had transformed into the gates of heaven opening for a few moments before closing again.


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