Chapter 79 Mental Problem

Wen Binghui quickly explained to us, “In Bonism, not just anyone can be used to feed the gods. It’s written in the Ghost Sutra that in ancient times, it was necessary for mages to choose who would be eaten since the ancient gods didn’t eat sick people. If the ancient gods chose you and you happened to be sick, they would cure you first.

“As a result, people with incurable or chronic diseases who couldn’t stand the pain would use this scripture to invite the gods to eat. If the ancient gods answered, your illness would improve every time you recited the scripture.”

After he said this, I asked him, “How do you know so much?”

“I’ve read all the existing Bon scriptures and even translated many of them. The texts state that the Luozeng Sutra doesn’t use actual words but is a mix of many ancient dialects. These dialects are as old as the Stone Age. In fact, there are some very ancient dialects in many religious scriptures. If you encounter this kind of scripture, it’s basically considered the Luozeng Sutra.”

I nodded before asking, “Then what about this scenario: When my illness is almost better, but I’m not completely cured, I blacklist the ancient gods and burn the scriptures. Will I be fine in this case?”

Wen Binghui looked at me and said, “I don’t know. After all, you’re not all that delicious. It may not want to eat you.”

I glanced at Xiuxiu. I had personally seen Huo Xiangu’s dead body back then. Although I knew that I wasn’t responsible for her death, outsiders seemed to think that I had killed her faster than any old immortals who wanted to collect her soul.

Xiuxiu continued to fiddle with the satellite phone. We heard a faint noise and then a new round of incantations started up.

“This is a timed broadcast,” Xiuxiu said. “The black stones here can reflect the signal. This isn’t a supernatural phenomenon; someone’s satellite phone is playing this.”

If that were true, then it was very possible that things could go in a direction that I didn’t even want to think about.

The Bon sacrificial ceremony had already been completed, but this broadcast snippet may have been recorded and brought in long ago. Black Glasses wasn’t very good at using the looped playback function on cell phones, so he may have used the satellite phone to incessantly play that snippet of the Luozeng Sutra.

He may have also put on Xiao Hua’s ancient costume and served as a sacrifice himself.

When I thought of this, I suddenly remembered something and asked Wen Binghui, “When you guys initially set out, how were Master Black’s eyes?”

“Not very good,” Wen Binghui answered. “He didn’t have much time to move around freely throughout the journey. It was only at night when he could be more active.”

I looked at Xiuxiu, “Based on my understanding of Black Glasses, if he knew that the ancient gods would cure his illness before eating him, I think he’d experiment on himself.”

It was simply a tailor-made way for him to die. At the bottom of the Kunlun Mountains, he put on his friend’s costume with a smile, played the Luozeng Sutra that would call the ancient gods, and then watched as one of them emerged from the darkness and swept towards him.

If there really was an ancient god, it didn’t matter whether it was a wooden club or not; he would definitely look at it with a smile and maybe even open a bottle of beer while he was at it.

Hell, if the ancient god really managed to cure his eyes, he’d even have time to pull out a grenade and fight back.

That’s certainly one way to make Xiao Hua owe you a big favor. Black Glasses, ah, Black Glasses, your motives might truly be unfathomable, but I understand you.

But our knowledge of this primitive Bon religion was too scarce. We didn’t know what spells and gods were recognized by the ancients at that time. It was important to know, however, that all the particularly ancient legends and gods before the Yin Shang Dynasty involved blood sacrifices, as well as a large number of deaths and corpses.

Based on the current cultural system, all the gods in those days could be considered evil gods.

So, Black Glasses must have experienced something completely unexpected. He didn’t die, but he didn’t escape unscathed either.

“The analysis should be complete, but don’t rush to get an answer.” As Xiuxiu said this, I saw Ming Er Nagqu come up from the hot spring. Fatty went to help pull her up, but she smacked his hand away.

“Ok, let’s walk through it one more time,” I said to Xiuxiu. “I heard Black Glasses’ voice before, and he was trying to lure us in. Assuming that the satellite phone he was holding at that time was A, then the satellite phone that’s emitting a signal now is B. Are A and B the same phone?”

“Is that important?” Wen Binghui asked.

It is, I said to myself. If it’s the same phone, then we’re now in extreme danger. Because it’s probably a trap.

As I was thinking this, I noticed that something was wrong with Ming Er Nagqu. She was soaking wet, but instead of going to dry off, she went straight to the box that was holding the ancient costume.

Wen Binghui wanted to call out to her, but I quickly stopped him. Then, I saw her suddenly start dancing her way towards the costume box as if she were possessed.

“Big Brother, can you hurry up and tell us your analysis?” Xiuxiu asked me.

I shook my head. It was too late to say it. We had played the scripture at least three times, so if the legend was true, something was going to happen here.

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