Chapter 25 Extra 7: Dream

During my time in Rain Village, I had seven big dreams.

There were many wonderful stories in my dreams, many of which occurred during thunderstorms. I felt that maybe they weren’t dreams but things that had happened in another universe.

There was one big dream in particular, which left such a deep impression on me that I remembered it even after I woke up. In the dream, I seemed to be walking along a very long wall.

The wall was very long and stood solitary in a forest. When I came upon this wall, I was very surprised because it seemed to be the first man-made thing I had encountered after being trapped in this forest for a long time.

The wall was very ordinary and didn’t look like an ancient wall. It didn’t seem to be a special structure either. It was just like the wall of an old school building from the past—mottled, lacking aesthetic paint, moldy, and deteriorated.

It seemed that there had been an old building here that was torn down, leaving only this long wall behind.

There were windows every ten meters or so on the wall. Some of them were closed, so you couldn’t see the forest on the other side, but some were open. There were also some that didn’t even have any glass at all.

At the base of the wall, there was actually a concrete sidewalk, which was very dirty. There were all kinds of things graffitied on it.

But the scary thing was, most of the graffiti was just a sentence repeated over and over again: squat down when you pass under the windows; don’t let it see you.

There seemed to be something in the forest on the other side of this wall that would see me through the window. And if it saw me, something bad would happen.

Although confused, I was still very obedient in my dream—I was in the habit of recognizing the metaphysical—so I squatted down at the base of the wall and started heading in one direction.

Of course, I could jump directly through one of the windows to get to the other side of the wall, but this was just a dream. I wasn’t that rational, so I didn’t think about it during the whole process. In other words, I didn’t want to jump through the window at all, I just wanted to look for the end of the long wall.

My instincts were telling me that if there was a first part to this dream, then I must have wandered into this forest and experienced terrible things, so that was why I seemed so obsessed with man-made objects.

It was like the concrete had a magical power that could protect me.

Still squatting, I passed one window after another. I didn’t look up; I didn’t have any interest in seeing what was on the other side of those windows.

During the whole process, I kept telling myself that I must definitely accomplish my goal and that I couldn’t be distracted by other information.

I continued following the wall in search of its end, passing by window after window.

After walking for a few hours, I suddenly stopped because I intuitively felt that there was something behind one of the windows in front of me.

I hadn’t felt this way with any of the windows I passed by before. Even though I felt a slight prickling sensation at the back of my head, I didn’t look up because I didn’t feel any real abnormalities.

But I had a strong feeling in my gut that there was something standing behind one of the windows up ahead.

I hesitated in that spot for a long time, but I eventually started moving forward because I knew that I couldn’t hesitate here for the rest of my life. But I was very careful this time and tried not to make any noises even though my whole body was breaking out in goose bumps.

The whole process lasted about thirty minutes. When I passed by a certain window, I suddenly stopped because all my hair was standing on end.

In my dream, I clearly felt that something was leaning out of the window and looking down at me.

It was so close to the back of my head that I could practically feel its shadow.

Every time, I would wake up at this moment.

I didn’t know what this dream meant, what the wall meant, what the windows represented, or what was on the other side of the forest.

Fatty told me that walls represented a series of concealments that others used to hide things, windows represented various flaws, and the other side of the forest may be some kind of truth.

And the person leaning out of the window was supposed to be the secret guardian who was searching for those who spied on the secrets of the world.

This was a reflection of my subconscious mind. We had actually experienced a lot and there was a lot of information in my brain, so maybe there was a truth hidden in there. My subconscious mind had discovered the existence of this truth, but I had yet to realize it myself.

But the truth was so terrible that it might provoke a ridiculously powerful force—the person who leaned out of the window.

So, my subconscious mind didn’t intend to tell me what it had found and was stopping me from having a sudden flash of inspiration.

It was also possible that my subconscious mind was greedy for the peace here and didn’t want me to discover anything.

What Fatty said was reasonable, but I believed this story had another meaning.

Maybe it was only after I wasn’t afraid of the person who leaned out of the window that I could spy on this profound meaning and dream the second half of this dream.

But at this time, I still couldn’t pass this level.

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