Chapter 25 Future Self

There was no doubt that Jin Wantang believed this person to be Qi Yu. Moreover, this person was similar in age to my Uncle Two, it was just that there was a lack of information regarding Qi Yu’s appearance, so it wasn’t easy to determine right away.

Jin Wantang didn’t have time to immediately report this matter to Xiao Hua because this Qi Yu—we’ll call him Qi Yu for the time being even though the name he gave Jin Wantang was Xia Wen—had brought several grave goods with him that all had amazing origins. Jin Wantang was shocked to find that among these grave goods were two bronze swords that were of very high quality.

This Xia Wen told him that he was a master of Qimen Dunjia and he had done a prediction for himself using the Qimen Dunjia board to see what he was going to do in his later years. But the board had suddenly told him to come to Jin Wantang.

He lived in Malaysia and didn’t have much contact with China, but the board gave him the feeling that something big was going to happen. As a result, he came here. But he himself didn’t have a clue, so he asked Jin Wantang for his thoughts on the matter. These bronze swords—both of which had been painted with lacquer—were just a meeting gift he gave to Jin Wantang.

The man spoke very sincerely, and the two soon began to talk about Qimen Dunjia. After that, Jin Wantang asked Xia Wen to use his Qimen Dunjia board to figure out which of his goods was actually undervalued.

Xia Wen used his board and picked out a few “Tianjuan Tongbao” folded two regular script coins from the Jin Dynasty (1). Out of a pile of ancient rotten coins, he managed to pick out seven that were worth more than two million yuan. If it weren’t for that, Jin Wantang would have directly sold the sack to the insects at Panjiayuan Antique Market for fifty-six yuan a catty.

Needless to say, Jin Wantang was completely impressed. After Xia Wen left, Jin Wantang thought about the other man’s posture and fell into a huge ideological struggle as he looked at those Jin Dynasty coins.

First, he knew that when it came to the Qi Yu incident, the water on the other end was extremely deep. Second, determining whether someone was a specific person by their posture was a very subtle process. Jin Wantang looked at the ancient coins, his mentality obviously affected. The more he recalled it, the more he felt that there were some differences in Xia Wen’s posture. He thought that he should get a good, nonarbitrary look tomorrow. Otherwise, he’d miss the God of Wealth.

The next day, he took Xia Wen to Panjiayuan. According to the Qimen Dunjia board’s calculation, Xia Wen found an ivory Buddha in a pile of fake ivory products in the northeast corner. Although it wasn’t very valuable, it wasn’t easy to buy this kind of product in Panjiayuan now.

At this time, Jin Wantang also knew that there were some things that couldn’t be calculated using Qimen Dunjia. Somehow, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the two of them started talking about past lives.

Xia Wen was having a drink with Jin Wantang that evening, and ended up talking about it. Despite his ancestors’ dissuasion, he used his Qimen Dunjia board to look at his past life and was surprised to find that he might have been a particularly famous feng shui master during the Ming Dynasty.

He didn’t believe it at first, so he began to investigate. And the more he looked into it, the more accurate he felt it was. Moreover, he suddenly realized that this past version of himself wasn’t ordinary and seemed to have done their own calculation, which stated that a day would come when his reincarnation would connect with his past life.

At that time, Xia Wen had believed there wouldn’t be an answer at all and the board would just be stuck.

If that were to happen, he was ready to just forget all about it. But if his past life knew that he would be reincarnated, did that person leave any information for his future self?

As it turned out, the result wasn’t a stuck board but an extremely accurate direction.

Xia Wen followed the direction of the board all the way to a large mountain tomb in Jilin. There he found an empty tomb with nothing inside of it. It had been robbed as early as the Ming Dynasty, but during that time, someone had left a long passage on the curtain wall of the tomb chamber.

“If my future self comes here, then you should be familiar with Qimen. I have reached the end of my years, yet my long-cherished wish has not been fulfilled. There are treasures and money seventeen feet underground, which I have left for my future self. Among these items is a gold board on which my eternal plan has been engraved.”

In other words, his previous self knew that he would find this place after being reborn, so he left behind a lot of treasures and a plan. He then asked his future self to continue carrying out this plan after seeing it, and to be sure to complete it.

Xia Wen thought it was amazing and started digging down, eventually digging up a gold board. After hearing what the contents engraved on this gold board were, Jin Wantang felt cold all over and was so scared that he almost passed out.

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TN Notes:

(1) Tianjuan Tongbao can mean “treasures of heaven”. Regular script is a Chinese calligraphic style. The bronze coins might look like this:


Heads up, the author has started working on “Notes in Rain Village Part 2”. Yvette has volunteered to work on that, so expect it some time in the future. I will try to get her “Sand Sea Intro 4” chapter out some time this week but I’ve been working 10+ hours a day and I’m exhausted (how do people do this on the reg?). So, it might be the weekend before you all see it (if you even care).


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